greek mythology n.
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Greek mythology…

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Greek mythology…. Presented by Gerardo Diaz,. The beginning of Gaea….

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greek mythology

Greek mythology…

Presented by Gerardo Diaz,

the beginning of gaea
The beginning of Gaea…
  • It is said that in the beginning there was nothing but chaos. From that chaos emerged Gaea, mother earth, and Uranus , lord of the stars. Gaea and Uranus fell in love instantly and from that union was the Titans and their brothers, but the six other brother were different . Three of them with a single eye in the middle of their heads, the Cyclops. The remaining had hundred arms and fifty heads each. Uranus was disgusted to see ugly creatures walk upon beautiful Earth, so he threw them into Tartarus the deepest pit in Earth.
a son s revenge
A son’s revenge…
  • Gaea loved all her children and hated Uranus for his actions. She encouraged her eldest son, Cronous or Kronos in Roman, to kill Uranus and free his brothers. Armed with a sickle, Kronos overthrew Uranus and assumed role as the lord of the stars and married his sister Rhea, but he still didn’t free his brothers. Angered Gaea planned his downfall too. She’d plan to overthrow him just as he had done to Uranus, the son of the titan would be his downfall she warned him. So Kronos made a scheme.
honey i ate the kids
Honey, I ate the kids…
  • His plan was to devour his children each time they were born, so securing his rule as lord. In the order of Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Posiedon, and Hera. When Rhea was pregnant with her sixth son she feared his fate. Gaea choose to help Rhea as so this was her plan all along. So when the sixth child Zeus was born, the plan started to unfold, Kronos sat awaiting the child but instead of newborn Zeus, Rhea had wrapped a stone in baby cloths and presented it to her bro/husband. Kronos devoured the stone while Gaea carried her grandson to a safe place.
the young o lympian
The young Olympian…
  • Zeus grew up in the land of Delphi, in a cave guarded by his foster parents the wood nymphs and the fairy goat from whose horns dripped ambrosia, the food and drink of the gods. The nymphs would drown out his cries by creating a ruckus to shield him from Kronos. Then it was time for young Zeus to venture out into the world to free his siblings , overthrow his father, and become ruler of the skies. Soon he and Gaea created a plan.
my grandmas plan
My grandmas plan…
  • The plan was , Zeus could not beat Kronos alone, so he had to free his siblings and enlist help. First Zeus did what was right and freed his brothers from Hades. Next Zeus made a powerful toxin and disgused himself as a servant . Kronos threw up his child as he drank the toxin, even the stone ! The following happened Zeus and his siblings where ready to start an earth shaking war. As thanks the cyclops built Zeus a thunderbolt , Hades a pitchfork, and Posiden his trident.
olympians or titans
Olympians or Titans…
  • The battle was set Olympians or Titans one would be victor. Atlas, the strongest titan, had to choose a side, blood or brothers. He choose Kronos, brothers, a thing he’d pay for later. Then the battle started one after another Zeus struck down titan after titan, soon he was victor. The olympians had won.
greece now
Greece now…

The stories of gods, mortals, and, monsters can still be seen in most of Greece’s cultures throughout the area. Places sacred to the gods still exist, the temple of Delphi is one of the most important places sacred to several gods Zeus, Apollo, and Artemis. Not only temples but even the said to be birth place of the gods . Zeus’s birthplace was said to be Delphi, Crete , Athens, and even Arcadia, because of this these places waged war on each other .

  • Born in Arcadia to Hermes messenger of the gods and a nymph. Pan wasn’t the handsomest god, born with the legs , horns and beard of a goat, baby Pan was so horrible looking he scared his mother and nurse away, but his dad was delighted of the little creature and took him to the gods and he amused them, and soon they named him pan and he was sent to be the god of all sheep and shepeards , he even evented the pan flute plus the word PANic. The god loved the ladies and was lustorus but no one would take to his looks, but he is a merry god full of joy and my favorite.
  • The gods are all faded soon but they’ll always be rembered. in the hearts of there followers.