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  2. Motto:” We Fly High” Religion: none Family: mom, dad, boy, and girl. Kid gets dropped of by mail truck Pets: 1 dog or 1 cat Daily life: kids- school, fun hour, homework time, discussing hour, dinner, and help time Jobs: job from list. When get job big party Transportation: cars, and bikes

  3. Mayor • The mayor makes the rules in the community and everybody gets a Lazy Town book of rules • We will decide on leadership by having a competition. Questions will be asked and who ever answers the questions best gets to be the new mayor of the town. • Money is a factor. No taxes so we have money. • Members of the community do not vote for mayor. All most all the adults in the community can be mayor.

  4. Lazy Town Mayor • Rules • NO violence • NO foul language • NO talking of “ The Jail”. • NO taxes • NO multitasking while driving

  5. Rules continued… • NO fighting • NO breaking of dress code • NO more than 3 meals with 1 snack • DO NOT ASK RUDE QUESTIONS TO OTHERS THAT THEY CAN GET OFFENDED BY • Be NICE!!! **for further more detailed rules please see Lazy Town laws volumes A-E**

  6. Educator- Kayla • You will start school at the age of 4 yrs. Old • The students will be grouped at school by age • The subjects that are required are grammar, math, social studies (of community), fun time/activities

  7. Education continued • There will be a big class for each different age group • You will stop attending school at 15 yrs. old so you can start job training • College will not be necessary since you will be assigned a job • There will be school uniforms

  8. Lazy towns new fashions! Your style clothing depends on your job! When you are out and not working you are too wear nothing to revealing! At age 5 you are given a sweater that MUST be worn at all times…at age 7 you should be able to wear whatever you want in community guidelines. (Lazytown com. guidelines. Vol.3 sec4.para.5) School uniforms: Girls: white collared shirt Sweater with town symbol on back Skirt(2’’ above the knee) White high socks Dress shoes • School uniforms: • Boys: black, white, or gray sweater • with town symbol on the back • Black or gray dress pants • Black shoes • Black or gray socks

  9. What do you do for fun? In the town of Lazytown you can do MANY things! Children-go to the movies, play on the playground, read at the library, and play sports. Teenagers- go to the mall, go to the movies, read at the library, and sports. Every child plays with his/her age group! Adults-going to the movies, going out to eat, and staying in a peaceful relaxing hotel. Elders-they can play bingo at the library on Tuesday and Thursday nights, also they can read books, and dine at fabulous five star restaurants'.

  10. Employer • We have many different stores. Some stores we have are clothing, supermarkets, shoes, cars, convenient, and gas stations. • You need to provide your own food. If you are unemployed you get a month supply of food.

  11. -The students will train at the age of 15. They will get trained by the boss who owns that store. Their training is different than the Giver, because they only get one month of training -Employers will get paid. The people who are unemployed will only get $100 a month for bills. Employer

  12. The Builder in Lazy Town • There are a lot of stores in Lazy Town they consist of… • There is a mall with a shoe store, clothing stores, food courts, and many more. • Car dealerships • Restaurants • Hotels • Gas stations • Convenient stores • And many more…

  13. Where can I go in Lazy Town? We also have libraries, parks, Regal Cinema, and all different kinds of places to go and hang out to make sure everyone has a great time! • At school we have sports like… • Baseball • Football • Field hockey • Lacrosse • Track and field • And more…

  14. This is just the beginning of Lazy Town but if you want to see more visit us at