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Engage and Make a Difference

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Engage and Make a Difference. Reynaldo R. Rivera, DNP, RN, CCRN, NEA-BC President, 2010-2012 Director of Nursing, Medicine & Special Program NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Thank You. PNA Texas-Cameron County PNA Central Florida PNA El Paso PNA Georgia

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Engage and Make a Difference

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engage and make a difference

Engage and Make a Difference

Reynaldo R. Rivera, DNP, RN, CCRN, NEA-BC

President, 2010-2012

Director of Nursing, Medicine & Special Program

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

thank you
Thank You
  • PNA Texas-Cameron County
  • PNA Central Florida
  • PNA El Paso
  • PNA Georgia
  • PNA Gulf Coast
  • PNA Metro Houston
  • PNA North Texas
  • PNA Northeast Florida
  • PNA San Antonio
  • PNA South Florida
  • PNA Tampa Bay
  • PNA South Texas/Rio Grande Valley
executive board 2010 2012
Executive Board 2010-2012

Victoria Navarro President Elect

Susan Castor Eastern RVP

Elizabeth Rosas North Central RVP

Elizabeth Rose Western RVP

Gloria Beriones South Central RVP

Veneranda Bacolot Secretary

Lucy Laeser Assistant Secretary

Asteria Vargas Treasurer

Bessie Schiroky Assistant Treasurer

Jeanette Livelo Auditor

executive board 2010 20124
Executive Board 2010-2012
  • Jennifer Aying Board Member
  • Dino Doliente Board Member
  • Antonio Jayoma Board Member
  • Iluminada Jurado Board Member
  • Madelyn Yu Board Member
  • Leticia Hermosa Parliamentarian/

Legal Counsel

  • R. May Mayor Executive Director
programme committee
Riza Mauricio

Gemma Rio

Luzminda Llasos

Ted Ray Llasos

Programme Committee
  • Gloria Beriones
  • Perry Francisco
  • Antonio Jayoma
  • Sandy Lalata
  • Grace Diaz-Font
32 nd annual pnaa national convention
32nd Annual PNAA National Convention
  • Host: PNA Northern California
  • June 28 to July 3, 2011, Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA
call for manuscript engage make a difference how filipino nurses are making a difference
Call for ManuscriptEngage & Make a Difference: How Filipino Nurses Are making a Difference?

This book will profile the local, national, and international work of Filipino nurses who go above and beyond their work environments to give, to nurture and mentor others. It is meant to be a celebratory book for all of us annotating our contributions to the society we live in and/or a legacy for those we leave behind.

Manuscripts focusing on compelling stories will be considered on the following topics:

  • Historical accounts of making an impact on their communities and the world-at-large;
  • Response to natural disasters locally, nationally as well as internationally;
  • Contribution to public healthissues;
  • Impacts made on the world of nursing education;
  • Personal philanthropy that have helped change the world;
  • Impact on national and international health issues through entrepreneurship;
  • Innovative approaches to make the world a better place for all, and
  • Other topics of how Filipino nurses are engaging and making a difference.
framing our engagement
Framing “Our Engagement”
  • Engagement defined
  • Reasons for Engagement
  • Drivers of Engagement
  • Roadmap to Engagement
  • Next Steps
engagement defined
Engagement defined

Engagement is about involving ourselves, going above and beyond, investing in what we value and are passionate about. Engagement begins with each of us and results in the creation of powerful new opportunities for one’s self and others; thus making a difference. (Rivera, 2009).

engagement occurs at three levels
Engagement occurs at three levels:

Rational (Head, thinking): how well the individuals understand their roles and responsibilities

Emotional (Heart, feeling): how much passion and energy they bring to the organization

Motivational (Hands, acting): how well they perform in their role

Gebauer, J., Lowman, Gordon, J. , 2008


Is not synonymous with organization loyalty

Willingness or commitment to stay with the organization

Occupational dedication

Is not the same as happiness; happy workers are not necessarily productive

Gebauer, J., Lowman, Gordon, J. , 2008

why engagement
Why Engagement?

Need for inclusiveness

Provides positive relational interactions

Engenders positive outcomes


Return on investment

Enhances membership satisfaction

Retains and sustain members

what drives people to be engaged
What drives people to be engaged?
  • Passion for Nursing
  • Recognition
  • Personal growth
  • Teamwork
  • Support & individual relationship
  • Work Environment
  • Leader/Manager Action
  • Autonomy & Input in decision making
  • Organization reputation
Closing the RN Engagement Gap: Which Drivers Really Matter? R. Rivera, J. Fitzpatrick & S. Boyle (JONA, June 2011)

Objective: This study was focused on the relationship between registered nurses’ perceptions of drivers of engagement and their workplace engagement.

Background: In multiple studies, most outside healthcare, researchers have found that employees engaged in their work are in the minority. This phenomenon is referred to as the engagement gap.

Methods: Drivers of engagement and levels of nurse engagement were measured among 510 RNs from a large urban academic university center.

Results: The greatest difference between engaged and not-engaged nurses was in the Manager Action index; the smallest difference was in the Salary & Benefits index. The Passion for Nursing index was the only significant driver related to RN levels of engagement when controlling for all the other drivers.

Conclusions: Nurse managers play a critical role in promoting employee engagement. The nurses’ passion for nursing is an important dimension of engagement. Salary and benefits were not primary drivers in employee engagement.

conceptual framework
Conceptual Framework*

* Note: Conceptual Framework: Kahn and Social Exchange Theory Models

conceptual framework16
Conceptual Framework

Engage & Make a Difference

Membership Engagement

Finance & Operational Strength

Practice Development

Community Partnership

PNAA Leadership

membership engagement
Membership Engagement
  • Conduct PNAA Membership Survey
  • Increase membership growth
  • Increase attendance to national, regional and international conferences
    • New Attendees
membership engagement18
Membership Engagement
  • Provide Tool Kit for Best Practices for Engaging Members
  • Communication
    • eBalita
    • Website
  • President’s Forum with Chapter Members
membership engagement19
Membership Engagement
  • Marketing PNAA
practice development
Practice Development
  • Enhance leadership Development Program
  • Tool Kit for Chapter Development
    • Financial module
    • Conducting meeting that work
    • Chapter/Subchapter formation
    • Fiduciary Role
    • Presentations that work
  • Enhance Research
community partnership
Community Partnership
  • Community Outreach Program
    • Gawad Kalinga/Gawad Kalusugan
    • Kababayan Emergency Fund
    • Cancer Network
    • Health Heart. Health Family
  • Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Balik-Turo Program
community partnership22
Community Partnership
  • Partnership with
    • Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices
    • NCEMNA
    • INH: Genetics and Genomics
financial and operational strength
Financial and Operational Strength
  • Ensure that PNAA is economically viable
  • Tool Kit: Understanding Chapter Finances
roadmap to engagement
Roadmap to Engagement
  • Know them
  • Grow them
  • Inspire them
  • Involve them
  • Reward them

Gebauer, J., Lowman, Gordon, J. , 2008


“Let us become the change

we seek in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

pause reflect on these questions
Pause & Reflect on these questions:
  • How will you embody your passion?
  • How are you going to contribute to the mission, vision and goals of the association?
  • How do you want to engage and make a difference?

Contact Information:

Reynaldo R. Rivera, DNP, EdM, MA, RN, CCRN, NEA-BC

Director of Nursing, Medicine & Special Programs

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell

Email: ReyRRivera@aol.com

Cell Phone: (646) 584-7445

Phone: (212) 746-4416


Levin, M. (2004). Retention wars: the new rules of engagement. BAI Incorporated.

Gebauer, J., Lowman, Gordon, J. (2008). Closing the engagement gap: how great companies unlock employee potential for superior results.

Rivera, R. (2009). Presence of drivers of engagement and registered nurse engagement. Unpublished doctoral thesis. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

Rossell, T. (2008). Circle of membership success: the 5 phases of membership engagement. Marketing General Incorporated.