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Category Management Training Standards & Certification

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Category Management Training Standards & Certification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Category Management Training Standards & Certification. What Is The Category Management Association?. The Category Management Association Association Mission Statement: Advancing professional standards in category management The Association is committed to: Enabling peer interaction

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what is the category management association
What Is The Category Management Association?

The Category Management Association

  • Association Mission Statement: Advancing professional standards in category management
  • The Association is committed to:
    • Enabling peer interaction
    • Disseminating industry information
    • Establishing a platform to improve category management education training
    • Establishing an industry certification program
    • Encouraging industry collaboration
  • The Association Does No Training
our 2 step approach
Our 2 step Approach
  • Steering committee…
    • lead with experience
    • ensure diversity, remove bias
    • create role & skills framework
    • establish certification process
  • Sub-committee…
    • leverage cat man and educator expertise
    • define levels of competency
    • create framework to evaluate training
  • Simplistic approach
    • 3 levels
    • required fundamentals
    • plus recommended skills
  • Adaptable
    • flexible for companies, big and small
    • will improve over time
establish an organization
Establish an organization
  • Certification Evaluation Board (CEB)
    • A business unit of the Category Management Association, established to objectively review and evaluate all industry course offerings and people
    • CEB actions include:
      • Grant certifications where standards have been met
      • Deny when standards have not been met, but provide remedial steps
      • Maintain records database
certification process for individuals

Certification Process For Individuals

(Covers a 3 Year Period)

3 certification levels
3 Certification Levels

8 Required Learning Programs

15 Required Learning Programs

10 Required Learning Programs

certification process for individuals1
Certification Process For Individuals

Certification Order Form



Certification Evaluation Board

    • Personal Certification Credentials
    • Current Resume
    • Training History
    • Current Job Description
    • 2 page personal professional experience statement
  • 3 Professional References


costs for an individual s certification
Costs for an Individual’s Certification
  • Initial costs
  • An individual’s initial personal evaluation fee is $800
  • Covers all certifications and data maintenance for a 3-year period
  • Renewal costs
  • Renewal for an individual’s certification is $300
  • Covers an additional 3 years, including:
    • New training programs completed
    • Maintaining certification records
    • Updating certification level
costs for learning program certification
Costs For Learning Program Certification
  • Initial costs
  • Certification evaluation fee is $8,000
    • 3-year period
  • Learning program certifications
    • Pre-certified ”off-the-shelf” learning program ($200 each)
    • Customized pre-certified ”off-the-shelf” learning program ($2,400 each)
    • Customized, internal proprietary learning program ($4,000 each)
  • Renewal costs
  • The cost for renewing certification are as follows:
    • Recertification for a comprehensive company training program will be $1000.
      • In addition there will be a $ 100.00 charge to review and re-record each previously certified learning program.
    • For all new learning programs certified the cost per learning program will be as above.
  • The cost for recertifying people will be $300.00 each subsequent 3 year period.
what is the impact on the industry
What Is The Impact On The Industry
  • We are currently certifying the following major trainers in the industry:
    • CMKG
    • ROI
    • Learning Evolution
    • Nielsen
    • IRI
  • We are in the process of scheduling certification for these training companies:
    • Win Weber Associates
    • The Partnering Group
partial manufacturer listing
Partial Manufacturer Listing
  • Anheuser Busch
  • Caravan Ingredients
  • CCF Brands
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Constellation Wines
  • Del Monte Foods
  • Dr. Pepper/Snapple
  • Goya Foods
  • Hormel Foods
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Kellogg’s
  • Malt-O-Meal
  • Mars
  • Nestle/Purina
  • Red Bull
  • Unilever
  • Whirlpool
  • Wrigley
our partners
Our Partners

Corporate Partners

Technology Partners

new program curriculum
New Program Curriculum

BS in Commerce – Marketing Major – Sales Leadership Minor


2 Required Courses










the state of category management education
The State Of Category Management Education

The standard approach to developing category management talent on college campuses has been accomplished by:

Instructing students in food marketing, or retailing and offering them a single course in category management

Having companies or partners present in-class subject lectures

Limited internships are offered

Less than 30-45 hours of total category management instruction

it is a new day in category management education
It Is A New Day In Category Management Education…

A new certification program has been announced that will govern the development of category management talent, industry training programs and instruction on college campuses.

Current university programs are unlikely to qualifying students to receive an analyst certification upon graduation because they have insufficient depth and breadth of instruction according to the new Category Management Association (CMA) Certification Standards

will universities change given the new certification requirements
Will Universities Change Given The New Certification Requirements?

That is unclear, but we do know that we face 3 major challenges when considering category management education on college campuses:

  • The revision and development of college programs takes time and resources. The schools currently teaching category management are predominantly state schools and curriculum change can take 2 years.
  • We have a dearth of qualified instructors
  • In most of these schools we still face issues relating to diversity and program scale
why is depaul university uniquely qualified to provide category management solutions
Why Is Depaul University Uniquely Qualified To Provide Category Management Solutions?

Our students are unique and diverse

Our Program was developed to conform to CMA Certification Standards

Our full time faculty members are category management practitioners

Our Cat Man Program is new part of the Center for Sales Leadership (CSL). We have a track record of developing successful programs .

The CSL has become the largest most comprehensive center for sales in the country in just 5 years.

our vision
Our Vision…

To properly prepare students for category management careers through an educational program that:

  • Allows manufacturers and retailers to play an active role in curriculum development
  • Ensures all students successfully completing the 3 course program will qualify for category analyst certification from the CMA.
  • Provides our retail and manufacturing partners to secure mutual business benefit from the cases and business problems students complete.

We Have Size…

We are the largest Catholic university and 8th largest private university in the nation

2008 DePaul University Division of Enrollment Management

sales center student populations
Sales Center Student Populations

DePaul University

U of Toledo

U of Washington

Ball State

W Michigan

U Dayton

Illinois State

U Conn



Selling Power Top University Sales Education Programs 2008


We Are Diverse…

Undergraduate business enrollment of 4,719 Students

  • Minority Students
    • African American 5.0 %
    • Asian-Pacific 13.8 %
    • Hispanic-Latino 14.3%
    • Native American 0.2%
    • Multi-Ethnic 0.6%
    • Other/Unknown 11.1%
    • Total Minority 45.0%
    • White Caucasian 55.0%

Amongst The Most Diverse Campuses in America “Princeton Review 2008

2008 DePaul University Fact File Office of Institutional Planning and Research

track purpose
Track Purpose
  • Align 3 courses to provide students a comprehensive program to properly prepare catgeory management talent.
  • Students will have 100 hours of instruction with hands on experience with:
    • Real data
    • The technologies of the day
    • Current best practice in the field
  • Students will earn an additional 20 – 50 hours experience through internships.
our faculty is experienced
Our Faculty Is Experienced
  • Daniel P Strunk: 20+ Years Experience
  • Managing Director Center for Sales Leadership
  • Member Category Management Association Committee
  • Chair Category Management Association Certification Subcommittee
  • Category Management Clients Served: Ocean Spray, R.J Reynolds, Kraft Foods, Con Agra Foods, Wrigley, Quaker Oats
  • Laura Lee Larson Ed.D.: 20+ Years Experience
  • Adjunct Faculty Member
  • Member Category Management Association Certification Subcommittee
  • Category Management Executive Experience: Wrigley, Miller Brewing, Diageo, Solo Cup, Warner Lambert, Bristol Myers, Kraft Foods
  • Jacqueline Kuehl: 14+ Years Experience
  • Adjunct Faculty Member
  • Member Category Management Association
  • Category Management Executive Experience: Don Foods, Acosta, Frito Lay
depaul university s comprehensive cat man track
DePaul University’s Comprehensive Cat Man Track







Curriculum Certification




category management track manufacturer s provide
Category Management Track Manufacturer’s Provide

The Science



Principles Of



Cases In



  • Support includes:
    • Board participation
    • In class lectures
    • Mentors
    • Internships
    • HQ visits
    • Financial Support
completion of the course track assures students certification
Completion of the course track assures students certification

All course relate subject matter to the competency requirements the Category Management Scorecard

partners make better hires
Partners Make Better Hires

We have effectively changed the college recruiting paradigm to:

  • Provide continuous access to high-potential candidates
  • Help build diversity
  • Lower recruiting, training, and turnover costs
  • Raise retention rates