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Windham High School. 21 st Century Learning for a 21 st Century World. Table of Topics. WHS Mission and Student Expectations NH and WHS Graduation Requirements A/B Scheduling Advisory Academic and Directed Study One-to-One Learning Interdisciplinary Instruction Humanities

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Windham high school

Windham High School

21st Century Learning

for a 21st Century World

Table of topics
Table of Topics

  • WHS Mission and Student Expectations

  • NH and WHS Graduation Requirements

  • A/B Scheduling

  • Advisory

  • Academic and Directed Study

  • One-to-One Learning

  • Interdisciplinary Instruction

  • Humanities

  • Mathematics, Science, and Technology

  • Arts

  • Health and Wellness

  • Athletics and Co-curricular Offerings

  • Media Center

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Mission statement
Mission Statement

We recognize our students have unique talents, gifts, and challenges. We empower each student to be an active learner who understands the interconnectedness of knowledge. We commit to a safe learning environment of individual responsibility, respectful action, and appreciation of diversity. We engage each student with dynamic instruction enhanced by collaboration, co-curricular opportunities, and 21st century technology. We aspire to be an exemplary school community wherein all students master lifelong skills to succeed as purposeful citizens of Windham and the world.

Adopted by the Windham School Board October 7, 2008

Expectations for student learning
Expectations for Student Learning

  • Academic – Students will:

    • demonstrate literacy and numeracy across the curriculum

    • be critical thinkers who make informed judgments

    • read fluently, write expressively, and communicate effectively

    • develop problem solving skills and understand concepts

    • demonstrate creative expression and kinesthetic awareness

    • integrate 21st century technology into their educational experience

  • Civic – Students will:

    • contribute to the school and the greater community

    • understand their responsibilities as citizens in a democracy

  • Social – Students will:

    • exhibit civility

    • respect persons and property

    • develop cooperative relationships and make sound decisions

Adopted by the Windham School Board October 7, 2008

Nh graduation requirements
NH Graduation Requirements

  • English 4.0 credits

  • US and NH history 1.0 credit

  • US and NH government/civics 0.5 credit

  • Economics 0.5 credit

  • World history, global studies, or geography 0.5 credit

  • Mathematics (including 1.0 credit in Algebra) 3.0 credits

  • Physical science 1.0 credit

  • Biological science 1.0 credit

  • Information & communication technology 0.5 credit or digital portfolio

  • Arts education 0.5 credit

  • Health education 0.5 credit

  • Physical education 1.0 credit

  • Open electives 6.0 credits

  • TOTAL 20 credits

Source: New Hampshire Department of Education

Whs graduation requirements
WHS Graduation Requirements

  • English 4.5 credits

  • Social Studies 3.0 credits

  • Mathematics 3.0 credits

  • Science 3.0 credits

  • Information & Communication Technology 0.5 credit

  • Arts 1.0 credit

  • Wellness 0.5 credit

  • Human Performance 1.0 credits

  • Restricted electives 2.0 credits

    • World Language, Career & Technical Education, Business, Applied & Materials Technology

  • Advisory (0.25 credit per year) 1.0 credit

    • Includes required Personal Learning Portfolio and required senior project

  • Open electives 8.5 credits

  • Service 40 hours

    • Includes 20 community service, 10 school service, and 10 cultural enrichment

  • TOTAL 28 credits

A b scheduling
A/B Scheduling

  • Recommended by the original Curriculum Committee

  • Instruction is taught over the course of the full school year on an every-other-day basis

  • Preferred with sequential courses (mathematics, world languages)

  • Preferred in performing arts classes which perform year round

  • Salem High School operates a “4x4” schedule

    Modified A/B Block Schedule

  • All eight classes meet for 45 minute* periods each Monday

  • Four classes meet for 90 minute* periods each Tuesday and Thursday

  • Four classes meet for 90 minute* periods each Wednesday and Friday

  • Each class meets three times per week throughout the academic year

* Times are approximate.

Why an a b schedule
Why an A/B Schedule?

  • Schedules should be “flexible enough to accommodate teaching strategies consistent with the ways students learn most effectively and that allow for effective teacher teaming and lesson planning.”

    Source: Breaking Ranks II, 2004

    Standards for Accreditation

  • “The schedule shall be driven by the school’s mission and expectations for student learning and shall support the effective implementation of the curriculum, instruction, and assessment.”

    Source: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Standard Five, Leadership and Organization

“We engage each student with dynamic instruction…” - WHS Mission Statement

Daily schedule
Daily Schedule

(excluding lunch and advisory)

Sample 9 th grade schedule
Sample 9th Grade Schedule

(excluding lunch and advisory)

Sample 10 th grade schedule
Sample 10th Grade Schedule

(excluding lunch and advisory)


  • Meets for 15 minutes, 4 times per week

  • Monitors students’ Personal Learning Portfolios, community service, senior projects, and overall well-being

  • Covers a range of student matters: transition to high school, career and college planning, conflict resolution, diversity, equity, and community

  • Every student has an adult advocate

    Standards for Accreditation

  • “There shall be a formal, ongoing program through which each student has an adult member of the school community in addition to the school guidance counselor who personalizes each student’s educational experience and assists the student in achieving the school-wide expectations for student learning.”

    Source: NEASC Standards of Accreditation, Leadership and Organization

“We aspire to be an exemplary school community…” - WHS Mission Statement

Academic study
Academic Study

  • Assigned to students who do not enroll in eight courses

  • Offers students the opportunity to visit the Math Lab, Writing Lab, the Media Center, work on special projects, or meet with their teachers or guidance counselor

    Directed Study

  • Offers individualized instruction or assistance to students with individualized needs and/or individualized education plans

  • Staffed by teachers and instructional assistants who assist students in developing and achieving academic goals

“…unique talents, gifts, and challenges.” - WHS Mission Statement

One to one learning
One-to-One Learning

  • All Windham students are issued laptops

  • The technology is brought to the students

  • Instruction and research incorporates 21st century learning skills

  • Students are engaged learners

  • 24-7 access to information

  • Student-centered learning

  • Complements interdisciplinary instruction well

“We engage each student with… 21st century technology.” - WHS Mission Statement

Interdisciplinary instruction
Interdisciplinary Instruction

  • “Interdisciplinary instruction is organized in such a way that it cuts across subject matters… is holistic and reflects the real world… is interactive…”

    Source: Interdisciplinary Teaching at the High School Level, A Case Study, University of North Carolina, 2001

  • “Avoids the fragmented acquisition of isolated facts… [the] strength of interdisciplinary approach is in developing students’ ability to make connections and solve multi-faceted problems….”

    Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for High School Redesign, Breaking Ranks II, 2004

“…an active learner who understands the interconnectedness of knowledge.” - WHS Mission Statement

Humanities requirements
Humanities Requirements

  • Western Humanities (9th) 2.0 credits

  • American Studies (10th) 2.0 credits

  • Global Perspectives (11th) 1.0 credit

    Note: The class of 2012 will transfer English 9 (1.0 credit) and Global Studies (1.0 credit) from Salem High School. These students will enroll in American Studies (2.0 credits) in grade 10 and Foundations of Western Society (1.0 credit) in grade 11 at Windham High School.

Co curricular offerings
Co-Curricular Offerings

“We engage each student with dynamic instruction enhanced by… co-curricular opportunities…” - WHS Mission Statement