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  2. The Development of Internet Address Evolution of Internet address Simplicity Convenience 3rd Generation Native Language Internet AddressEx) Netpia, بايبلوس, 2424, トヨタ 2.5 Generation Internationalized Domain NameEx) 넷피아.com 2nd Generation English Domain NameEx) 1st Generation IP AddressEx) 123.456.78.90

  3. Europe 32.1% Asia-Pacific 32.9% North America 30.6% Africa 0.8% Latin America 3.5% World Internet Users by Dec 2002 • Asia-Pacific to have more Internet Users then Europe or • North America by end of 2002 • The number of Internet Users in other continents’ Non-English • speaking countries are expected to grow more and more. Source: Nua Internet Surveys, eMarketer

  4. Websites Destinations Network Infrastructure Expressways Internet Addresses Road Signs A Simple Analysis

  5. A Simple Analysis(cont’d) Road signs all in English? أين أذهب ؟

  6. Definition of NLIA What is Native Language Internet Address? …it is a multilingual Internet address!

  7. PDA IMT Web TV It’s based on DNS! Web refrigerator Mobile phone PC Generic Solution based on DNS With a single registration, registered website will be available for access on various applications! computer stocks soccer NLIA registration

  8. Significance of NLIA Why Native Language Internet Address now? • Makes navigating easier • Encourages active e-commerce and e-government • Expandability of services • Secures global IT competitiveness of a country

  9. Impact of NLIA NLIA Greatly Vitalizes E-government & E-commerce Development English Domain Name NLIA IP Address EconomicImpact Limited in Non-English Speaking Countries Unleash E-commerce Worldwide Insufficient for E-commerce Political Impact Limited Participation Limited in Non-English Speaking Countries Easier E-government Access Globally Information Divide A contributor to the ‘Digital Divide’ Help Dissolve ‘Digital Divide’ in All Nations Social Impact

  10. Native Language Internet Address Native Language Email Address Native Language Map Service Local Top Level Name Shortcut Service Numeric Internet Address Service Service Model in Korea Applicable Service Model

  11. What is Native Language E-mail Address? E-mail Service using Native Language Using Mail Client Using Web Mail

  12. Enter NLIA 야후 Other Applicable Business Model Mobile Internet Application Existing method of entering English URL Enter URL Enter URL www._ • Yahoo! • Mail • Community • Messenger New Method of entering Native Language Internet Address Enter NLIA _ • Yahoo! • Mail • Community • Messenger

  13. Other Applicable Business Model Map Service • View an area map by simply entering the desired location in the web • browser address column. • Include an extension such • as 'map' or 'location' when • entering the location.

  14. NLIA Service Example: e-government • The Ministry of Home Affairs, Korea, has decided to incorporate NLIA into their e-government service in order to grant easy accessibility to the public. Now every local government and its subsidiaries have their Korean Internet Address.

  15. NLIA Service Example:Business cards • Korean Internet Name and Korean e-mail Address used in business cards

  16. NLIA Service Example:Advertisement Election Campaign Advertisement Type “노무현”(Roh Moo Hyun in Korean) at your address bar and you can connect directly to my homepage. • The newly elected president of Korea, Mr. Roh Moo-Hyun utilized Korean Internet address for campaigning. His Korean Internet address resulted in 3 times more traffic than his competitor’s.

  17. NLIA System Network in Korea • Obtained de Facto Standard by Internet Users.

  18. 4,000,000 600,000 8,500 May 2001 May 2000 May 1999 Growth of Korean Internet Address Use Query by using Korean Internet Address has grown exponentially. In 3 years, it has grown 1,400 times. 100,000,000(exp) 1,400 times growth in 3 yrs! 25,000,000 20,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 100,000 (Unit:Query using NLIA/1 day) Source:ngDN System 10,000 May 2004 Sep 2003

  19. NLIA User Status in Korea Obtained de Facto Standard by Internet Users Approx. 90% (22M) source : KRNIC ISP Stats (June, 2002) Total number of Korean Internet Users: 26 Million Approx. 22 million, 90% of the total number are able to access the NLIA service in Korea.

  20. Technically ready for Global Service Architecture On-going global partnership development Active participation in International conferences Global Expansion of Service • Netpia’s Native Language Internet Address system presented in various international meetings like MINC, IETF, ICANN, APRICOT, WSIS • Customized package available for local/regional service provider • Global networking system between different languages and countries available • Active discussions on partnership going on in 20 countries

  21. Interests from International Community • Invited to speak at WSIS Western Asia Preparatory Conference. • Introduced Korean application of Native Language Internet Address as a necessity to overcome digital divide. • Presented how NLIA works for e-Government.

  22. Interests from International Community <Expert Group Meeting on Promoting Arabic Digital Content> Initiated by ICT Division, UNESCWA • United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA) initiated the Expert Group Meeting as a following step to WSIS Preparatory Meeting. • Netpia was invited as the only non-Arabic entity to explain about Native Language Internet Address. • Arab Community expressed great interest in the Korean case study.

  23. Sponsor of The GILIA Project GlobalIndigenousLanguageInternetAddress “Bridging the Digital Divide” • Raise public awareness about the problems non-English speaking people have navigating the Internet. • Eliminate of discrimination of non-English speaking people using the Internet. The GILIA Project is a non-profit organization with two main goals: Summer of 2003, GILIA together with professors worldwide tested multilingual addresses using Netpia’s solution. Successful Responses from: Turkey • Russia • Spain • Norway • Egypt • Malaysia • Sweden • Taiwan • Jordan • more… 10 Countries, 78 Professors Participated

  24. Summer Universiade Daegu 2003 Netpia Provided Free NLIA Solution for Students 95 Languages for 170+ Countries • Duration: Aug. 21 ~ Aug. 31, 2003(11 days) • Venues: Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province • Number of participating countries (w/ polities): 174 in total • Estimated number of participants: 11,000(officials, athletes, media staffs)

  25. Company Overview • Company Name : Inc • CEO : Pan- Jung Lee • Established in July, 1997 • Employees : 150 worldwide (Korea, Europe, USA) • Business Areas: 1) Native Language Internet Address 2) NLIA-based Services (e-mail, wireless, etc.) 3) Shared Registrar (com .net .org registration) • URL :

  26. Demonstration

  27. For any further inquiries, email us