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Applied Research Corporation January 16, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Applied Research Corporation January 16, 2009

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Applied Research Corporation January 16, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tim Moore WD Program Manager . Applied Research Corporation January 16, 2009. Sanford Chamber of Commerce February 2, 2009. Mission Growth at Fort Bragg and Pope AFB. Fort Bragg is the largest Army post in the country Growing to more than 75,000 soldiers and employees

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Presentation Transcript

Tim Moore

WD Program Manager

Applied Research Corporation

January 16, 2009

Sanford Chamber of Commerce

February 2, 2009

mission growth at fort bragg and pope afb
Mission Growth atFort Bragg and Pope AFB

Fort Bragg is the largest Army post in the country

Growing to more than 75,000 soldiersand employees

Camp LeJeune is the largest Marine amphibious base in the country

U.S. Army Forces Command and Army Reserve Command Headquarters transfer from Atlanta

Seniordecision makers that manage more than $30 billion of DOD budget

BRAC RTF recently awarded a contract for a defense industry cluster analysis, resource mapping and gap analysis. Working with the NC Military Foundation.



brac impact on north carolina
BRAC Impact on North Carolina
  • FORSCOM/USARC includes high level Army decision makers who manage more than $30 billion of the annual DOD budget.
  • FORSCOM; USARC; USASOC; JSOC; and MARSOC have obligation and decision making authority.
  • Opportunities for military related training; depot growth; enhanced simulation; new equipment; and non-defense growth.
  • Focus on R&D and procurement for Military Preparedness and Homeland Security.
economic transformation initiatives
“Economic Transformation” Initiatives
  • Governor Perdue announced the All American Defense Corridor in September 2007:
    • Marketing and promoting the Fort Bragg region and the state!
    • Connecting strengths in NC to companies and DOD programs
      • Worldclass R&D, large military presence, workforce, infrastructure
      • Need to establish Collaborative Technology Alliances (CTA), which are formal partnerships between DOD programs, Universities and Industry Partners
  • Utilize the FORSCOM/USARC move as the catalyst for establishing a defense industry cluster in our region.
    • 3,000 senior Army decision makers moving to Fort Bragg by September 2011
    • Manage more than $30 billion of DOD’s annual budget
brac rtf programs

Regional Planning


Plan and prepare communities for

BRAC changes and other

growth. Develop Comprehensive

Regional Growth Plan

Goal: Improve Quality of Life and ensure planned growth

Funding Source:

$1.9M OEA Grant

Workforce Transformation


Develop innovative education

and workforce training

programs to meet

requirements of emerging

defense industry clusters.

Create the All American Center

For Workforce Innovation

Goal: Create higher skilled, higher paying jobs

Funding Source:

$5.0M DOL Grant

Economic Transformation


Emphasize and promote the

strengths inherent to a defense

industry sector in North Carolina.

Goal: Create a Defense Industry

Cluster in this region

Funding Sources:

$5.0M DOL Grant and State and

County Marketing Funds

BRAC RTF Programs
economic transformation goals
Economic TransformationGoals
  • Establish aNorth Carolina Center for Defense & Homeland Security (D&HS)as a Statewide Authority for assessing, coordinating and connectingD&HSprograms with North Carolina institutions and capabilities
  • Define and establish aDefense & Homeland Security (D&HS) Industry in North Carolina
  • Create partnerships and alliances between industry, universities and DOD programs.
  • Promote and market theAll American Defense Corridorto attract, build and expand companies in the region to create new high tech jobs
concept for a north carolina center for defense homeland security
Concept for a North Carolina “Center for Defense & Homeland Security”
  • Establishes a physical and centralized hub location for defense and security programs, education, workforce, regional planning and sustainability.
  • Establishes opportunities for Collaborative Technology Alliances and Cooperative Research & Development Agreements connecting industry partners with NC universities and DOD programs
  • Provides a forum for exchange of program information, D&HS requirements, links to capabilities in NC including R&D
concept for a nc center for d hs potential roles
Concept for a NC “Center for D&HS” Potential Roles
  • Universities & Community Colleges:
    • Research & Development capabilities expanded to focus on Defense & HS requirements: Connects requirements with UNC-CH, NCSU, NC A&T, FSU, ECU, FTCC.
    • Business and workforce focus: defense intelligence & management programs
    • Entrepreneurial programs: Idea and Innovation Center as a test bed for high technology development
    • i3D enhanced training & simulation: AACWI
  • Partnership for Defense Innovation (PDI):
    • DSTA: accelerator and connections to Special Ops and R&D
    • Federal lab (co-locate after lease expiration?)
concept for a nc center for d hs potential roles12
Concept for a NC “Center for D&HS” Potential Roles
  • NC Military Business Center (co-locate?)
  • SBTDC: Small business opportunities associated with DOD programs
  • BRAC RTF:Assist with developing programs and potential to manage Center operations
    • Virtual network: AA Workforce Innovation Center links our eleven counties; K-12 Educational programs, CC’s and Universities
    • Defense corridor; economic development and transformation
    • Regional planning: Center for Sustainability in conjunction with Sustainable Sandhills and Sustainable Ft. Bragg
    • Smart Growth; Mass transit; environment and green infrastructure
    • Balancing mission, environment, and community

NC Center for Defense & Homeland Security “Homeland Security, Intelligence, Technology, Workforce, Sustainability”

  • FSU: Business Development; R&D/D&HS
  • Defense Intelligence, management & security programs
  • Electron Probe Microscope
  • - Human Factors
  • - Idea & Innovation Center
  • Small Business Development
  • Connections and linkages with other universities and programs
  • FTCC: Workforce/ i3D (8CCs)
  • i3D Virtual College Center
  • Virtual network and partnership with other CC’s & Universities
  • Enhanced Training and Simulation
  • Military related curriculum
  • - Technology Connection
  • - Military Business Center (co-locate?)

All American Center for Workforce Innovation

- Educational Programs

- HUB- FTCC: Community Colleges & Universities

- Pipeline for Workforce

- Defense Business Association

  • Partnership for Defense Innovation
  • - Defense Security Technology Accelerator
  • - Federal Wireless Lab
  • Technology Connection
  • USASOC requirements
  • Center for Regional Planning and Sustainability
  • Sustainable Sandhills
  • Sustainable Fort Bragg ?
  • - Environmental and regional planning

*Photo of Biotech Center in RTP used as an illustration

*Draft Concept rev 10/27/2008 BRAC RTF

workforce transformation
Workforce Transformation

Workforce Demonstration Program

Educating and retraining the workforce

to meet the needs of Fort Bragg

and existing and emerging industries


workforce transformation15
Workforce Transformation

Workforce Demonstration Program

  • U.S. DOL awarded a Workforce Demonstration grant for $5 million to the BRAC RTF for the Ft. Bragg region.
  • Will be a model for Workforce Transformation and training for BRAC growth communities.
  • Identify and meet the needs of existing and emerging companies.
  • Meet the workforce needs of the military installations and contractors.
  • Retain military separating from the service and regional college graduates.
workforce demonstration program
Workforce Demonstration Program
  • Program Goals
    • Develop the skilled talent for the region’s targeted high growth, high skill, and high wage industries
    • Strengthen collaboration between the region’s education and training institutions
    • Enhance the region’s entrepreneurial climate to create and expand business, and generate new high growth, high skill, and high wage employment opportunities
workforce demonstration program17
Workforce Demonstration Program
  • Overall Objectives:
    • Utilize the growth at Ft. Bragg as the catalyst to integrate the region’s workforce, economic and educational resources to support emerging industry requirements.
    • Establish the All-American Center for Workforce Innovation to create career tracks to meet workforce demands.
workforce demonstration program strategies
Workforce Demonstration Program Strategies

Workforce Demonstration Program

Strategy One– Thorough resource mapping; exhaustive analysis of emerging occupational and academic demands; gap analysis of existing and projected workforce requirements.

Contract awarded to TDA, BAH, and Center for Economic Competitiveness is on-going and due by end of May 09.

workforce demonstration program19
Workforce Demonstration Program

Strategy Two – Establishment of the All-American Center for Workforce Innovation as the transformational mechanism to create specific career tracks with specific industry-based programs.

  • Brick & mortar
  • Interactive 3D connectivity
  • Web-based talent development and supply tool


Academic Enrichment

Workforce Enhancement

All-American Center

for Workforce


Military Preparedness

Homeland Security

Center of Innovation for Defense and Homeland Security

EnhancedTraining & Simulation

Technology Innovation

Healthcare Careers

Educational Careers

Trades and Skilled Labor Green Tech

Leadership Development

Social Resources

Talent Development

Economic Growth

Education Development

Workforce Development

Economic Development


workforce demonstration program21
Workforce Demonstration Program
  • Partners and Stakeholders:
    • Educational institutions: Eight community colleges; five universities; twelve K-12 systems
    • Workforce Development Boards (four)
    • Economic Developers: (eleven county organizations)
    • Industry and businesses
    • Regional labor force
workforce demonstration program22
Workforce Demonstration Program
  • Establishing an i3D Center of Excellence at FTCC in partnership with the BRAC RTF/AACWI
    • State of the art capabilities; education and training
    • Virtual network with i3D classrooms to link K-12, CCs and Universities
  • Used US DOL funds to purchase 7 i3D classrooms for our 8 Community Colleges
  • Golden Leaf funding received for 11 classrooms for pilot programs in one high school in each of our 11 counties

All-American Center for Workforce Innovation Virtual Networking














11 Joblink Career Centers



10 Community College Campuses

12 Public School Systems

5 Universities

workforce demonstration program25
Workforce Demonstration Program
  • We are looking for industry partners (i3D gaming and enhanced simulation companies) to assist with setting up the program:
    • Work with FTCC and the BRAC RTF to define industry requirements for talent, equipment, future needs and career field opportunities
    • Some involvement with high school pilot programs, curriculum and 3D object repository.
    • Applying i3D technology to train the workforce of tomorrow!
workforce demonstration program strateworrce demonstration program gies
Workforce Demonstration Program StrateWorrce Demonstration Program gies

Workforce Demonstration Program

  • Establish Industry partners to work with community colleges and high schools to train skilled workers for defense and high tech companies
  • Pilot program: utilize the i3D Center at FTCC as the hub for the virtual network and establishing i3D classrooms in high schools and middle schools
  • Establish an industry partner to work with FTCC, the BRAC RTF and designated schools:
    • Industry requirements; curriculum development; career field opportunities
workforce demonstration program27
Workforce Demonstration Program

Job Connection Initiative for Construction Cluster

  • Comprised of industry, WDBs, ESC, education providers, NCMBC, NC DOL, Fort Bragg ACAP & ACS/ERP
  • Working with construction contractors for placing local workers on Fort Bragg and other regional projects
  • Joint brochure and Hensel Phelps website
educational programs
Educational Programs

Program Goals

  • Build leadership and STEM programs
  • Increase graduation rate
  • Decrease dropout rate
  • Strengthen collaborations across the educational continuum to address workforce development
Next Steps

Complete the resource mapping and gap analysis on emerging defense and homeland security clusters

Expand i3D capability to our public and private universities and to all high schools and middle schools in BRAC RTF region

Partner with FSU and UNC-P to study the economic impact on minority and other special populations

Sign a contract for development of the Career Exploration and Job Connection Pipeline

Workforce Demonstration Program The Way Forward

talent acquisition platform
Talent Acquisition Platform

Project Objective

Design and produce a regionally-focused, interactive, web-based career exploration and talent acquisition platform to be used by unemployed, under-employed, and dislocated workers; separating military, military spouses; career changers; public schools (6-12), community colleges, universities; employers, JobLinks, economic developers, and other populations and customers.

Cost for platform budgeted at $1.1M

Futures, Inc. selected as vendor. Product due in 6 months.

pipeline presentation demonstration
Pipeline Presentation & Demonstration
  • Futures, Inc.
  • Conceptual Video
brac rtf contact info
BRAC RTF Contact Info
  • Executive Director: Paul Dordal
  • Deputy Director: John Harbison
  • Regional Planner: Don Belk
  • Program Manager for Education: Dr. Jane Smith
  • Program Manager for Workforce: Tim Moore
  • Communications & Outreach Coord:Renee Lane
  • Executive Assistant: John Bellamy
  • Administrative Assistant: Renee Siemiet
  • 910-436-1344: Website:

*Offices are located on Fort Bragg