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Greek Mythology

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Greek Mythology. What is Greek Mythology. Greek mythology are myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices.

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what is greek mythology
What is Greek Mythology
  • Greek mythologyare myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices.
  • They were a part of religion in ancient Greece and are a part of religion in modern Greece and around the world.
mythology in our world
Mythology in our world

The ancient immortals are still around us in spirit.

  • If you go to any one of the great museums of Europe or America, you will find statues and painting of classical gods and heroes.
  • If you read poetry you will come across references to ancient places such as Troy and Carthage, monsters such as sirens and Cyclops, and gods and heroes.
mythology in movies
Mythology in Movies
  • Many movie throughout the years have depicted Greek Mythology.
  • Some movies focus on the myths while others bring gods into everyday life.
  • The two gods Uranus and Gaea were the two first gods. They were the parents of the hundred handed Hecatancheires, the one-eyed Cyclopes, and the mighty Titans.
  • Uranus was frightened that his Titans would overthrow him so he imprisoned them in Tartus, the bleakest realm of the underworld.

In Greek mythology the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe

with absolute power. Well, that football field out there tonight, that's our universe. Let's

rule it like Titans! Coach Boone Remember the Titans

cronus saturn
Cronus: Saturn
  • Cronus, one of the Titans, killed his father Uranus and became the ruler of the gods for a short time.
  • He became paranoid that his own children would overthrow him. He tried to prevent this by not letting his children grow up.
  • He swallowed each child as it was born. Rhea his wife hatched a plan to trick Cronus.
  • When her youngest son Zeus was born she wrapped up rocks instead of the baby and Cronus ate the rocks, thinking Zeus was dead.
  • Zeus gave his father poison that made him throw up his siblings.
  • A war between the Titans and the Olympians started called Titanomachy.
zeus jupiter olympians
Zeus: JupiterOlympians
  • Zeus was the youngest child of Cronus and Rhea.
  • King of the Gods, he lived on Mt. Olympus
  • The most powerful of all the Olympians he ruled both heaven and earth.
  • He controlled the movements of the sun and moon and the weather. When he was angry he would hurtle thunderbolts down on Earth.
  • He was the wisest and fairest of his siblings
  • His symbol is a thunderbolt
  • Had over 140 children
poseidon neptune
Poseidon: Neptune
  • Poseidon is the god of the sea, and the god of horses.
  • Poseidon is Zeus’ brother.
  • He is one of the most spiteful god
  • He is known for flooding cities, and drying up rivers as revenge.
  • Because the beauty Medusa had an affair with him she was turned into the hideous creature we all know.
  • His symbol is a trident.
hades pluto
Hades: Pluto
  • Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades drew for their dominion. Hades ended up with the underworld.
  • He was surrounded by dead souls in the underworld and longed for a companion.
  • Zeus decided that his daughter, Persephone, would be a good match for Hades.
  • Hades kidnapped Persephone and dragged her to the underworld, where he made her queen.
  • Zeus later decided that Hades should return Persephone, but only if she had not eaten anything in the underworld. Hades tricked her into eating pomegranate seeds. Persephone ended up having to spend 4 months in the underworld and 8 months on earth.
  • Hades had no biological children because the god of death cannot create life.
eros cupid
Eros: Cupid
  • Eros is the god of love. He was thought to be the first being born out of the void knows as chaos.
  • He then created the Earth, sun, moon, and sky.
  • His story changes often and depending on where you hear it. He is also thought of to be the son of the goddess of rainbows and the god of the warm west wind.
  • His wife was Psyche, Zeus made her immortal
  • He had arrows that would cause people to fall in love.
  • Son of Zeus, he and his twin sister were born on a small island that was under water.
  • He grew into a full grown god in a day.
  • He is the god of prophecy, archery and music.
aphrodite venus
  • Goddess of love and beauty
  • She rose from the sea
  • She got in an argument with Hera and Athena over who was the most beautiful goddess.
  • Zeus elected the prince of Troy, Paris, to choose who the winner was.
  • In order to win Aphrodite made Paris irresistible to Helen, who was married to Menelaus, king of Sparta.
  • This relationship started the Trojan war.
athena minerva
  • Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis.
  • Metis was known for her unmatched wisdom. Zeus learned of a prophecy that said that Metis would have a son that was greater than Zeus.
  • In order to prevent this Zeus swallowed Metis whole. She continued to advise him from inside making him very wise.
  • One day Zeus has a great headache and in order top cure it he was wacked on the head with an axe.
  • Athena then was born from his head fully clothed.
  • She was Zeus’ favorite child.
  • She is the goddess of wisdom.
demeter persephone ceres p roserpina
  • The goddess of grains.
  • One of the most worshipped deities in ancient Greece.
  • Her daughter persephone was her favorite and when she was taken to the underworld she stopped growing grain.
  • The seasons are explained by her lost daughter.
  • Queen of the underworld.
  • Taken to the underworld by Hades and forced to stay 4 months a year because she ate a pomegranate.
  • She was very jealous and would hurt anyone who gave attention to Hades.
  • She also fell in love with Adonis. He was the most beautiful man of all time.
herakles hercules
Herakles: Hercules
  • He was the son of Zeus and Alcmene.
  • He is a demi-god because he is half human and half god.
  • Zeus’ wife Hera wanted to get back at Zeus for having a baby with Alcmene so she vowed to ruin Hercules’ life.
  • When he was married and had children, Hera, made him crazy and he killed his family.
  • When Hercules saw what he did he asked the god Apollo to forgive him.
  • Apollo assigned him to do 12 heroic and impossible labors for his crimes.
other gods and goddesses
Other Gods and Goddesses
  • Artemis (Diana): Goddess of chaste love, childbirth, hunting, women and youth. Symbol is the bear.
  • Eos (Aurora): Goddess of the dawn. She announces the arrival of her brother the sun god. Her son died in the Trojan war and every night she weeps for his death. This is the morning dew. She is a Titan.
  • Helios (Sol): God of the Sun. Each morning he drives across the sky in his golden chariot.
  • Hephaestus (Vulcan): God of fire, metalworking, and volcanoes. His mother thought he was so ugly she threw him out of Olympus. He created the first woman , Pandora, out of clay. His wife is Aphrodite.

Dionysus: Greek god of wine and revelry.

  • Hestia: Goddess of hearth and home.
  • Hermes: God of herds and herald. Messenger of the gods.
  • Muses: 9 goddesses of the arts
  • The Graces: Goddesses of charm and beauty.
  • Pan: Earth god of woods and fields, half man and half goat.

There are many gods and goddesses as well as monsters, demi-gods and myths.

The myths are supposed to teach lessons and morals about greed, curiosity, obedience, to listen to wisdom.