Artificial intelligence
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Artificial intelligence

In The Gaming Industy

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For years games have used Artificial Intelligence, normally we call them bots, like for example your playing a first person shooter and theres a few bots been added into the game, there not real people, all they are is a set of if statements, a program that acts as a human playing a game, these can be changed like higher level means increased accuracy. The bots can even trace us in a game map and decide on what weapon they want to use, bots are getting smarter as technology evolves.

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IF hit here Then we call them bots, like for example your playing a first person shooter and


This is a simple example if a bot gets hit it runs through a list of if statements until the right one is found.

IF hit here Then

Subtract 50% health

IF hit here Then

Subtract 25% health

IF hit lower than here Then

Subtract 5% health

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Bots can find its target by using a built in map it will follow your tracks.

It will know where you are but could possible take the long route to your location.

If you stayed put the bot will find you if your moving about it makes it harder for it to find but it still finds you.

The bot will calculate your location and start going to it by time its there you should have moved.

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Even old games like Super Mario have a certain amount of A.I coded into them like when a enemy throws a weapon or when the boss attacks.

Bowser is programmed to attack Mario and defend the switch behind, thus when Mario jumps or makes a move Bowser will do an action like jump to protect the switch.