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The StarlingX Story PowerPoint Presentation
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The StarlingX Story

The StarlingX Story

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The StarlingX Story

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  1. The StarlingX Story Ian Joliffe – StarlingX TSC Member Bruce Jones - StarlingX distro.openstack project lead • Learn, Try, Get Involved!

  2. Agenda • What problem does StarlingX solve? • What is StarlingX? How is it different from other projects? • How did we establish our governance and how do we run the project? What have we learned? • What’s it like to be a Pilot Project? • How did we turn traditional developers into open source developers? • How are we growing our community?

  3. Edge Computing Applications benefit from reduced network latency and traffic by moving computing to the edge The same open source software that powers clouds today has been optimized for the edge in StarlingX

  4. StarlingX Timeline May 2018 Project launch October 2018 First community release OpenStack Pike with many patches May 2019 Project one year anniversary August 2019 Release 2.0 Kubernetes 1.13 OpenStack Stein with no out of tree* patches * We are back-porting a few key fixes from Nova master

  5. What is StarlingX? • StarlingX is a fully integrated end-to-end stack built for the Edge • All components have been selected and tuned for the Edge. • We are Fanatical Supporters™ of Edge.

  6. What is Edge? • Everyone has their own definition of Edge • We agree that Edge != Cloud • Some users call set-top devices Edge • Some users call 400 Node data centers Edge • In the end, Edge is whatever works best for the user

  7. Single Server “Simplex” Runs all functions Dual Server “Duplex” Redundant design Multiple Server “Standard” Redundant and highly scalable Pre-configured Deployment Options Worker / Compute Worker / Compute Worker / Compute Master / Control Master / Control Worker / Compute Worker / Compute Master / Control Master / Control Master / Control VM VM VM VM VM Container Container Container Container Container Container Container Container Container Container VM VM VM VM VM

  8. The Journey

  9. StarlingX Project Governance • We established our governance early in the project • We “borrowed” from the Kata Containers Governance and combined that with many helpful comments and feedback from the Open Infra Foundation team (Thank you!) • We have an initially appointed TSC with the first round of elections coming up in June for 5 of the 9 positions.

  10. StarlingX Project Governance We split the traditional PTL role into the PL (Project Lead) and TL (Technical Lead). This allows our TLs to focus more on technical issues and allows community members with project management experience to put it to good use.

  11. Being a pilot project • We greatly appreciate the support of the Open Infrastructure team. • We congratulate Kata Containers and Zuul on their promotion and look forward to following in their footsteps! • We are actively using (and hopefully not abusing) the project resources provided. • Being a integration project raises new challenges for infrastructure that we plan to discuss with the team at the PTG

  12. Moving toward promotion • We helped write the promotion guidelines • We are running on OpenStack master every day and will ship with Stein. Thank you to the community! • Many cross project collaborations underway • We continually focus on the Five! Opens

  13. Turning traditional developers into open source community members

  14. Growing a community

  15. The Journey June

  16. Journey Technology Community

  17. t A Fully Featured Cloud For The Distributed Edge Join the Community Mailing Lists: lists.starlingx.ioFreenode IRC: #starlingx Join the Foundation mailing list to stay up to date on all new projects!

  18. Thank You!