Using ict systems
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Using ICT systems. The computer. Computers in an ICT System. Multiple computers, usually with username and password entry Looking after them – Shutting down properly to prevent data corruption. Looking at system settings and user preferences. Computers in an ICT System. Interfaces

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Using ict systems

Using ICT systems

The computer

Computers in an ict system
Computers in an ICT System

  • Multiple computers, usually with username and password entry

  • Looking after them –

    • Shutting down properly to prevent data corruption.

    • Looking at system settings and user preferences.

Computers in an ict system1
Computers in an ICT System

  • Interfaces

    • Command line

      • Type precise instructions

      • Hard to use

    • Menu driven interface

      • Choice through number or letter

    • GUI

      • Graphical user interface – windows.

Computers in an ict system2
Computers in an ICT System

  • Graphical User Interface.

    • Can be customised

      • Adjusting window size

      • Mouse settings

      • Icon size

      • Screen resolution

      • Desktop fonts

      • Colour

      • Position

      • Graphics

      • Contrast

      • Volume

      • Toolbars

      • Date and Time

Computers in an ict system3
Computers in an ICT System

  • Folder structures

    • Important to have a proper sensible folder structure for your files with sensible file names.

Using ict systems1

Using ICT systems


What is a network
What is a network?

  • Two or more computers that are linked together

  • So that they are able to share resources (data, programs, services (e.g., the Internet) and hardware)

Peer to peer networks
Peer-to-peer networks

  • Each computer on the network is of equal status

  • All computers share each other’s resources

  • Simple to set up

  • Only suitable for small networks

Client server network
Client-server network

A more powerful computer, called the server, is in charge of the network

Software and data is stored on this server

They are complex to set up

They are ideal for larger networks

Lans and wans
LANs and WANs

Local area networks:

  • Confined to a small area

  • Usually located in a single building

  • Use cable, wireless, infrared and microwave links that are usually owned by the organization

  • Cheap to build

  • Cheap to run

Wide area networks:

  • Cover a wide geographical area (e.g., between cities, countries and even continents)

  • In lots of different buildings and cities, countries, etc.

  • Use more expensive telecommunication links that are supplied by telecommunication companies

  • Expensive to build

  • Expensive to run

The components of networks
The components of networks

Data transfer medium

Network card (also called network interface card)

Hubs, switches and routers

Network software

Data transfer medium
Data transfer medium

The medium/method by which the data is transmitted in a network can be:

  • metal wire

  • fibre optic cable

  • wireless

Communication devices 1
Communication devices 1

A network card:

  • prepares data for sending over the network

  • sends the data

  • controls the flow of data

Communication devices 2
Communication devices 2

A hub:

  • is used to join computers in a network

  • allows the connection of cables

  • allows sharing files and Internet access

Communication devices 3
Communication devices 3

A switch:

  • similar device to a hub but more intelligent

  • can look at a packet of data to decide where it should go

  • reduces the number of packets of data on a network which speeds the network up

Communication devices 4
Communication devices 4

A router:

  • can be wired or wireless

  • is used to join several networks together

  • is often used to connect several computers in the home to the Internet

Networking software
Networking software

Consists of:

  • Network operating systems – specialist operating systems designed specifically for networks

  • Network management software – used to help a network manager run a network by keeping track of software, keeping software up-to-date, installing software security patches, helping to manage the help-desk, etc.

Advantages of networks
Advantages of Networks

Share hardware

Software installed in one place on client-server networks

Improved security


Costs reduced with network versions of software

Email facilities

Central stores of data

Disadvantages of networks
Disadvantages of Networks

Needs network manager

Security problems such as viruses spread quickly.


Infrastructure can be expensive