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Go Make A Difference

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Go Make A Difference

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Go Make A Difference

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  1. Go Make A Difference Our vision: “Making a real difference to the lives of those we serve and giving people the opportunity to be changed by the experience of being part of the Go MAD team”

  2. What does a Go MAD trip look like?! Making great friendships and shared memories....

  3. What does a Go MAD trip look like?! Working hard together to change lives....

  4. What does a Go MAD trip look like?! Doing things for the first time and taking a pride in the results!!

  5. What does a Go MAD trip look like?! Week 1: A busy start to the trip, full of orientation into life in Musoma/Zanzibar or India! You will be: • Exploring the area • Learning where and how to buy building materials/ food • Meeting friends of the Diocese, such as your interpreters and hosts • Visiting the communities/ individuals you will be working with. Such as the Children’s home if in Musoma. Local schools, nurseries and development projects and setting up days you will help them. You will also organise health education lessons/talks/training. • Visit the local churches • Learn how to organise and set up your different roles within the team, such as: the finance, logistics, devotions,first aid, sports and children’s ministry. Graham and Hannah will orientate you into these roles, as well as holding a few orientation talks. Week 2: You will begin to work in your communities and on your building projects. Graham will be there to provide you with building knowledge.We will be sure to do a bit of hiking, relax on the beaches and catch a few sunsets!

  6. What does a Go MAD trip look like?! • Week 3-5: Graham will be leaving you to continue with your work. You will still be able to easily communicate with them via Skype or email for any questions. Your days will now be falling into a bit of a routine, progress will continue on the building site, you will settle into your team roles and responsibilities, your Swahili will be improving and hopefully you will be developing great friendships with each other. • Week 6-7: It will be the time that you go on safari to the Serengeti in Musoma or Swim with Dolphins in Zanzibar or see some true Indian natural beauty spots! • Week 8-9: During this time you may want to organise a sports event in your communities or arrange to give away gifts, such as goats, mattresses, kid’s toys, clothes etc. It might also be necessary to think about how you are going to finish up your building protects and spend the rest of your time. • Week 10- 11: Graham returns to help you to finish work off and pack away. You will spend time saying goodbye to friends and your villages. There will be several debriefing discussions, certificate giving and goodbye meals. • *****Do something fun on your days off, explore the area and find time to relax. Make sure you plan your weeks well on your training days; and spend quality time with God each morning in Devotions and during your weekly worship sessions. ******

  7. A typical week: • Monday- Building, Children’s work. • Tuesday-DAY OFF- Beach, material shopping, internet cafe, hike. • Wednesday- Building, health education session • Thursday-Training day: Plan week ahead-projects, materials, write blog, rotas, finance, plan Sunday school, team bible study. • Friday- Building, Sport tournament, School lesson • Saturday- Building, Children’s work. • Sunday-Church-Sunday school and song, beach, cook, worship in evening.

  8. Most importantly.... • Allowing God to transform you as individuals and shape you!