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Hershey Entertainment Complex PowerPoint Presentation
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Hershey Entertainment Complex

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Hershey Entertainment Complex
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Hershey Entertainment Complex

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  1. Hershey Entertainment Complex Severe Weather Response Overview 19 May 2011

  2. Topics • Types of Weather • Preparedness • Response • Recovery • Stadium Overview

  3. THUNDERSTORMS • Thunderstorms are generated by instability in the lower atmosphere

  4. LIGHTNING • Lightning is simply a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere.

  5. TORNADO • A tornado is a violently rotating column of air usually produced by severe thunderstorms


  7. WIND • Wind is caused by an imbalance of heating from the sun At what speed was the strongest wind gust in history measured? 253 mph on Australia's Barrow Island during Cyclone Olivia in 1996

  8. HAIL • Water droplets freeze in the clouds. How big was the largest known hailstone? 7”, almost 1lb June 23, 2003 in Aurora, Nebraska

  9. SLEET • Snow melts as it falls and then refreezes.

  10. Freezing Rain • Rain freezes as is hits the ground.

  11. PREPAREDNESS • NOAA Band Weather Alert Radio • Weather Sentry Lightning Strike Monitoring System • One monitoring station located in Communications Center • One monitoring station located in the Maintenance Administration offices, 2nd floor of Service Center • Television • Internet • www.weather.com • www.weatherunderground.com

  12. PREPAREDNESS • Anemometer - Wind Gauge • Closed Circuit Television • Monitoring station located in Communications Center • Monitoring station located in GIANT Center Security Dispatch office. • UHF Radio Communications • Storm Spotter Trained Staff • NWS Bulletins issued through the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency

  13. PREPAREDNESS • Storm Phases • Systematic means of closing attractions, for the safety of guests and employees, as the severity of weather increases. • Six categories or phases, which are closed as inclement weather approaches.

  14. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 0: Lightning activity is detected within (20) miles. Strike Guard will issue a CAUTION message. Coastline Plunge East Coast Waterworks Waverider Bayside Pier Sandcastle Cove Intercoastal Waterway The Shore

  15. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 1: Lightning or thunder is detected within (10) miles. Strike Guard will issue a WARNING message. Ferris Wheel Wild Mouse Monorail Great Bear Storm Runner Wildcat SooperDooperLooper Trailblazer Comet Sidewinder Lightning Racer Fahrenheit

  16. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 2: Lightning or thunder is detected within (5) miles. Strike Guard will issue an ALARM message. Coal Cracker Fun Slide Roller Soaker Pirate Tiny Timbers The Howler Skyview The Claw Frontier Flyers Kissing Tower Flying Falcon Tidal Force

  17. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 3: Lightning Strikes are detected within (0) miles with increasingly worsening conditions. Strike Guard will issue an ALARM message. This phase may be called sooner depending on amount of lightning, high wind or hail involved, and depending on the speed and direction of travel of storm.

  18. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 3: • Waveswinger • Frog Hopper • Music Express • Mini Himalaya • Balloon Flight • Starship America • Dry Gulch Station • Dry Gulch Engine House

  19. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 4: Severe weather conditions exist. This phase may be called sooner depending on amount of lightning, high wind or hail involved, and depending on the speed and direction of travel of storm.

  20. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 4: Turnpike Tiny Tracks Mini Scrambler Livery Stables Mini Pirate Swing Thing Scrambler Helicopters Space Age Traffic Jam Bizzy Bees Lady Bugs Convoy Dinosaur-Go-Round Red Baron Tilt-a-Whirl Miniature Train Granny Bugs Pony Parade Dizzy Drums Carrousel Fender Bender Whip Reese’s Extreme Cup Challenge Parking Lot Tram Operations Cabana guests will be directed to other shelter

  21. PREPAREDNESS • Phase 5: Based upon the known or anticipated elements of a severe weather incident, it is determined that present or future conditions within Hersheypark are unsafe for employees and guests. • strong sustained winds that could produce airborne missiles, • NWS declaration of a tornado warning for the Hershey area, • or other unsafe conditions that warrant the evacuation of midways and other unprotected areas of Hersheypark. This phase will be enacted at the discretion of the Safety and Security Department after consulting with other weather monitoring departments.

  22. RESPONSE • The Safety and Security Department communicates phase information to all Hersheypark radio units through the radio dispatch console. • The Ride Operations Department communicates information to all rides through a landline telephone system and to ride supervisors using two-way radios.

  23. RESPONSE • Safety and Security will notify other HE&R properties of the impending weather. • The Hotel Hershey • Hershey Lodge • Hershey Gardens • Chocolate World (Phase 3)

  24. RESPONSE • During Tornado Watches/warnings, S&S will prepare to evacuate Hersheypark. • Hersheypark Arena • Hersheypark Public Address System will be used to make notifications in conjunction with staff clearing Park Zones. • Guests will be funneled into HPA using designated perimeter gates.

  25. RESPONSE • Sheltering • Guests and employees will be kept apprised of situation by using bull horns and the HPA public address system. • The “ALL CLEAR” will be given once the storm passes. • Guests will re-enter the Park through Gates #4, #6, and the Main Gates.

  26. RECOVERY • All Departments should check work areas for standing water and clogged storm drains. • Damage Assessments should be conducted by all Departments. Damaged property should be reported to the S&S Department.

  27. Hersheypark Stadium • If inclement weather is anticipated during a Stadium event: • S&S will coordinate response measures with event organizers/promoter. • During Hersheypark Phase 3, all Stadium guests will be directed to shelter under the grandstands or return to their vehicles. • Event’s sound system, or the Stadium PA system, will be used to communicate to guests.