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CFA Lecturer Nuts & Bolts workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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CFA Lecturer Nuts & Bolts workshop

CFA Lecturer Nuts & Bolts workshop

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CFA Lecturer Nuts & Bolts workshop

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  1. CFA Lecturer Nuts & Bolts workshop Everything you need to know but were never told by the CSU…

  2. There are two categories of faculty in the CSU: There are the tenure-track/tenured faculty…

  3. and then there are the faculty with temporary appointments This includes: all Lecturer faculty, almost all coaches, as well as librarians and counselors on temporary appointments

  4. What does it mean to be a Lecturer in the CSU?

  5. It means: to never be more than 15 seconds away from total humiliation…

  6. While this is too often true within the CSU… We are far better off than virtually all other contingent faculty

  7. This is because: We are unionized!

  8. The CFA is your union! • • Download the contract (CBA) • Specifically articles 10, 12, 15, 31 & 32 • Click on Lecturers link and download the Lecturers’ Handbook • Page #s in this powerpoint refer to pages in the Handbook • See pages 7-8 in the Lecturer Handbook

  9. Benefits of being in a single bargaining unit • We’re on the same salary scale as TT/T • We’re eligible for the same GSI & SSI raises • We’re eligible for the same benefits • We’re eligible for the same pensions • United we are stronger! • The CSU cannot divide and conquer!

  10. Every CSU campus has Lecturer Reps who are here for you!

  11. The current budget crisis… What can we do about it…

  12. The Alliance for the CSU The CSU is the solution!

  13. What it means to be contingent: • Your temporary appointment is contingent on budget, enrollment, and program changes • Your signed appointment letter (“contract”) does not guarantee that you’ll be paid for the entire term; if your class is cancelled before the third class session you’ll be paid only for the hours taught

  14. In the CSU, full-time temporary appointments are made on an unconditional basis for the duration of the appointment But in the CSU, most temporary appointments are made on a part-time, conditional basis

  15. Lecturer Appointments are made in the following ranges: • L: generally faculty without MA/MS • A: generally faculty with MA/MS • B: same salary range as Asst. Prof. • C: same salary range as Assoc. Prof. • D: same salary range as Full Prof. • See pages 10, 15-18, and 45 in the Lecturer Handbook

  16. Salary Schedule

  17. Initial appointment • Unfortunately, most Lecturers are hired at the last minute • Most are not in a position to negotiate terms • Criteria for initial appointment often capricious and variable depending on the chair, department, college…

  18. Lecturer appointment lengths • Initial hire is usually for a semester or quarter • After one academic year, a Lecturer reappointed in the same dept. must be given an annual appointment • After one semester or two quarters in six consecutive years in a single dept., Lecturers (excluding coaches) must be given a 3-year appointment

  19. Weighted Teaching Units (WTUs) • The time base for part-time lecturers at both semester and quarter campuses is normally found by dividing by 15 the number of WTUs taught during the semester or quarter. See pages 11 & 15 in the Lecturer Handbook

  20. WTUs/Time Base

  21. Important to keep records: • All appointment letters • Date of first appointment • Duration of current appointment • Time base of current appointment • Total # of weighted teaching units (WTUs) taught in single dept or unit • Current salary range (L,A,B,C,or D)

  22. Important to keep records (cont.) • Current salary • Current full-time equivalent base salary • Number of units taught, by term • Total number of units taught • Total number of units taught since last service salary increase (SSI)

  23. Reappointment rights: • Article 12.3: if rehired, right to “similar assignment”, which establishes entitlement • Article 12.5: if accumulate work up to full-time, subsequent appointment is full-time unconditional • Article 15.24 & 12.7: periodic evaluation and the right to ”careful consideration”

  24. Entitlement (pp.13-14) • After full academic year: a 1-year appointment with an entitlement time base equal to or greater than previous year • After 6 years in single department: a 3-year appointment with formal entitlement based on 6th year time base • Entitlement is annual & tied to a department! (See appendix F in the contract)

  25. Reappointment rights of 3-yr Lecturers (article 12.12/12.13) • Reappointment after 6 years in single department mandates a 3-year appointment • No separate evaluation • Entitlement based on 6th year timebase • Subsequent 3-year entitlements based on timebase in 3rd of 3 years

  26. Article 12.29 and preference for work: • After Tenured and probationary faculty (including FERP & PRTB), administrators, TA’s and other student employees, or volunteers are assigned courses…

  27. (12.29a) Assignment order at start of academic year: • 1) 3-year full-time • 2) other multi-year full-time (~rare) • 3) 3-year part-time • 4) 3-year part-time on recall list • 5) other multi-year part-time (very rare) • 6) visiting faculty (subject to 12.34!) • 7) all other incumbents (sem/qtr/annual)

  28. 12.29a8: “the 2nd bite of the apple” • i) 3-year part-time up to full-time (1.0) • ii) Lecturers on recall list and non 3-year multi-year • iii) any other qualified candidate (this includes incumbent term & annual)

  29. (12.29b) Assignment order during academic year: • 1) 3-year full-time • 2) other multi-year full-time (~rare) • 3) 3-year part-time • 4) 3-year part-time on recall list • 5) other 1-year & multi-year part-time • 6) visiting faculty (subject to 12.34!) • 7) all other incumbent Lecturers

  30. 12.29b8: “the 2nd bite of the apple” • i) 3-year part-time up to full-time (1.0) • ii) Lecturers on recall list and non 3-year multi-year • iii) any other qualified candidate (this includes incumbent term & annual)

  31. The new cap on TA’s • Article 12.31: effective ‘07/’08, the FTE-TA shall not increase by a percentage greater than the increase of FTEF in the CSU • The base line is academic year ‘05/’06

  32. Article 12.32 • Student employees shall be properly classified • GA & ISA shall not be improperly assigned in lieu of TA classification in order to circumvent the TA cap!

  33. Article 12.33 • Joint CSU-CFA committee formed to: • gather data on TAs, GAs, and ISAs • monitor implementation of 12.31 • work together with UAW to correct expeditiously problems identified by the campuses

  34. Article 12.33 (cont.) • If after 2 years from effective date of the contract, CFA believes the use of GAs/ISAs has negatively impacted Unit 3 work, it may submit any unresolved issues/problems to a mediation/binding arbitration process.

  35. Article 12.34 • Full-time appointments limited to 1 year! • Not eligible for subsequent appointment in this category! • Hiring of visiting faculty shall not result in displacement or time base reduction of incumbent Lecturers! • The number shall not exceed 125 FTEF systemwide

  36. Remaining in the Lecturer Pool • Make annual written course requests to your Chair • List all of the courses in your department that you are qualified to teach • Indicate the number of classes/term you would like to teach • You can list day/time preferences, but don’t play too hard to get…

  37. Periodic Evaluation (Art. 15) • Annual summary of achievements (usually Spring); do one every year! • Opportunity to get your achievements into your Personnel Action File (PAF) • Minimum of 2 classes evaluated by students, unless a department vote requires all classes and this policy applies to all faculty (Article 15.15)

  38. Periodic Evaluation (continued) • Classroom visit requires consultation and minimum 5 days notice • Periodic evaluation includes an opportunity for peer input • For 1-term appointment, periodic eval. not required but may be requested (basis of careful consideration!) • See pages 11-12 in the Lecturer Handbook

  39. Personnel Action Files (Art. 11) • Your PAF is the official record of your accomplishments. • It is the official basis of “careful consideration” in hiring decisions. • It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of its contents • See page 11 in the Lecturer Handbook

  40. Personnel Action Files (cont.) • Your official PAF lives in Academic or Faculty Affairs, or the dean’s office • You have the right to add appropriate information to your PAF, including non-official evals and letters from students, so long as they are not anonymous • You must be given a copy 5 days before any item is placed in your PAF.

  41. Salary Raises (Art. 31) • General Salary increases (GSIs) • Service Salary Increases (SSIs) • Lecturer Range Elevation (Art. 12.16-20)

  42. General Salary Increases • 20.7% (22.6% compounded) bargained in 2006-10 contract • We’ve received ‘06/’07 and ‘07/08 • CSU has not given us our ‘08/’09 GSI because “compact” wasn’t funded • CFA is currently in bargaining over this

  43. 2006-2010 GSIs

  44. Service Salary Increases • An SSI = 2.65% increase in salary • Four bargained in 2006-10 contract • 4 SSI = 10.6% (~12% compounded) • Awarded after 24 semester WTUs or 36 quarter WTUs since appointment, or last SSI, or range elevation

  45. SSIs (cont.) • Generally awarded in term following accumulation of necessary units • SSIs are tied to a department! Along with entitlement, this is one of the reasons why it is advantageous to teach as many units as possible in a single department. • See pages 15-17 in the Lecturer Handbook

  46. 2006-2010 SSIs

  47. Range Elevation • Range elevation represents an increase in salary by movement from one range to the next. • To be eligible for a range elevation you must be at or above the SSI max for your current range, and have been in that range for at least 5 years. • See pages 17-18 in the Lecturer Handbook

  48. Range Elevation (cont.) • Art. 12.18: Eligible Lecturers must be notified at least 30 days prior to due date for materials • Art. 12.19: Criteria for range elevation shall be appropriate to Lecturer work assignments • Art. 12.20: Denials shall be subject to appeal before a 3 member faculty committee, whose decision is final

  49. Range Elevation (cont.) • Contact your Lecturer Rep for guidance in putting together your range elevation dossier • Be able to put your hands on all student evaluations and periodic evaluations • Range elevation is not a promotion; it entails no change in status, rights, responsibilities, or job security

  50. Range Elevation (cont.) • Do not let anyone convince you that it is comparable to tenure & promotion! • Range elevation is simply a salary increase • Without a range elevation, a lecturer would never again receive an SSI, regardless of number of units taught