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Cold Cut Systems. Industrial roof fire. Fire in roof construction during renovation Very flammable isolation material Early detection and quick cobra attack together with PPV

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Industrial roof fire
Industrial rooffire

  • Fire in roof construction during renovation

  • Very flammable isolation material

  • Early detection and quick cobra attack together with PPV

  • Intervention was started with puncturing round the fire and secure that the fire was not spread, the fire was successfully extinguished after that.

  • Estimated savings valued by KristerPalmkvistto €2.3 million

Sports arena
Sports arena

  • Fire in roof construction started in fluorescent lamp inside sport arena

  • First indication just smell of smoke inside

  • Fire personnel inside the building was alerted by civilian passing by seeing flames from the roof

  • Small Cobra appliance called out and was quickly on scene

  • Very fast suppressing of the roof fire

  • Minimum of water damage when fire was permanently extinguished

  • Estimated savings valued by KristerPalmkvist €7 million

Return on investment
Return on Investment

  • Copenhagen FRS

    • First unit was placed on a specialist team, i.e. not a first response unit.

    • During first 12 months of service, the Cobra participated at 100 incidents

  • Gothenburg FRS

    • During the first quarter 2012, the first Cobra was called to 60 incidents

  • Life expectancy for a Cobra is 10-20 years

  • Cost can be less than €50/incident!

Korn westheim

  • Old shoe factory rebuilt to provincial archives. 64 archives 200 m2 each inside the building with no openings except entrance door and normal ventilation

  • Fire gas ventilation required by authorities. Cost estimated to 2.5 million €

  • Technical replacement: One Cobra unit standing on the archive operated by trained municipal fire personnel in case of fire.

  • Method: Cooling of fire gases with Cobra until below 100 degree in closed compartment and ventilate via normal ventilation systems

Ovako steel business case
Ovako Steel - Business Case

  • Steel plant in Ovako group, 3000 employees

  • 13 locations, mainly Sweden and Finland

  • Electric-arc furnace, smelter

  • High quality bar and rod process production

  • Filter housed in a 15m x 30m x 20m building

  • Filter investment of 75-100 million SEK

Ovako o bjectives
Ovako - Objectives

  • Fire risks at filter, sparks from furnace/smelter

  • Fixed installed sprinkler at 5-6 million SEK

  • Maintenance at 10-20% yearly of initial sprinkler investment

  • Fire & Safety management not convinced sprinkler would work

Ovako achivements
Ovako - Achivements

  • Reassesment of situation -> Equivalent technique and method – Cobra

  • Cobra installed on 3.5 ton truck at cost of one year sprinkler maintenance, including TC

  • Fire truck donated to local FRS, including training and one year supply of consumables

  • Operate at FRS discretion, in return, FRS supplied maintenance of appliance and 24-7 watch

Ovako cobra use
Ovako – Cobra use

  • Cobra have been used at a hand full incidents

  • Each incident use a succes

  • Production could be held at an intact level

  • Ovako very satisfied and applied similar solution to other plant in SE

Ovako estimated savings
Ovako - Estimated Savings

  • Initial investment (alternative cost) 4.5 million SEK

  • Maintenance >0.5 million/year

  • Local community (not calculated)

  • Production stop (each stop saved cost at cobra investment level)

  • Insurance policy (not calculated)

  • Total > 9 million SEK, 1 million Euro