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Cold Cut Systems

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Cold Cut Systems. Critical Success Factors for Cobra marketing. Multi Level Marketing Pain Identify and develop a national/ local Champion Make use of international implementation cases Cobra as a strategic and operational enabler

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critical success factors for cobra marketing
Critical Success Factors for Cobra marketing
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Pain
  • Identify and develop a national/local Champion
  • Make useof international implementation cases
  • Cobra as a strategic and operationalenabler
  • Leading and coaching the decision making process
  • Competition
multi level marketing
Multi Level Marketing
  • The Cobra offers many dimensions ofadvantages, and eachusergroup has different need
  • Politicians – Public expectations, Environment, Financial
  • Govermentalbodies– Certifications and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • CFO – Financial, Environment, Organisationaldevelopment (Crewsizing), Trainingneeds
  • Commander– Fire fighting efficiency, variousmethods, Safety
  • Fire Fighter – Efficiency, easeofuse,
multi level marketing1
Multi Level Marketing
  • Keytosuccess in the UK is
  • Strategic marketing from credible source on Chieflevel (Mark)


  • Operationaldemonstrations and national champion (Northampton Fire and Rescue Service)
  • Senior support from ChiefFire Officers (”buy in”)
  • Make your marketing road map!
market development
Market Development

Product / Method







Limited Sales

Tendency towards specialist use

Very slow progress to sales

Political support

Multiple purchases

  • Eachmarket and fire service has different PAIN, different rationale for implementing the Cobra
  • UK = Fire fighter safety, sometimesfinancial
  • Sweden = Cobra Efficiency
  • Rural = Difficulttorecruitvolontary FF, limitedtimetotrain, access towater, lowexperience in BA operations
  • Urban = traffic situation, flexible organisations
  • Which is the PAIN in your market and amongyourcustomers?
local champion
Local Champion
  • Priority in building a market is setting a local champion  Strong and credible business case.
  • Identify and cooperate with a innovativeand bold fire chief in a mid sized service
  • Prioritize to implement several Cobras in one service (critical mass) rather than several customers with one Cobra each! Support from CCS possible.
  • Cooperate in fairs, demonstrations and seminars!
northampton case
Northampton case
  • Search for alternative methods initiated by unacceptably high number of fatalities in the UK
  • Strong senior level support
  • Add technology and method rather than replace leads to acceptance among crew
  • Highly dedicated implementation plan – 6 units first year (rather than buy one for evaluation)
  • High focus on training and methods
  • Cost cutting pressure but rational investments
  • Center of Excellence in Cobra training, SOPs and UK risk analysis etc conducted.
  • Cobra soon fitted on 19 out of 23 appliances
make use of international implementation cases
Make useof international implementation cases
  • The Cobra has a very strong development in several countries.
  • Good opportunity to present how theses services have implemented the Cobra.
  • Make use of relevant cases for different customersStudy visits are most often welcome and very powerful marketing!
    • Northamptonshire
    • Isle of Wight
    • Lincolnshire
    • StaffanstorpLomma
    • Vattenfall Nuclear Power Plant
    • BASF Germany
cobra as a strategic and operational enabler
Cobra as a strategic and operationalenabler
  • Initially, Cobra wasseen as a specialist toolwithspectacularcuttingability…
  • Cobra is not only a fantastic fire fighting product, positioned as firstresponsetactics
  • Cobra is a modern methodologyfor fighting fire
  • Cobra is also an enabler for developing the fire service organization
  • Selling Cobra is moreaboutchangingculturethanselling a product.
leading and coaching the decision making process
Leading and coaching the decision making process
  • Convincing an enthusiastic incident commanderof the Cobra is a great start….
  • Rarelyleadstoautomaticsales?
  • What is missing?
  • Support from Chief?
  • Political decision and budget allocation?
  • Governmentallevel is pro or contra Cobra? Accepted and subsidized?
  • Lead the process!
  • Currentlypoor or no directcompetition
  • Biggestobstacle is ourabilitytodemonstrate the main benefits and reasonstochange
  • Alternative methodsmay be percieved as competition
    • Highpressure systems (non-piercing) completely lack tacticalcapacity and research shows the lowerpressures (100 bar) gives much less extinguishing and inertingefficiency. Flow rates (30 l) areoftensmaller, i.e. less capacity.
    • CAFS is good in some situations butcompletely lacks comparisionregarding access, fire fighter safety, cleanlinessetc
competition copies
Competition - copies
  • No track record.
    • No installed customer base in Fifi vs. 600 systems globally
    • Unproven concept vs. 15 years of continuous development
    • No cases vs. Thousandsofsuccessful incidents
    • No or limited research vs. Variousreports from independent organizations
  • Technicalshortcomings
    • Abrasive, hose, radio, pressure, flow rates, configuration options etc
    • CCS usesonlyhighestqualitycomponents and global suppliers.
  • Intellectualpropertyrights (patents and trademark)
  • CompleteMethod and Product
    • Training for users, commanders and trainers
    • Service, spare parts
    • Installation support, Commissioning
  • Rationale
    • Cobra is about fire fighter safety. Which CFO would invest in an unproven concept and hence introducing risc instead of reducing risc?
  • Eventuallywewill face competition, whichthenmay be abletobuild the market faster!
  • Cobra is the original and market leader– now and in the future!
  • Make sure tolead and coach the procurement process so a tender specification is powerful and favours the Cobra
future and conclusions
Future and Conclusions
  • Plan yoursales process
  • Strategicmessageto decision makers is critical for salesdevelopment
  • Leverage on the international development, especially UK
  • Sales is hard butwillbecomeeasier and easier