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  1. THE LIVE EMOTION BAND NBH Nga Bakti Holdings(M) Shd Bhd No.30-A 1st floor, Persiaran Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-4257 7187, +603-4257 6830 Fax: +603-4257 7909

  2. LIVE EMOTION BANDis a four-piece Filipino band compromising of one keyboardist and three front liners. A well variety of repertoire, from English,Filipino,Mandarin to Malay numbers,compromising of evergreen oldies,70s to 90s top hits and current top forty numbers Being a formidable team, their specialty does not only lie on their ability to provide warm and easy listening music to keep their audience satisfied, but they are capable of creating an electrifying atmosphere of high energy, fast- paced music to set the night blaze. Intended and well suited for five-star establishments,Live Emotion is set towards being the cream-of-topcrop group in any lounge venue………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Live Emotion Band

  3. Jeffrey is the man behind the keys. An experience and polished keyboard player with more that five years of professional experience, Jeffrey uses his vast experience to good advantage of the group. His ability to manipulate the synthesiser extremely well demonstrated the results of the sheer hard practices that he had gone through. True to being professional and versatile in his performance, Jeffrey possess a smooth voices with good vocal range. His ability to handle a variety of repertoire shows his exellenct musical aptitude JEFFREY P. MUTYA

  4. REYLET NAVAYO First of the three frontline female vocalist,Reylet has been singing professionally for the past three years. Possessing a good smooth and refined voice, coupled with here gestures and spontaneous witty remarks, Reylet has chalked up sufficient performing years to know how to capture her audience’s attention. Natural-talented and versatile, Reylet belts out her numbers easily and effortlessly. She answers requests willingly and interacts with here audience well resulting in them coming back for more.

  5. ANGELINE NUNEZ Second of the three frontline female vocalists, Angeline has been singing professionally for five years now. Possessing a good, strong and expressive voice with outstanding vocal range, Angeline easily charm her audience whenever she takes on the mic to belt out her numbers. Angeline is cool natured, and excels in her performance everytime she takes the stage. She answers request willingly and has no problem in handlingvarious kinds of songs requested of her.

  6. RICHELLE NAVAYO Competing the line-up of the three frontline female vocalists is thes young lady, Richelle. Fresh from Philippines and performing professionally for the first time, Richelle has demonstrated that she can hold her own against more experience singers. Richelle possesses a breezy personality and hard working and ever willing to learn to improve herself. Richelle has a strong voice with good range and coupled with her slick dance movements, she is set to capture the audience’s attention.