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Road Safety and Eco-driving

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Road Safety and Eco-driving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Road Safety and Eco-driving Annie CANEL DGTREN – Road Safety 8 mai 2008 EUROPEAN COMMISSION Road Safety and Eco-driving Eco-driving, a combination of : - road safety issues - environment issues Road safety and Eco-driving What is eco-driving ?

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road safety and eco driving

Road Safety and Eco-driving


DGTREN – Road Safety

8 mai 2008


road safety and eco driving eco driving a combination of road safety issues environment issues
Road Safety and Eco-drivingEco-driving, a combination of : - road safety issues - environment issues
road safety and eco driving3
Road safety and Eco-driving
  • What is eco-driving ?
    • Attitude and respect for society and the environment
    • Minimising the effects of transport on the environment
    • Reducing the numbers of road deaths and accidents
    • Specific techniques for driving a car
road safety and eco driving4
Road safety and Eco-driving

Impact on environment

sectoral trends
Sectoral trends
  • GHG emissions from transport keep growing while other sectors’ contributions are going down

Sector evolution 1990 – 2004 by sector:

Sector projections 1990 – 2010 with existing measures:

Source: EEA 2006

transport ghg emissions by mode
Transport GHG emissions, by mode
  • Road dominates although international shipping and

aviation are growing fast


Road transport CO2 - shares


Source: TREMOVE baseline 2.41

fuel economy in gears
Fuel economy in gears


1st gear



2nd gear

3rd gear


l/100 km




4th gear

5th gear












Source: VROM, Netherlands

how gear shifting affects fuel consumption
How Gear Shifting Affects Fuel Consumption

Seat Ibiza 1,4 l. 55 kW at 50 km/hr:in 2nd gear = 3600 RPM = 8 km/l = 12.5 l/100kmin 3rd gear = 2600 RPM = 12 km/l = 8.3 l/100kmin 4th gear = 1900 RPM = 17 km/l = 5.9 l/100kmin 5th gear = 1400 RPM = 20 km/l = 5 l/100km

fuel economy and co2 reduction potential
Fuel economy and CO2 reduction potential
  • ECO-DRIVING training
  • 10% to 25% savings on average
  • 10% in practice
  • HOW?
  • Gear change at 2000 – 2500 RPM, less vehicle dynamics (acceleration/deceleration/speeding/overtaking/aggression), less idling and cold start short trips
  • In-car devices (on-board computer, cruise control, RPM, MDD, GSI)

EU 15 reduction estimates:

10% fuel costs = 25 billion litres / Euro = >50 Mton CO2

Source: VROM, Netherlands

road safety and eco driving11
Road safety and Eco-driving

Impact on road safety

road safety and eco driving12
Road safety and Eco-driving
  • Eco-driving / safe driving
    • Evidence shows that drivers using eco-driving techniques have less accidents
    • The benefits of eco-driving in respect to road safety: driving is safer, due to greater anticipation and less erratic and unpredictable behaviour
eco driving safe driving
Eco-driving / safe driving
  • Different aspects

Learner/novice drivers

Professional drivers

Car industry

Target groups

Designing in-car devices

Influencing behaviour / training and testing

Specific Objectives





Competent bodies

National authorities / EU

Associationsand stakeholders- environment- road safety

Car industry

eco driving safe driving14
Eco-driving / safe driving
  • EU legislation
  • on driving licences (91/439/EEC and 2006/126/EC)
  • on initial qualification and periodic training of professional drivers (2003/59/EC)

contain provisions for the environment-friendly use of vehicles

eco driving safe driving15
Eco-driving / safe driving
  • Experiments and pilot projects

Some countries have already introduced eco-driving in training and testing (NL, DE, CH, SE, FI)

Example in The Netherlands:

Energy-conscious driving is part of the official category B training and testing curriculum:

  • Energy-conscious driving is one of 13 criteria which can be used in reaching a pass-fail decision in the practical driving test.
  • But: candidates will not fail on the basis of poor eco-driving as long as his/her safe driving behaviour is otherwise excellent.
  • However, poor eco-driving can contribute to failure if other (safe driving) aspects of the candidate’s performance are found to be lacking.
eco driving safe driving16
Eco-driving / safe driving
  • Eco-driving instructions to a new driving style
    • Shift up as soon as possible
    • Maintain a steady speed
    • Anticipate traffic flow
    • Decelerate smoothly
    • Check the tyre pressure frequently
    • Smooth and consistent driving, in a well-tuned vehicle
eco driving safe driving17
Eco-driving / safe driving
  • possible conflicts ?
    • Drifting around junctions and pedestrian crossings in an attempt not to stop
    • Coming too close to the vehicle in front in an effort to maximise your evenness of speed
    • Coasting too early and disrupting the pattern of traffic to the rear, thereby increasing the risk of a rear-end collision
    • Rapid acceleration to cruising speed could cause shorter safety margins to vehicles in front
    • Trying to stay in a high (fuel-efficient) gear, but therefore manoeuvring at too high a speed (e.g. cornering)
    • Switching off the engine at short stops can lead to the steering wheel locking
Road Safety and Eco-driving A need for :- more research on the impact of eco-driving on road safety-clear messages for policies
more information
More information
  • CIECA internal project on ‘Eco-driving’ in category B driver training & the driving test (2007) - Final Report 05-11-07
  • Ecodriven
  • Networks