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Step By Step Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Step By Step Guide

Step By Step Guide

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Step By Step Guide

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  1. Step By Step Guide For how to use our new online absentee bidding system

  2. Step 1 • From our website • Select the auction of interest that has online bidding available. Once you have found the Auction of interest. Select the Title of the auction or select Details. (Marked by the red Arrow above)

  3. Step 2 • You are now in the auctions Detail page. • From here select ONLINE PRE-BIDDING SELECT This will take you to our online Bidding website.

  4. Step 3 • From here select the title for the auction of interest. Select Title

  5. Step 4 • From here you can select the item of interest that you would like to bid on. Select View/Bid Once you have found the item that you would like to bid on, Select View/Bid

  6. Step 5 • From here you can Place a bid for an amount of your choice. 1. Type bid Amount 2. Select Place Bid

  7. Step 6 • If you are a retuning bidder then simply sign in to your pre-existing account • If you are new then select Click Here If You Are A New User If new user Click here If you are a returning customer Then Step 7 will not be of use to You. Please move on to Step 8

  8. Step 7 • Please Fill out entire form. • After you finish filling the form out select Save Changes

  9. Step 8 • From here enter your Payment information • Visa is the only credit card company accepted at the moment After entering your payment information please scroll down to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

  10. Step 9 • Please read Terms and Conditions • After reading Terms and Conditions check the small box under Terms and Conditions to accept. 1.Select Check Box 2. Select Submit After accepting Terms and Conditions select Submit

  11. Step 10 • After entering and submitting all of you bidder information please confirm your bid. Select Submit Bid

  12. Step 11 • If you are a new customer you will receive this message. • You will be able to bid as soon as we approve you. Do not let this discourage you. We will approve you as soon as possible. You will receive An Email as soon As you are approved. To re-enter your Bid you only need to sign In with the user name And password that you provided. Once you have been approved you may bid at any of our online auctions from now on without being approved again. This is only a one time thing.

  13. Congratulations • Once you have been approved and submitted your bid you will receive this message and an Email.

  14. Finished • You have now successfully placed your first bid with us. • Your bid will be taken with us to our auction and you will be contacted by phone when that item is brought up for bidding. • If your online bid is out bid you will be given the opportunity to continue bidding over the phone if you choose to.

  15. Additional bidding • If you would like to continue bidding on other items please follow steps 4 through 10. Excluding Step 7! • If you have any questions please feel free to call our office toll free at • 1-800-294-5738 Thank You