mcdowell s vintage premium malt whisky integrating the marketing mix l.
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McDowell’s Vintage Premium Malt Whisky Integrating the Marketing Mix PowerPoint Presentation
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McDowell’s Vintage Premium Malt Whisky Integrating the Marketing Mix

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McDowell’s Vintage Premium Malt Whisky Integrating the Marketing Mix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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McDowell’s Vintage Premium Malt Whisky Integrating the Marketing Mix. EWMBA 206 Fall 2007. Iyer’s Framework for Marketing Analysis. Perceptual mapping. First mover advantages. Company Analysis Marketing Myopia. Customer Analysis. Competitor . Analysis. Positioning. Segmentation.

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McDowell’s Vintage Premium Malt Whisky Integrating the Marketing Mix

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iyer s framework for marketing analysis
Iyer’s Framework for Marketing Analysis

Perceptual mapping

First mover advantages

Company Analysis

Marketing Myopia

Customer Analysis





Marketing Orientation

Marketing Strategy



Pricing process (ODI)

Pricing and innovation


Traditional Advertising


Non Traditional advertising and promotions



Going to market


Direct marketing


1 consumer analysis demographic profile
1. Consumer Analysis Demographic Profile
  • India’s GDP per-capita was < $1500 p.a. in 1996…($3300 in 2005, $4182 in 2006).
    • Approximately 5 mn. upper-upper class, many of then “nouveau riche” with per capita of > $100,000 p.a.
    • Adopting the life styles of the old money group is an aspiration for the nouveau riche.
  • A growing middle class - 200MM ($4000 p.a. in 1996), but in 2006 about 300MM with over $6000 p.a.
  • Adoption of Western lifestyles is a growing trend among the middle and upper-middle classes, particularly in big cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.
demographic profile cont
Demographic Profile (cont..)
  • Automobile ownership in 1996: confined to less than 5% of the population (the upper-upper class).
    • Actual ownership may be less than 2%.
    • An automobile is a luxury product.
  • Changing trends…$2500 car
  • Membership in 1) gymkhana clubs 2) racing associations etc.
    • prestigious institutions which exist from the colonial era.
    • Membership connotes “old money,” westernization and social elitism.
    • is an important part of the social life of the establishment and is aspirational for the nouveau riche
consumer behavior segmentation cultural dimensions of serving scotch
Consumer Behavior & SegmentationCultural Dimensions of Serving Scotch

Two Segments

  • A small group of “old money” and establishment types, with Western lifestyles and with Scotch as the preferred drink.
    • Why scotch?...a carry-over from British colonial days.
  • Scotch is therefore a status symbol and an aspirational product for the nouveau riche.
    • This group serves and consumes Scotch in a conspicuous, public manner to make a statement:
      • you have arrived, you have class
      • you can afford it
social constraints
Social Constraints
  • Despite the allure of Scotch, Indian society as a whole is still quite conservative and there are many social and religious barriers to consuming alcohol. Consequently:
    • drinking alcohol has a “forbidden pleasure” element to it for many.
    • Barriers rapidly dissolving during the past decade.
marketing environment availability of scotch
Marketing EnvironmentAvailability of Scotch
  • At the time of this case, import of Scotch was tightly regulated.
    • Permit based system.
    • Primary recipients were government organizations, five star hotels, and exclusive clubs (e.g., gymkhana clubs).
  • This promoted an active market for “bootleg” Scotch which was readily available, but whose quality was highly variable.
legal constraints on marketing
Legal Constraints on Marketing
  • Advertising of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law.
  • Distillers have devised many ingenious ways to circumvent this law:
    • setting up companies or using distributors to sell “proxy” products (decanters, salt and pepper shakers) which mimic the brand name and other brand properties of a particular brand e.g., Diplomat Mens Accessories, McDowells Club Soda.
    • Event marketing e.g., the No. 1 McDowell’s Derby,
premium whisky market in india
Premium Whisky Market in India
  • Locally manufactured Premium Indian Whisky (PIW) is an alternative to Scotch. It is a blend of 5% -10% imported Scotch and good quality ethyl alcohol.
  • Appropriate blending, flavoring and color are used to give it the appearance, taste and flavor of Scotch whisky
  • Sales are as follows:
    • Scotch Whisky (permits + bootleg) - 200,000 cases per year
    • Premium Indian Whisky - 200,000 cases per year.
interaction between piw and scotch
Interaction between PIW and Scotch
  • None of the Premium Whiskies are able to make a dent in the Scotch market due to
    • Lack of consistent blend quality
    • The aura and the image of Scotch
  • Thus PIW cannot satisfy the aspirational needs which the serving and consumption of Scotch fulfills.
the new product
The New Product
  • A premium whisky containing > 15% Scotch blended with high proof ethyl alcohol and flavoring and color to approximate the taste and flavor of an imported Scotch.
  • Manufacturing Cost (Including packaging and overheads): Rs. 25/- per bottle as opposed to Rs. 15/- for a Premium Indian whisky.
  • Proposed name: McDowell’s Vintage Premium Malt Whisky
competitive positioning analysis positioning decision
Competitive Positioning AnalysisPositioning Decision

Position as a superior PIW, or as an alternative to

Scotch? At what price


Indian Whisky


Rs 700

Rs 400