dexter 2 universal robotic research platform l.
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Dexter-2 Universal Robotic Research Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Dexter-2 Universal Robotic Research Platform

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Dexter-2 Universal Robotic Research Platform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dexter-2 Universal Robotic Research Platform GROUP MEMBERS: Sachitanand S. Malewar Anish Mohan Mukarram Baig Sachin Prabhu PROJECT GUIDE: Prof. K. G. Balakrishnan Use of universal robotic

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Presentation Transcript
dexter 2 universal robotic research platform

Dexter-2Universal RoboticResearch Platform

GROUP MEMBERS: Sachitanand S. Malewar

Anish Mohan

Mukarram Baig

Sachin Prabhu

PROJECT GUIDE: Prof. K. G. Balakrishnan


Use of universal robotic

research platform

  • Used in cutting edge research worldwide.
  • Widely used in research labs and industry.
  • Used for development and testing of new algorithms.
  • Used for rapid development in real time application.
  • Used in educational institutes for giving students
  • exposure to robotics.
  • Built around highly up scaleable architecture.
  • They also provide huge numbers of functionalities
  • for further up gradation.
  • Due to their universal nature robots can be
  • programmed in any languages.
aspects of universal robotic research platform
Aspects of Universal Robotic Research Platform
  • Powerful onboard computer with neural co-processor
  • Accurate locomotion
  • Wireless connectivity with external world
  • Efficient and accurate navigation system
  • Pinpoint positioning systems
  • Accurate mappers with intelligent path planning algorithms
  • Arrays of image processing tools
  • 3D vision for depth recognition
  • Intelligent robot Human interaction using artificial neural networks
  • Precision robotic arm with forced feedback
  • Array of control modes
  • Onboard LCD display
existing options
Existing options

Pioneer series robots

onboard computer
Onboard computer
  • Processor-Intel 2.4 GHz Hyper threading with 800MHz Front side bus
  • Intel 865PE chipset
  • ASUS P4P 800 DELUX Mother board
  • 1GB DDR RAM in Dual DDR configuration
  • North Bridge with 6.4GigaBytes/Sec 40 bit Bus
  • ICH5R controlled south bridge working at 700MB/S
  • Two 80 GB 7200 RPM Hard discs in RAID configuration
  • Serial ATA
  • Onboard IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN
  • 1GB/s Giga bit LAN
  • Two printer ports and four serial ports
  • Eight USB 2.0 ports working at 450MB/s
  • Two IEEE 1394 Fire wire ports
  • Five PCI slots
  • Ai based dynamic overclocking
  • Supports composit video signal
navigational systems
  • Dynamic ultrasound terrain mapper gives detailed terrain
  • map of surrounding including obstacles in the path.
  • Infrared positioning system pinpoints robot’s position
  • in polar coordinates
  • Infrared orientation system provides information about
  • robots orientation
  • Infrared docking system helps robot to dock to docking
  • station.
  • Infrared range finder
  • Gyroscopes
  • Accelerometers
ultrasonic terrain mapper
Ultrasonic terrain mapper
  • Type- Dynamic terrain scanning
  • Range- 6 Meters
  • Accuracy- 1 cm
  • Readings- 48/360 degrees
  • Reading speed- 0.3 sec

Mapped terrain


infrared positioning system
Infrared positioning system
  • Gives robots position with 0.2 degrees in polar coordinates
  • Transmits robot’s position with 9Kbps 412MHz wireless link
infrared orientation system
Infrared Orientation System
  • Infrared orientation system is mounted on the robot
  • It gives orientation of the robot with respect to infrared positioning system
  • It is like infrared compass
piezoelectric gyroscope
Piezoelectric Gyroscope

Gyroscope board Piezoelectric Gyroscope

robotic arm
Robotic arm
  • Nine axis robotic arm
  • Configured in PRPPRPRRR
  • Best power to weight ratio
image processing elements
Image processing elements
  • Two night vision cameras for 3D vision
  • One colure camera
  • Two USB web camera
  • One Lego camera
  • One ZISC camera
  • Two Pinnacle image grabbing cards
  • Mounted on moveable platform
zisc neural network board
ZISC Neural network board
  • Based upon zero instruction set computing
  • The Wizard board processes up to 1 million vectors per second
  • Equivalent to billion instructions / second (10 GIPS)
  • ZISC does not use any algorithms for programming the solution
  • On board 2 ZISC chips (156 parallel processors), one FPGA totaling
  • 100,000 gates and 1 Mb of memory
  • Up to 1 million recognitions/second
lower level image processing42
Lower Level Image Processing

Motion Detection

Laser Range Finder

control modes of the robot
Control modes of the robot
  • Remote control
  • Robot control by speech
  • Robot control by analyzing palm movement
  • Controlling robot via a Distributed Network in server client environment
  • Controlling robot through internet
  • Automated Navigation To Target
  • Intelligent sonar navigation
  • Mapper
  • Shortest path algorithm
  • LEGO Vision command and LEGO Mind storm

RCX 2.0

remote control
Remote control
  • 50 channel remote control
  • Working on 412 MHz
  • 8 bit security address
  • 50 meters range
long range night vision camera
Long Range Night Vision Camera

Ultra long range active night vision

camera with passive image intensifier lenses

lan control
LAN Control

LAN Control using LEGO Mindstorm And LEGO Vision Command