threats using ict n.
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Threats using ICT. PowerPoint Presentation
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Threats using ICT.

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Threats using ICT. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Threats using ICT. . By Laura Morton. THREATS.

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threats using ict

Threats using ICT.

By Laura Morton.

  • With using ICT it is also a threat other than it being good there are bad sides of ICT such as you can get viruses, Identify theft can be taken place computer hacking is another big issue with ICT. There is also an issue with cyber bullying which is something that needs to stop.
  • With computers you can received viruses which make your pc a lot slower and can effect your pc a lot, you can also get tracking cookies which are bad as they track everything you type into that PC such as if you wrote your bank details in to buy something offline they could track your bank details.
identity theft
Identity theft.
  • With ICT identity theft is really bad as for an example someone could make a website showing of there art and that would be the original website but someone could steal your identity and make a new website with your art on it and say that it was the original website and there art is there's.
computer hacking
Computer hacking.
  • Computer hacking is bad because people have technology that can hack in to anyone’s password and this could lead to stealing peoples identity so with ICT this could happen and this is one of the many threats of using ICT.
cyber bullying
Cyber bullying.
  • Cyber bullying is bad as someone could bullying someone else, and it’s not to there face and it’s over the internet and it can happen on any website social networking sites are most common for cyber bullying and cyber bullying leads to people committing suicide and wasting there life over someone being abusive over the computer so this is also a horrible threat with using ICT.