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Table of contents

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  1. Brussels, September 12th 2013 Table of contents Introduction Smart url (Neo & Mint versions) Customized sections (Neo versions only) User defined variables (Neo versions only) User imported fields (Neo versions only) Any questions?

  2. 1. Introduction Jean-Marc Ollagnon Phone: +32 2 639 05 14 Email: Started at BvD in Quality Control team in December 1998 Now product manager for Diane, Astrée, Credit Catalyst and Procurement Catalyst Also responsible for common implementations in Neo products

  3. 2. Smart url (1/3) • Gives a direct access to a company report with the required sections, language, etc. • To integrate in a client’s system (simple data integration: no need to import all data from Orbis into client’s CRM + access to most recent information available, M&A news, etc.). • Main parameters to enter in the url: • - Product and name of the service used (report.serv) • - Username and password • - BvD ID number • - Report format or report section IDs (tip: save report format on hard disk) • - Display (e.g. do I need the print/export/send to buttons?) • - Language • If report format and/or language are not defined in url we use default parameters. • Need for help or more options? Ask Jean-Marc Ollagnon.

  4. 2. Smart url (2/3) • Example 1: display in Orbis a company report with BvD ID GB04366849 and report sections • Contact, Identification codes and Financial profile in English. I only want to see my report • sections (no side or top menu, no print/export/send to buttons, etc.) in a pdf document. • • &pipedformat=CONTACT|IDENTIFICATION_CODES|FINANCIAL_PROFILE&display=samplereport&setlanguage=EN&exportformat=pdf&delayedExport=0 • Example 2: display in Mint Global a company report with BvD ID GB04366849 and report format ‘My report’ in English. I want to see the export buttons. • • report&display=minimal&setlanguage=EN • Username and password may be replaced by loginfromcontext=ipaddress. • Display = empty / standard / contentonly / contentandmenu / sample report / minimal / • navigation / sectionmenu / nosearch. • Parameters and their effect may differ from a Neo to a Mint product. • Always test url with your credentials (not to communicate with the url!) before sending to client.

  5. 2. Smart url (3/3)

  6. 3. Customized sections (1/3) Available from Settings and report side menu

  7. 3. Customized sections (2/3) A report format is made of one or several sections (+ signature on top). Predefined report sections = Contact information, Financial strength, etc. Customized report sections = own selection of items made by the user such as: - any item from data dictionary - an hyperlink (link to another web page) or a frame (web page is displayed within report) - a user defined variable - a user imported field - any label that will appear as a section or sub-section title Items from customized sections may also be displayed in a list, web add-in, etc. Multiple layout options: insert a logo, fonts, background colour, borders, bullets, etc. Create a customized section to group all items you need the most (to facilitate selection afterwards in a list, web add-in, etc.) or to create a scorecard (previously in a Excel sheet).

  8. 3. Customized sections (3/3){name} Insert a frame in a customized section &recordbvdid={BVDID}&pipedformat=BODACCNEWS&display=samplereport&setlanguage=EN

  9. 4. User defined variables (1/3) Available from Settings and report side menu

  10. 4. User defined variables (2/3) Create your own ratios and formulas including constants (preceded by #), items from data dictionary, user imported fields and/or other user defined variables. Properties: - Label and units (use " if text and multiply by 100 if percentage) - Define limits (e.g. do not display calculated value if > 1000) - Treat ‘not available’ and/or ‘not significant’ as 0 (important!) Conditional udv = IF(A,B,C). Result may be a text (e.g. “Healthy”, “Not healthy”). For multiple data field insert [0] for 1st value, [1] for 2nd value, etc. Do not mix multiple data field with single data field. For financial items related to a year of account insert [0], [1] or [2011], [2012], etc. if you need a fixed value not related to financial layout of your report (e.g. always use 2012 value). Example: calculate growth rate for LY ([0] with [2010] as reference year. Search and sort on user defined variable are not always permitted. It depends on formula. Read help document.

  11. 4. User defined variables (3/3) Be creative... Examples : IF(CRIF_SCORE<CRIF_PEER_AVG,"Risk higher than its peer",IF(CRIF_SCORE>CRIF_PEER_AVG,"Risk lower than its peer","Same risk as its peer")) (CF00001/OPRE)*#100 where CF00001 = user imported field = My spend CONCATENATE(ADDR," ",ADDR2," ",ADDR3," ",ADDR4" ",POSTCODE," ",CITY, " “,COUNTRY) IF(NACECCOD2=="7020","Prospect","Not a prospect") UDV00001 = #3,25+(#6,56*((313061-314011)/313077))+(#3,26*(314036/313077))+(#6,72*(313024/313077))+(#1,05*(314041/(314011+321060))) IF(UDV00001>#3,75,"Safezone",IF(UDV00005>#1,75,"Grey zone","Distress zone"))

  12. 5. User imported fields (1/3) Available from Settings menu

  13. 5. User imported fields (2/3) Database is made of companies and data (company name, BvD ID, city, turnover, etc.). Add extra data (my sales, my spend, my contact, date of contract renewal, etc.). Why user imported fields? Because you can upload a large number of values using an Excel or text file that you will import through user interface (or webservices). To create a new item: give a name and define properties (units, repeatable field?, etc.). To import data: structure your Excel or text file and upload your file. A company ID is mandatory. Create hierarchical segments. Technical issue: multiple data field + linked to closing date. New version of user imported fields in 2014. More possibilities and flexibility...

  14. 5. User imported fields (3/3) • Sample files to upload:

  15. 6. Any questions?