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BABAR Status & Plans PowerPoint Presentation
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BABAR Status & Plans

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BABAR Status & Plans
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BABAR Status & Plans

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  1. BABAR Status & Plans David B. MacFarlane SLAC EPAC Meeting January 25, 2006

  2. Pillars of BABAR physics program • Highly constrained and redundant set of precision tests of weak interactions in the Standard Model • Searches for physics beyond the Standard Model in a well understood & characterized environment • Full program of flavor physics/CP violation measurements will provide a legacy of fundamental constraints on future New Physics discoveries • Sensitivity to New Physics at LHC mass scales through rare decays and CP violation • Discovery potential from large data sample across a whole range of beauty, charm, tau, two-photon, ISR physics Challenging measurements at the edge of sensitivity benefit enormously from operation of both PEP-II & KEK B Factories BABAR Status and Plans

  3. The BABAR Collaboration 11 Countries 80 Institutions 623 Physicists BABAR Status and Plans

  4. BABAR & Belle physics results BABAR Status and Plans

  5. 96% efficiency over the entire history of BABAR BABAR, Run 5 Integrated data sample to date BABAR Status and Plans

  6. More than 3x design More than 5x design PEP-II overall parameters and goals BABAR Status and Plans

  7. 40% 30% 10% Factor 2! PEP-II overall parameters and goals BABAR Status and Plans

  8. Double again from 2006 to 2008 ICHEP08 • PEP-II: IR-2 vacuum, 2xrf stations, BPM work, feedback systems • BABAR: LST installation Double from 2004 to 2006 ICHEP06 4-month down for LCLS, PEP-II & BABAR Projected data sample growth 20 Integrated Luminosity [fb-1] 17 12 Lpeak = 9x1033 BABAR Status and Plans

  9. IFR upgrade with LSTs Bottom & top sextants installed summer 2004 Remaining sextants delayed until fall 2006 BABAR Status and Plans

  10. + phases Weak Interaction in Standard Model Unitarity Triangle as a summary of Standard Model b physics BABAR Status and Plans

  11. Classic indirect constraints 2008: ~5% BABAR Status and Plans

  12. + phases CP violation Weak Interaction in Standard Model Unitarity Triangle as a summary of Standard Model b physics CKM elements & quark masses are fundamental constants emerging from EW symmetry breaking BABAR Status and Plans

  13. CPV in charmonium modes Interference of b®c tree decay with mixing BABAR Status and Plans

  14. 3rd component: sizable Penguin diagram CPV in charmless modes Interference of suppressed b®u tree decay with mixing BABAR Status and Plans

  15. Effect depends on ratio of two diagrams Suppressed Remarkably good progress on gamma! Interference of color-allowed and color-suppressed tree decays BABAR Status and Plans

  16. Direct CP violation measurements 2008: ~2% 2008: 10o 2008: 5-10o BABAR Status and Plans

  17. UT from sin2b & indirect constraints Overconstrained: growing set of independent measurements are consistent with CKM picture Now: looking for New Physics as correction to CKM Paradigm change! BABAR Status and Plans

  18. UT from CP violation measurements alone New B Factory milestone: Comparable UT precision from CPV in B decays alone Overconstrained: subsets of measurements can be used to test for new physics BABAR Status and Plans

  19. CPV in Penguin Modes Another implication of overconstrained: redundant approaches to same CKM parameter Interference of suppressed b®s Penguin decay with mixing BABAR Status and Plans

  20. New physics in loops? SUSY contribution with new phases Potential New Physics contributions “Internal Penguin” BABAR Status and Plans

  21. Revealing new physics B Factory LHC Squark mass matrix (d sector) BABAR Status and Plans

  22. Summary after summer 2005 updates Charmonium s-Penguins Summer 05 results 2.4s between CP violation in s-penguin vs sin2b (cc) No sign of Direct CP About 0.5s loss vs Winter 2005 due to shift in charmonium average BABAR Status and Plans

  23. BABAR CKM physics goals BABAR Status and Plans

  24. 95% contours Global CKM fit: 2008 BABAR Status and Plans

  25. Projections to summer 2008 Luminosity expectations: 2004=240 fb-1 2008=1.0 ab-1 K*g f0KS KSp0 jKS h’KS KKKS 5s discovery region if non-SM physics is 0.30 effect 2004 2008 Golden modes reach 5 sigma level Projections are statistical errors only; but systematic errors at few percent level BABAR Status and Plans

  26. 2008 UT constraints in 2008 95% contours now Assumption: no NP in trees [almost any NP model] Significant constraint on all New Physics models in LHC era BABAR Status and Plans

  27. now 2008 Bounds on new physics in Bd mixing Introduce new physics in mixing diagram Mass scale being probed for unit coupling: L(now) ~ 5 TeV L(2008) ~ 10TeV Model independent BABAR Status and Plans

  28. BABAR rare decay physics goals BABAR Status and Plans

  29. W,H New CKM constraints in sight 2008: Possible discovery Possible discovery: 2007 BABAR Status and Plans

  30. Complementarity with LHC 2008 today Approx… 2HDM Constraints from B® tn, B® sg BABAR Status and Plans

  31. BABAR Physics Goals BABAR Status and Plans

  32. tanb = 55 Inverted hierarchy s-t is LSP allowed Br(teg) < 1x10-8 2x10-8 5x10-8 11x10-8 2008 limit Current BABAR limit Lepton-flavor violation & mSUGRA BABAR Status and Plans

  33. Summary: Physics plans for BABAR • Goal for 2005-2006: double current data set • Delay in Run 5 can be overcome by summer 2006 with extended running period, with substantial reduction in errors on CP violation asymmetries in rare decay modes • Error on average of Penguin modes should reach 0.06 • Goal for 2007-2008: double again to ~1 ab-1 • Individual Penguin modes with errors in range 0.06-0.12 • Suite of fundamental Standard Model measurements with substantially improved levels of precision • Beyond 2008 might offer exciting opportunities if New Physics has been seen by B Factories & LHC • Sensitivity to New Physics through rare decays, CP violation, & large data sample with a significant discovery potential • Full program of flavor physics/CP violation measurements provide fundamental constraints on future New Physics discoveries BABAR Status and Plans

  34. Backup Slides

  35. A day in the life of a B Factory BABAR Status and Plans

  36. PEP-II performance: peak luminosity BABAR Status and Plans

  37. Upgrades Upgrades BABAR Detector EMC 6580 CsI(Tl) crystals 1.5T solenoid e+(3.1GeV) DIRC (PID) 144 quartz bars 11000 PMs Drift Chamber 40 layers e-(9GeV) Silicon Vertex Tracker 5 layers, double sided strips Instrumented Flux Return Iron / Resistive Plate Chambers or Limited Streamer Tubes (muon / neutral hadrons) Collaboration founded in 1993 Detector commissioned in 1999 BABAR Status and Plans

  38. DCH electronics upgrade • Motivation: • Remove anticipated deadtime problem due to serialization and shipping of data from DCH to readout module • Upgrade in two steps: • Phase 1 (summer 2004): L1 to ~4kHz • Reduce ADC payload (3216 bytes) from front ends with no impact on dE/dx performance • Phase 2 (Oct 2005) : L1 to ~5kHz • Larger FPGA to allow feature extraction on DCH endplate • New boards installed in Oct down, ready to activate FPGA code BABAR Status and Plans

  39. BABAR Status and Plans