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The Band Tool. Do you recognize these men?. Maynard. Vocalist Small Town Ohio Army Art & Design Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty / TexAns California Interior/Set Design. Adam. Guitarist Small Town Illinois Violin in elementary Father taught him guitar Electric Sheep

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Small Town Ohio


Art & Design

Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty / TexAns


Interior/Set Design



Small Town Illinois

Violin in elementary

Father taught him guitar

Electric Sheep

Makeup/Special effects

Alternative tunings



Small Town Kansas

Drums in Elementary

University of Missouri

Green Jello

Pygmy Love Circus

Carole king


First Bassist

Spokane, WA.

Film Industry

Guitarist originally

Left in 1995



Joined in 1995

Armenian / English

Raised in England

Slice of Life


  • Opiate March 1992 Gold
  • Undertow April 1993 Double Platinum
  • Ænima Oct. 1996 Double Platinum
  • Lateralus May 2001 Double Platinum
  • 10,000 Days May 2006 Platinum

First Single 1993


0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, and so on.

1 (Black)

1 (then)

2 (white are)

3 (all I see)

5 (in my in-fan-cy.)

8 (red and yel-low then came to be),

5 (reach-ing out to me.)

3 (lets me see.)

listening guide
Listening Guide



  • 4/4 Minor Mode
  • 0:000:00 Introduction. It begins with a two note bass count with a two note silence repeated several times with a distortion guitar over.
  • 0:12 The drums kick in with the guitar following with discordiant melody. The tempo increases and the guitar plays quickly, then plays held discordiant cowards. The initial dynamics are loud and the texture is rough.
  • 0:43 The guitar plays a melody that is repeated, this is the same melody as the chorus. The tempo increases.
  • 0:53 The first verse starts as the music falls to the background more, with the guitar playing long disharmonious cords
  • 1:07 The first verse continues with the guitar playing a faster tempo, and the lyrics continuing at the same pace.
  • 1:18 The verse continues with intensity of the song changing, The dynamics grow louder and the tempo quicker as the lyrics get louder and more rough.
  • 1:31 The chorus begins, with the song changing in tempo, with the guitar playing long cords, with the lyrics caring the melody. The lyrics are softer, and more spoken. The pace continues to slow and the dynamics grow slightly softer.
  • 1:58 The guitar plays during the bridge four long chords, and the tempo starts to increase with the drums picking up the pace near the end.
  • 2:10 The second verse starts with the lyrics caring the melody and the instruments falling to the background and becoming softer.
  • 2:20 The lyrics get louder as the verse continues, while the guitar picks up the pace with a more complicated note playing.
listening guide1
Listening Guide



  • 2:25 The end of this verse is repeated from the end of the last verse, and the tempo and dynamics increase. This might be more of the beginning of the chorus instead of the end of the verse, hard to tell.
  • 2:48 The second chorus starts, but with a greater dynamics than the first chorus. The lyrics are more yelled than spoken, with a rough edge. The tempo is increased from the first chorus, but still exhibits the slow down echoed from the first chorus.
  • 3:12 The chorus ends with a sustained note leading into a distortion guitar. The distortion guitar grows quiet while the pace slows to a few drum beats.
  • 3:26 Verse three echoes the second verse, with the lyrics caring the melody while the instruments fall to the background, becoming only a few stray notes. The dynamics start very quiet, but continue to grow.
  • 3:50 The pace of the tempo grows quickly, with the drums playing very fast as the lyrics go from a spoken whisper to loud. The instruments echo the rapid fire lyric style, with interjected silence.
  • 3:57 The third chorus is repeated with a very loud dynamic like the second chorus, with the lyrics being yelled. There is the characteristic slow down of dynamic near the end.
  • xv. 4:22 The chorus ends with a sustained note with fast cymbals that dissolves into a crazy guitar solo, with a fast tempo and loud dynamic, with heavy discordant riffs.
  • xvi 4:35 The coda repeats lyrics four times over the fast tempo and loud dynamic of the instruments. The guitar plays an echo of the solo under the lyrics.
  • xvii. 4:48 The end plays a repeat of the instruments echoing the rapid fire lyric style with interjected silence, which is repeated ten times.
  • xviii. 5:04 End.
listening guide2
Listening Guide



  • 0:00 Introduction: A simple slow melody is played on the guitar in 4/4 and repeated 4 times over a discordant bass note. It is soft and light, with a dark foreboding.
  • 0:20 The Bass and drums come in with what can be considered a shuffled 4/4 with the strait 4/4 of the guitar, or 12/16. This time signature continues throughout the introduction. And a strange wobbling sound like a heartbeat is played and a downbeat of the drums is added.
  • 0:36 The rhythm gets faster as the melody is repeated and everything grows in intensity and dynamics.
  • 0:56 The drums play hard 4 beat repeated note and a rest, echoing the heartbeat sound. And the intensity grows to a crescendo.
  • 1:13 A crescendo is played for an extended beat and the guitar continues with a heavy discordant melody echoed with the crashing cymbals and loud down drumbeat. The guitar continues fast and loud with the chorus signature without the vocals in the 9/8, 8/8, to 7/8 rhythm that repeats. Then slightly slows in tempo, expectantly, before the first verse.
  • 1:36 Verse 1 Begins: The guitar/bass stop and the drums continue with distinct hand playing in a 5/8 time signature. The vocals are uttered in the Fibonacci sequence, which is 1,1,2,3,5,8,etc. based on their syllables. The syllables length itself spirals-in and spirals-out on the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 8, 5, 3.The timbre of the vocals is in a hushed but loud tone, with the cymbals emphasized.
  • 1:50 A short verse interlude introduces the bass guitar back with a simple minor note playing, with the emphasis on the first beat that is repeated.
  • 2:04 The first verse is finished (verse 2) with the guitar adding a beat that shifts from 5/8 to 3/8 at the end. The drums are increased, and everything is louder and faster and builds after the lyrics to a 3/8 crescendo that is repeated.
  • 2:32 The chorus (2nd, first with vocals) starts very loud and heavy with a distorted guitar and crashing cymbals. The dynamics are loud. The beat is slightly slowed through the chorus and the rhythm of the main riff moves from 9/8, to 8/8,to 7/8.
  • 2:57 Verse 2 (verse 3) begins with the same lone hand drumming and the syllabic verse that is slightly faster in tempo than the first verse. It is done in 5/8 rhythm.
listening guide3
Listening Guide



  • 3:11 The second part of verse 2 continues (verse 4) with lyrics and the bass guitar playing the minor note playing with a two count note followed by two notes.
  • 3:23 The third part of verse 2 (fifth verse?) ,The guitar is added with a rhythmic playing (versus melodic) then a more rapid note playing that moves into a 3/8 crescendo.
  • 3:50 The third chorus repeats the form of the second chorus and starts very loud and heavy with a distorted guitar and crashing cymbals. The dynamics are loud. The beat is slightly slowed through the chorus and the rhythm of the main riff moves from 9/8, to 8/8, to 7/8.
  • 4:07 The first guitar solo starts repeating the rhythmic notes moving from 9/8, 8/8, 7/8 time signature then introducing a simple melody that is repeated through the time signatures. The drums are used with intensity as the number of beats increase, while the music seems to slow and speed up again.
  • 4:31 The first climax begins with vocals introduced. The rhythm moves through the 9/8, 8/8, 7/8, 6/8 time signatures with the instruments and vocals increasing in dynamics with a disharmonic texture that builds into a crescendo.
  • 4:49 The Intro-Reprise begins with the simple bass guitar notes repeated rapidly with the intro 12/16 time signature. Then the rapid tapping of the cymbals starts in 5/8
  • 5:05 The guitar then plays simple slow notes that dissolve into a simple minor melody that is soft and deliberate.
  • 5:21 Intro-Reprise Verse Lyrics. This part of the song starts slowly, with the vocals above a whisper, then growing with the drums and increasing in dynamics over the deliberate and simple melody of the guitar that is repeating the same riffs and then those riffs extended.
  • 6:20 The signature changes to 6/8 while the dynamics increase with discordant guitar notes and the vocals repeat the last line again.
  • 6:40 The second guitar solo begins with loud dynamics and discordiant notes and whammy bar sounds. The drums are furiously played with cymbals
  • 7:18 A 12/8 breakdown is played with the guitar repeating a simple riff that leads into the second Climax
  • 7:29 A second climax begins with vocals over the heavy simple riffs being played by the guitar. It continues at a loud dynamic, with the melody being more from the vocals, than the instruments. The drums
  • 8:20 The Outro Verse begins with a 6/8 time and the repeating of the verse final verse.
  • 8:37 Outro begins after the final verses have been repeated with the guitar playing a repeated melody, until the final crescendo.
  • 9:25 Ends

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