Circuit lab div c 2013
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Circuit Lab Div. C 2013. Bro. Nigel Pratt Dr. Alan Chalker WARNING.

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Circuit lab div c 2013

Circuit Lab Div. C 2013

Bro. Nigel Pratt

Dr. Alan Chalker


This PowerPoint presentation was based on DRAFT rules for the 2013 SO season. The final rules found in the 2013 Coaches Manual may be different from what is found here. The Coaches Manual supersedes any of the following.

Event description
Event Description

  • Tests knowledge of DC electrical circuits

  • May include hands-on labs or problems in addition to written questions

  • Includes both theoretical and practical questions

  • Students may use non-programmable calculators

  • Notes, books or computers are not allowed – event supervisor will provide sheet of formulas

  • 2 students per team allowed

  • 50 minutes for event

  • Points awarded for correct answers or technique

  • Ties broken using designated questions or tasks

Required areas of knowledge
Required Areas of Knowledge

  • Circuit concepts, definitions and principles (e.g. voltage and current sources, EMF, resistance, and applications of series and parallel circuits

  • Circuit analysis theory (e.g. Ohm’s Law, parallel and series resistors, Kirchhoff’s Laws)

  • Circuit analysis practice (e.g. the use of voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters and multimeters, resistor color codes and their uses in series and parallel circuits, wheatstone bridges)

  • Intermediate circuits concepts, definitions, and principles (e.g. electrical SI base and derived units, capacitance, ideal diodes, electron current)

  • Interpretation of data sets from computer or calculator sensors / probes

Suggested study reference materials
Suggested Study / Reference Materials

  • Start with Physics textbooks – most have chapters on this material

  • Websites:

    • Wikipedia (DC circuit analysis, Series and Parallel Circuits, Ohm’s Law, etc.)

    • Ibiblio (Lessons in Electric Circuits, Volume I-DC, Volume V-Ref, Volume VI-Experiments)

  • Circuit Books:

    • Electric Circuits, James W. Nilsson

    • The Art of Electronics, Paul Horowitz