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ICT JOBS . ICT Technician .

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ict technician
ICT Technician
  • An ICT technician is a person who works in an computer based environment and their roles are to go round fixing or repairing any computers that need any attention. It could be the hard drive; software or even hardware faults that many need repairing and that is the job of an ICT technician to fix. The average pay after one year of working in the ICT industry as a technician is £14,000 a year. Qualification for a ICT technician would be: Maths, English and/or A-level pass.
ict teacher
ICT teacher.
  • An ICT teacher is someone who teaches/passes on their knowledge about Computers and how to operate them. They teach us the basic knowledge about how computers work and how the ICT industry is changing, transforming and progressing through out the years. An ICT teacher is on an average of £26,000 a year. The sort of qualification that an ICT teacher should have would be: ICT, Maths, English, media and/ or even electronics at C-A*
computer programmer
Computer programmer
  • An ICT programmer is a person who creates/designs computer programmes. The programmes they create could be simple programmes such as a basic video game to hard extensive programmes such as Photoshop, Microsoft wordand even Adobe- which are much hared to programme and more time consuming. A computer programmer is on an average salary of £80 a year! This job requires a lot of time/labour as working with programmes can be complex and complicated.
website creator designer ict
Website creator/designer (ICT)
  • A website creator is a person who creates websites online. Creating websites can be quite technical as it involves publishing them and making them presentable and as formal/ easy to use as possible. A good example of a pre-made website that is free to publish on would be Weeby. A lot of people would take advantage of Weebly for advertisement such as a plumber, electrician, builders etc. Facebook is another great and most commonly used website worldwide- created by Mark Zuckerberg. The average salary for a website creator/designer is anything from £10,000-£50,000 a year. Website designer requires a naturally clear minded person. Mainly with C’s – A* in most subject such a maths and English.
ict sales
ICT sales.
  • To work in the sales ICT industry might involve working in P.C world or Currys etc. You need to have good knowledge and understanding of computers so explaining to customers is easily achieved and so it looks like you know what you talking about. However, you also need a good business understanding and how to get as many possible sales through talking costumers into buying products off them. A typical ICT sales salary is On average £18-21 thousand a year. You need good communication skills to exceed at this job.
manufacturing in the ict industry
Manufacturing In the ICT industry.
  • Manufacturing in ICT industry involves the making and building of computers. It consists of the building up of computer parts to make computers ready to sell in shops. PC world would find an ICT manufacture very useful as they constantly sell computers and need people to build them up. Average salary is £70,000 a year and you need a BETC level 2 award and A*-C’s in English and maths.