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Sustainable Tourism Development

This Sustainable Tourism Development Presentation mainly focuses on the India’s tourism, the example of tourism difference between India and London is taken for the study.

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Sustainable Tourism Development

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  1. Sustainable Tourism Development hndassignments.co.uk

  2. Table of contents Introduction Tourist Destination – India Emerging Destination–East London Comparison of India and East London Conclusion References hndassignments.co.uk

  3. Let us compare the tourist destination like India and East London. In the comparison we would see that both the places carry same tourism related problems and issues emerging mostly out of local communities and geographic area. hndassignments.co.uk

  4. Tourist Destination - India There is no doubt that India is a rich country when it comes to the tourist places. There are many places such as Agra, Banaras, Delhi and Kerla which are famous world wide for their culture and heritage. In the recent years, the government of India has started to pay attention to the sustainable tourism development in the country as it sees it as an opportunity for the growth of the country. hndassignments.co.uk

  5. Emerging Destination–East London How one can forget about the London Olympics that were held in East London in the year 2012. Thereon, this place has developed itself as a sports tourism place. East London has emerged as a major tourist destination in the recent years and the tourists who visited the place has increased exponentially in the last 2 years. hndassignments.co.uk

  6. hndassignments.co.uk

  7. Comparison of India and East London in Season and festivals • In India, tourists visit to witness various seasons and cultures and traditions of that place. While if we talk about East London, there is no scarcity of festivals and functions in comparison to India, but the main point is that the tourists can visit any time, can wear anything, eat anything and be themselves at the place and this is the major reason why East London has emerged out as a successful tourist spot. hndassignments.co.uk

  8. Comparison of India and East London in Infrastructure The infrastructure and services that a tourist finds at East London is amazing as this place has developed itself after London Olympics in 2012. Whereas in India, tourists strive to get basic amenities like hygienic and safe accommodation, proper transportation services, exploitation by some local tourism organizations that carries the monopoly of that place (Musa, 2000). hndassignments.co.uk

  9. East London has developed a lot after the London Olympics which worked as a catalyst to the incoming tourism process. On the other hand, India is a developing country which is still waiting and struggling to get it recognized as a major tourist attraction. hndassignments.co.uk

  10. References Mamaghani, F. (2009). Impact of e-commerce on travel and tourism: an historical analysis. International Journal of Management and Communication, 26(3), 365. Musa, G. (2000). Tourism in India. Tourism Development in Asia, 144-156. Middleton, V. T., & Clarke, J. R. (2012). Marketing in travel and tourism. Routledge. . hndassignments.co.uk

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