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Ireland Quiz

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Ireland Quiz. Time to find out if you are an expert on anything Irish. Do you know the answers to the following nineteen question? . Question one of nineteen. In what ocean is Ireland located ?. In the Pacific Ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean. In the Indian Ocean. In the Antarctic Ocean.

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Presentation Transcript
ireland quiz

Ireland Quiz

Time to find out if you are an expert on anything Irish.

Do you know the answers to the following nineteen question?

question one of nineteen
Question one of nineteen

In what ocean is Ireland located ?

In the Pacific Ocean

In the Atlantic Ocean

In the Indian Ocean

In the Antarctic Ocean

question two of nineteen
Question two of nineteen

Ireland is west of which country ?




Great Britain

question three of nineteen
Question three of nineteen

What is the capital of Ireland ?





question four of nineteen
Question four of nineteen

Which town is not in the

Republic of Ireland ?





question five of nineteen
Question five of nineteen

Which is Ireland‘s smallest city ?





question six of nineteen
Question six of nineteen

The highest “mountain” in Ireland is ?


Mount Blanc



question seven of nineteen
Question seven of nineteen

The Irish flag is made up

of which three colours?

Green, white and orange

Green, yellow and pink

Green, blue and white

Green, white and red

question eight of nineteen
Question eight of nineteen

Which of the following emblems

is associated with Ireland ?

The shamrock

The lily

The edelweiss

The maple leaf

question nine of nineteen
Question nine of nineteen

What are the two main

languages used in Ireland ?

English and Latin

English and Greek

English and German

English and Gaelic

question ten of nineteen
Question ten of nineteen

What is the name of the Irish currency ?

The Euro

The Dollar

The Pint

The Pound

question eleven of nineteen
Question eleven of nineteen

Who is the patron saint of Ireland ?

Saint Gustav

Saint Olaf

Saint Finlay

Saint Patrick

question twelve of nineteen
Question twelve of nineteen

Which is a very famous street in Dublin ?

The Royal Mile

O‘Connell Street

First Avenue

Oxford Street

question thirteen of nineteen
Question thirteen of nineteen

What is the name of the river that

flows through the centre of Dublin?





question fourteen of nineteen
Question fourteen of nineteen

What is the name of a

famous church in Dublin ?

St. Stephens Cathedral

The Guinness Brewery

Croke Park

St. Patricks Cathedral

question fifteen of nineteen
Question fifteen of nineteen

Which Irish writer also died

in his home country ?

James Joyce

William B. Yeats

Oscar Wilde

Jonathan Swift

question sixteen of nineteen
Question sixteen of nineteen

Who said “Always forgive your enemies.

Nothing annoys them so much.” ?

Saint Patrick

George Bernard Shaw

Oscar Wilde

Molly Malone

question seventeen of nineteen
Question seventeen of nineteen

What do you need to do to get

the gift of gab/talking ?

You need to jump down

the Cliffs of Moher.

You need to kiss the

grave of Oscar Wilde.

You need to kiss

the Blarney Stone.

You need to visit

the Guinness Brewery.

question eighteen of nineteen
Question eighteen of nineteen

What Irish sport is played

with sticks and a small ball ?





question nineteen of nineteen
Question nineteen of nineteen

In how far is Gaelic football

different from regular soccer?

There are no goalkeepers.

The players are allowed

to punch the ball

with their hands.

The players have to wear

kilts during the match.

The players are allowed to

punch the referee.