sip based voice measurement infrastructure l.
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SIP-Based Voice Measurement Infrastructure

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SIP-Based Voice Measurement Infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SIP-Based Voice Measurement Infrastructure. Cesar Marcondes UCLA. Motivation. Voice Measurements Predict Voice Quality Gateway Provisioning Assessment of Priority Voice over IP Calls in Debugging Misconfigured sites. Background/Issues.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Voice Measurements
    • Predict Voice Quality
    • Gateway Provisioning
    • Assessment of Priority Voice over IP Calls in
    • Debugging Misconfigured sites
background issues
  • We worked during the year 2003 in a similar idea in Brazilian Academic Network (RNP2)
  • Quality of voice can be determined through quantitative metrics mapping to Mean Opinion Score
    • MOS: Poor, Regular, Good, Excellent
    • And objectively calculated through
      • E-Model (ITU-T G.107 and ETSI ETR 250)
  • We can approach in two ways:
    • Active Quality Monitoring
    • Passive Quality Monitoring
voice measurement models
Active monitoring - using remote answering machines (client/server model), generate call, not real ones, but "emulated". Assess network impairments.

Passive monitoring of real calls - capture statistics from real calls, use sniffer near the "gateway" to detect VoIP flows and obtain the call leg RTP/RTCP

Voice Measurement Models
research ideas
Research Ideas
  • VoIP Scalable Measurement Infrastructure
    • Propose an automatic and robust architecture, implementation, support from (remote sites for active measurement), best practice cookbook (?)
  • Other research interests:
    • Assessment of VoIP calls over Wireless Hotspots in SIP-enabled campus
    • Design, Implementation and Assessment of TCP-rate based protocol (focus on VoIP as the payload) – the idea is obtain some “level of QoS” through dynamic changes in the cwind grow/decrease rate
related projects
Related Projects
  • H.323 Beacon (there could be necessary to implement a SIP version of this tool)
  • Brazilian Academic Network (RNP) tools (basically they have an E-Model Implementation)
  • Cisco/other vendors VoIP quality measurements tools in-built

Cisco Works2000 VoiceManager