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Bedford Falls Public Library

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Bedford Falls Public Library . Technology Plan Cheryl Bemiss , Mike Henderson, Brianna Hoffman, Haley Songchild LI815XO, Summer 2012 . The Bedford Falls Public Library. The City of Bedford Falls. Bedroom Community Approximately 75K Residents . 52,000 Square Feet

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Bedford Falls Public Library

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Presentation Transcript
bedford falls public library

Bedford Falls Public Library

Technology Plan

Cheryl Bemiss, Mike Henderson, Brianna Hoffman, Haley Songchild

LI815XO, Summer 2012

the city of bedford falls

The Bedford Falls Public Library

The City of Bedford Falls

Bedroom Community

Approximately 75K Residents

52,000 Square Feet

22 FTE, 8 Support Staff

Active Friends of the Library Group

Active Foundation

bfpl existing technology
BFPL Existing Technology
  • 10 Computers – OPAC Use
  • 10 Computers – Children’s Area
  • 10 Computers – Young Adult Area
  • 20 Computers – Adult Area
  • 2 Copy Machines for Patron Use
  • 5 Circulation Computers
  • 10 Reference Computers
  • 25 Staff Computers
  • 5 Check-In Stations
  • 10 Administration Computers
  • 5 Children’s Workroom Computers
  • 10 Staff Laptops
  • 2 Staff Copy Machines
bfpl technology plan
BFPL Technology Plan
  • Purchase and Circulate 15 Kindle E-Readers
    • Preloaded with NY Times Best Sellers
  • Increase WiFi Coverage to 100% of BFPL
    • Eliminate “Dead Spots”
  • Increase Web 2.0 Presence
    • Add Pinterest and Twitter – Maintain Facebook
  • Expanded Purchase and Creation of Digital Holdings
    • $42K from BF City Council
bfpl technology plan1
BFPL Technology Plan
  • Upgrade Community Access Meeting Rooms
    • AV Equipment – Allow Video Conferencing
  • Increase Public Access Computer Stations
    • From 50 to 70
    • Purchase 10 Non-Circulating Laptops and/or Tablets for Mobile Computer Lab
  • Pilot Study on Gaming in the Library
bfpl technology plan2
BFPL Technology Plan
  • Add Digital Advertising of Library Programming
    • Purchase, Install and Program 5 LCD TV’s
  • Maintain PC and Server Replacement Project
  • Upgrade All Computer OS to Windows 8
    • To be Released October 2012
  • Investigate Replacement Options of SirsiDynix
    • Other Vendors, and Open Source Options
bfpl technology plan3
BFPL Technology Plan
  • Add Electrical Outlets Needed to Achieve Goals
  • Purchase and Install Assistive/Adaptive Technology
    • For Physically, Visually, and Aurally Impaired Patrons
  • Oral History Digital Archives Project
bfpl technology plan4
BFPL Technology Plan
  • Maintain E-Rate Internet Service Provider Agreement
  • Maintain SirsiDynix OPAC and ILS Maintenance Agreement
  • Maintain Database Purchase and Bundling Agreement
  • OverDrive
bfpl staff

Staff Training and Knowledge

  • Understand and use basic computer hardware and peripherals and perform basic troubleshooting procedures
  • Understand and perform basic operating system functions, word processing, and printing
  • Understand and use the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Understand security protocols such as anti-virus software and the library’s Internet usage policies.
BFPL Staff

22 FTE, 8 Support Staff

1 IT Director

1 Technology Librarian

bfpl staff1

Staff Training and Knowledge

  • Ability to use SirsiDynix OPAC and ILS, RFID, OverDrive, library databases, and similar programs/services related to library operations
  • Ability to instruct patrons in all library technologies
  • Show a commitment to continuous learning and the ability to adapt to new library technologies
BFPL Staff

22 FTE, 8 Support Staff

1 IT Director

1 Technology Librarian

staff training and knowledge needed
Staff Training and Knowledge Needed
  • Provide training on e-readers so that staff can instruct patrons in their use
  • As part of a pilot study on gaming, designate (2) support staff members as “gaming facilitators,” and instruct them in the proper use of Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. If the pilot study is a success, explore other training opportunities for additional employees
  • Establish a staff-driven Pinterest and Twitter presence (continue to maintain/update Facebook page). The Joint Committee to Explore Really Cool New Technologies (J-CERCNeT) will head up this effort.
staff training and knowledge needed1
Staff Training and Knowledge Needed
  • Train staff to use assistive /adaptive technologies (touch-screens, voice-recognition tools, etc.)
  • Instruct circulation staff on how to operate EnvisionWare (cash management service)
  • Teach Oral History Digital Archives Project volunteers proper interviewing techniques.
challenges and benefits
Challenges and Benefits


  • Money
  • Time
  • Training
  • Space
challenges and benefits1
Challenges and Benefits


  • Meeting Patron Expectations
  • New Services = New Patrons
  • Learning New Resources
  • Ease and Efficiency
  • Sharing Information
  • Collaborating on Solutions
  • Identifying Existing Technologies to Avoid Redundant Purchases
  • Structure Can Lead to Support
  • Measurable Performance Leads to Standardization
  • Set Tech Plan Shows Good Stewardship of Public Funds
  • Monitor implementations and evaluations continuously (at least twice a year) and make adjustments if needed
  • Staff performance will be evaluated annually. Performance measures and performance goals should be meaningful, easily understood, and effectively and deliberately used
  • Compare goals and objectives with the implementation of new or upgraded technology
  • Survey patrons and staff to make sure new technologies operate effectively, and survey staff to make sure training is effective
  • Surveys must be simple, repeatable, cumulative, accurate, valid, and reliable in order to make informed decisions about data collected
  • Analyze usage of new devices in order to determine if implementation has been successful
  • Determine which goals/objectives have been reached or implemented and/or are outdated and remove from Plan
  • Determine which goals/objectives have not been fulfilled and determine the barriers
  • Create a plan for meeting unfulfilled goals and objectives
  • Identify additional needs.

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