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Year-Round Campaigning

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Year-Round Campaigning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Year-Round Campaigning Overview Campaign Review Purpose Methods Quarterly Themes Save and Invest **includes the Week** Military Youth Saves Debt Reduction Save for Retirement Questions and Wrap-up Campaign Purpose

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Presentation Transcript
  • Campaign Review
    • Purpose
    • Methods
  • Quarterly Themes
    • Save and Invest **includes the Week**
    • Military Youth Saves
    • Debt Reduction
    • Save for Retirement
  • Questions and Wrap-up
campaign purpose
Campaign Purpose
  • Create a culture/climate that supports and encourages regular savings and responsible (or no) use of consumer credit, resulting in a financially prepared fighting force and financially stable healthy families
  • Build Wealth, Not Debt!
intended results
Intended Results
  • Indicators of Campaign Success:
    • Increased savings deposits
    • Increased TSP and other retirement investment participation
    • Decreased consumer debt
      • Credit cards
      • Car loans
      • Other installment loans
    • Self-referral for education and counseling
    • Subscribers to Military Saves communications (projos and individuals)
action on two levels
Action on Two Levels
  • Personal behavior
  • Community organizing/promotion
change your life
Change your life . . .
  • Save regularly
    • For emergencies
    • For purchases
    • For retirement, home ownership, other investments
  • Reduce consumer debt
  • Learn about your money
  • Know and protect your credit rating
change the world
Change the World
  • Your employer
  • Your neighborhood
  • Your organization or club
  • Your friends
  • Your family
jan mar save and invest
Jan-Mar: Save and Invest
  • Promote savings accounts
    • FI offer incentives
    • Blitz info on types of savings accounts and how to find good interest rates
  • Promote regular investing
    • Info on types of investments
    • Teach everyone the Rule of 72, use Ben and Arthur chart, etc.
  • Saves Week promotions
  • Saver Drive
apr jun military youth saves
Apr-Jun: Military Youth Saves
  • FIs – in school and youth center branches
  • Incent savings accounts
  • Promote savings through schools, CDCs, Youth Centers
  • Promotional activities
    • Piggy Bank pageants
    • Library fun days
jul sep debt reduction
Jul-Sep: Debt Reduction
  • Credit card shredding events
  • Unit debt dumping competitions
  • Relationship between savings and debt
  • Debt snowball
  • 4 Cs of creditworthiness
    • Credit
    • Character
    • Collateral
    • Capacity
messages methods
Messages, Methods
  • Negative and Positive
  • Incentives
    • Cash
    • Interest
    • Stuff
  • Savings products wrapped into other products
    • Mortgage comes with home repair savings account
    • Car loan with auto repair/replacement savings account

“The transmission goes out on your car. Your child gets sick, and the treatment costs an arm and a leg. All of a sudden, not only are you not making your regular deposits to savings, but you’re up to your eyeballs in high cost debt, wondering how you’re ever going to dig your way out.”


“That’s what an emergency fund is for. After all, you may not be able to predict what’s going to go wrong, but you can be pretty sure that eventually something will. An emergency fund gives you a financial cushion that helps you avoid the worry and expense that comes with taking on debt.”

oct dec save for retirement
Oct-Dec: Save for Retirement
  • National Save for Retirement Week resources and nationwide promos
  • TSP promotion
  • Roth IRA information
  • FI promotions for Roth IRAs
  • Ben and Arthur chart
  • Rule of 72
  • ASEC TV ads