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Step-by-Step. Starting your chapter of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network. Welcome!. This presentation will guide you through a series of steps to set up your chapter of the Roosevelt Institute on your campus

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  1. Step-by-Step Starting your chapter of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network

  2. Welcome! • This presentation will guide you through a series of steps to set up your chapter of the Roosevelt Institute on your campus • As you go through the process, make sure to check out the rest of the chapter toolbox. • After you finish this presentation, please contact Winston Lofton at wlofton@rooseveltinstitute.org • We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Overview • Contacting our National Office • Writing your Constitution • Chapter Contract and Legal Guidelines • Website Registration • Campus Approval • Launch

  4. National Office • Before you initiate any of the following steps, please email Winston Lofton to introduce yourself and discuss the process of establishing a chapter in person. • Our national office provides resources, support and structure for our vast organization • To learn more about our national office and current staff members, please go to (insert link) • Make sure to create your own account and profile on our website

  5. Groundwork • You’ll need to write a Constitution that explains how your chapter of the organization will be organized • Primarily, it should be democratic and reflect the spirit and mission of the organization • It should provide details about your elections and how the content of your work will be overseen • Examples of constitutions can be found in the Chapter Toolbox

  6. Campus Approval • We need your campus to officially recognize your existence as a student group on campus • There are many variations in the approval process for student organizations at campuses across the country, so contact your Student Government Association or equivalent body to learn about their requirements • Some campuses require a certain number of interested members, you may need to assemble a core group first. However, you will need this group to actually help with the entire process, so start spreading the word.

  7. Documentation • Once you’ve get on-campus approval, submit a chapter contract to our national office • Print out the chapter memorandum of understanding, read it carefully and then sign it. • This document says that you agree as a chapter to fulfill certain obligations, abide by our principles and that you understand our 501C3 restrictions. • Please contact us directly with questions regarding the legal aspects of our status • When complete, send to Winston Lofton, 570 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022

  8. Website Profile • Once we’ve recognized you as an official chapter, we’ll create a website page for your chapter that you can direct interested students to – post news about your activities and participate in our larger network

  9. Spreading the Word • Once the groundwork is done, start discussing the direction of your chapter and potential opportunities for new members. What is your vision? How can you engage, empower and promote your membership? How can the national office help you in your pursuits? • Take a look at our Chapter Models presentation in the chapter toolbox to see some suggestions for how to structure your chapter – you are not required to use them

  10. Launching the RICN on Campus • Launch event formats can vary significantly • A well prepared presentation for your campus activities fair is one option • A launch event that focuses on the broader organization and mission, as well as discusses possible pursuits for the campus is another choice. You can also hold a policy oriented event that doubles as a chapter launch event • Keep in mind your man-power, and your financial budget for launching, you do not need to overdo it

  11. Now… • Email Winston and introduce yourself – he’ll make sure you get in touch with your Regional Coordinator who will be on hand to guide you through each step of the process, provide as much assistance as you need, and answer any questions you may have. • Go to “Chapter Toolbox” on the website, and go to “join the movement” to find the sample Constitution, chapter contract, read our mission statement, learn about using the website and find multiple templates and resources for establishing your chapter and getting started • Also – make sure to check out “Chapter 101” in the chapter toolbox for more information

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