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Junk Mail sympathetic – antagonistic Take action PowerPoint Presentation
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Junk Mail sympathetic – antagonistic Take action

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Junk Mail sympathetic – antagonistic Take action

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Junk Mail sympathetic – antagonistic Take action

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  1. Junk Mailsympathetic – antagonisticTake action Tuongvi Huynh Nikki Mantyla EN 1010 – 057 August 02, 2011

  2. Junk Mail comes from mail box, and daily newspapers-deliverers

  3. Sympathetic to junk-mailfrom customers • Convenient for shopping: save • Time • Gas • Money (get coupons; compare price and quality between stores before shopping) • tire-wheel and car mileages to drive around. • Have chances for donation from charity foundations’ letters • People who doesn’t use computer need junk-mail.

  4. Sympathetic to junk-mail from society • Businesses rise up from customers’ over-buying. • Junk-mail gives vast of job for who involving in junk-mail procedures, from wood exploitation to delivering, then disposal and recycle it. • Government receives more fund from tax-receiving to achieving good facilities plans. • Government fund reduces to distribute unemployed allowance, reducing fund for re-training un-employees. • Stable jobs, stable life – safer society.

  5. Questions for you: How do you solve you bunches of junk-mail every day? Do you garbage them? How do they dispose your waste ? etc… Where is the paper come from? Do we keep exploiting forest for paper industries? etc…

  6. Antagonistic to junk-mail from receivers • Waste time to garbage junk-mail. • Waste time, gas, money to go shopping for unnecessary stuffs. • We can shop online when needed. • We can refer location, date and price discounting from online before shopping.

  7. Antagonistic to junk-mailfor society • Waste paper, exploiting wood for paper- industries is a major problem for deforestation. • More waste junk-mail, more land-fills need to be burn: global warming rises up. • Government spends fund from tax-receiving for disposing and recycling this waste garbage. • Government spends fund from tax-receiving for research to reduce and delay global warming.

  8. Questions for you: Have you ever shop online, and received a similar items or bad quality? How do you get coupons online without printer? Without junk-mail, how many people lose the job? Is it easy to get other job to keep normal life for a safety society? Do we have any big project for jobs when junk-mail is completely eliminated. Who deliver junk-mail? Ob course newspapers- deliveries and post-office service system do this job. How do they survive without junk-mail?

  9. Do we keep junk-mail remaining for jobs and better economy? Do we eliminate junk-mail for green-environment?

  10. Keep Junk-Mail But, together we practice 5 R

  11. 1- Refuse Junk-Mail Refuse junk-mail by fill-in the post office service’s form. Refer website http://www.globalstewards.org/junkmail.htm, or many other websites for good proposals.

  12. 2- Reduce Junk-Mail We have option to receive junk-mail or not.

  13. 3- Reuse Junk-Mail

  14. 4- Recycle Junk-Mail Every child lends a helping hand Donate waste paper at schools’ recycle bins

  15. 5- Replant trees Enjoy planting trees at home with our kids Volunteer or donate for planting projects

  16. ENJOYyour Junk-Mail & OKAY with 5 R