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Glitter By: Baby-Girl Daniels PowerPoint Presentation
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Glitter By: Baby-Girl Daniels

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Glitter By: Baby-Girl Daniels

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  1. GlitterBy: Baby-Girl Daniels Project By: Aleisha Coulter

  2. About Glitter . • This book is mainly about a girl named Asia. She was living with her father until he was killed in his pizza shop. Then after that incident she went to go live with her aunt.

  3. Asia’s Home Life . • When Asia started living with her aunt Joy, she gave her some rules that she had to follow and of course she broke one of the rule. The main rule was not to get pregnant she Asia wound up doing it.

  4. School Life . • Asia had a best friend like any other teenager. But the one you call your best friend wound up turning their back on you or doing something wrong.

  5. Physical Life . • Asia got pregnant by this basketball player in her school. He said the words “I Love You” and that’s how the problem started. Asia wasn’t smart enough to think that he didn’t really love her. But at the time she believed him. She got pregnant and didn’t know how to tell her aunt Joy.

  6. Problems… • The basketball player didn’t really like her he just wanted sex and that’s what he got. Asia and her guidance councilor was real close so Asia told her councilor about the pregnancy. Her councilor told her to tell her aunt but Asia was too afraid.

  7. After The Pregnancy . • Asia had got kicked out of her aunt house for getting pregnant. So Asia and her baby had to go into foster care. Asia’s guidance councilor wound up taking Asia and the baby into custody. They lived a happily ever after lfe.