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Working On Campus

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Working On Campus

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Working On Campus

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  1. Working On Campus Student Employment Handbook

  2. WHEN TO BEGIN • All students (new or returning) who have a Federal Work Study or Occidental Work Award are encouraged to begin their on-campus job search as soon as possible in order to maximize the opportunity to earn their full awards. All earnings during the period August 18, 2013 through May 10, 2014 will be applied towards a student’s work award balance, including earnings acquired during Winter, Spring & Summer breaks. • Once a student has earned the full amount of his/her award, (s)he will need to stop working on campus. Financial Aid will notify students when they are close to exhausting their award Students may contact the Financial Aid Department or Human Resources at anytime throughout the year to check their award balance. ***Students who do not have a work award may earn up to a maximum of $3,100 for the full academic year (8/18/13 to 5/10/14) .

  3. WORKELIGIBILITY All Occidental College students with a work award or International Student status are eligible to work on campus EXCEPT those who meet any of the following conditions: • U.S. citizens/permanent resident students who have not completed an INS form I-9 (required as part of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986); • Foreign students without a work permit or work authorization; • Students who have not applied for a Social Security Number; • Students who are enrolled less than half time or who have withdrawn or graduated or who are on academic suspension.

  4. Being hired at oxy Step 1: CHECK AVAILABLE JOBS On-campus positions will be posted on the Web at: and on the bulletin board outside the Financial Aid Office. Check postings daily for any new listings. Positions will be listed until filled. The majority of on-campus positions require that a student have either Federal Work Study, Oxy Work Award, or International Student status. When required, this will be noted on the job description.

  5. Step 2: APPLY FOR THE POSITION • Download an employment application from the website at or pick up one in the Human Resources Office (located in the AGC Administration Building, Room 114) • Complete and submit the application to the department(s) where you wish to work. Please note that some departments may require a supplemental departmental application. A separate application is required for each position that you apply. NOTE: You may hold more than one job as long as the total combined hours for all jobs worked does not exceed 15 hours per week.

  6. Step 3: COMPLETE EMPLOYMENT FORMS • Once you have been offered a position, your supervisor will submit your Payroll information using the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) to the Human Resources Departments. The EPAF can be found in the myOxy portal. You cannot begin work until the EPAF has been submitted by your supervisor and returned with the status of “APPROVED” by the Human Resources Department. • If you have never worked on campus before, you will need to provide appropriate documentation to prove your identity and eligibility to work in the United States (I-9 form), and complete the W4 tax form. To satisfy the requirements of the I-9 form, you will be asked to present ORIGINAL documents. For a complete list of acceptable documents, log onto:

  7. QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS How many hours per week can I work if I have an on-campus job? During the fall and spring semesters, you are allowed to work a maximum of 15 hours per week for all on-campus positions combined. During the fall, spring and summer breaks, you are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per week for all on-campus positions combined. Earnings during the period August 18, 2013 through May 10, 2014 will be charged against your work award. Once you have “exhausted” your award, you may become ineligible to continue working on campus during the academic year. Do I need to do anything special if I have more than one on-campus job? YES! If you are working multiple jobs, you will need to coordinate and communicate with all supervisors a schedule that will not exceed 15 hours per week combined.

  8. MORE QUESTIONS How and when will I get paid? You will have access to an online timesheet found in the myOxy portal. It is here that you log your hours worked and submit the online form to your supervisor on a bi-weekly basis. To receive a paycheck, your supervisor must then submit your hours worked to the Payroll Office through the web-based timekeeping system. Note that Campus Dining, Facilities Management and Postal Operations use an alternate method for reporting time. If you are employed in those areas, you must follow their established procedures. Paychecks are issued on alternate Fridays for hours worked during the previous bi-weekly pay period. Your paycheck will be routed to your on-campus PO Box, or you can have it directly deposited to your bank account by making arrangements with the Payroll Office (located in the AGC Administration Building, Room 114).

  9. Even more questions What do I do if I earn more than my work award? You will be notified when you are close to exhausting your work award. If you would like to continue working beyond your award allocation, you will need to make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor to request an increase in your work award. If the request is not approved, your assignment will end once you have earned your full award. For those without a work award, your assignment will end once you have earned a total of $3,300 for the academic year. What kind of benefits am I eligible for as a student employee? As a student employee you are not covered under Social Security, unemployment or disability insurance. You are not eligible for holiday pay sick leave and/or vacation pay. However, students who are not enrolled in summer school and who work at the College during summer break are covered under Social Security and disability. Thus, wages earned during the summer break are subject to these taxes as required by law. Students receiving housing and meals as part of their summer assignment will be taxed on the monetary value of the room and board.

  10. Student responsibilities • Notify your supervisor of changes in your work award eligibility. A change in work award eligibility may effect eligibility to continue working in an assignment. • Earn no more than your award amount. Once you’ve “exhausted” your work award, you are no longer eligible to work on campus for the remainder of the academic year. • Keep your total number of hours worked per week within the 15-hour limit for all jobs combined. • Students found to have engaged in gross misconduct (i.e. breach of confidentiality, theft, fraud, etc.) will be terminated and referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.

  11. Additional Student responsibilities • Dress appropriately for your work location. • Accurately report the hours that you work each day through the web-based timekeeping system (accessed through the my Oxy portal). Timesheets must be submitted to supervisor in a timely manner based on established Payroll deadlines. • Be enrolled at least halftime during the academic year. You must cease working after withdrawing, graduating from school or dropping below half-time status. • Report to work promptly, ready to begin work. • Notify your supervisor as soon as possible and no later than the beginning of the scheduled work shift, when you are unable to work. • Refrain from conducting personal business during work hours. • Demonstrate cooperative and positive work behaviors. • Perform you work in a satisfactory manner. • Discuss problems with your supervisor as they arise. Your employer will be understanding and interested in working toward a solution.

  12. Student employment resources Please read this handbook carefully and bookmark it for future reference. If, after reading this information you have questions, feel free to contact Human Resources at (323)259-2945 or Walk-ins are also welcome Monday – Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (we’re located in Lower Coons/Room 114). July 23, 2013