inge aarhus director malm 18 4 2012 n.
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Green Planning Instruments, Strategies and Examples (A Norwegian Perspective) PowerPoint Presentation
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Green Planning Instruments, Strategies and Examples (A Norwegian Perspective)

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Green Planning Instruments, Strategies and Examples (A Norwegian Perspective) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inge Aarhus Director Malmø 18.4.2012. Green Planning Instruments, Strategies and Examples (A Norwegian Perspective). Lillehammer miljø Environment Lillehammer. Main Global Environmental Threats (and business opportunities?). Lillehammer miljø Environment Lillehammer. Climate Changes

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Presentation Transcript
inge aarhus director malm 18 4 2012
Inge Aarhus


Malmø 18.4.2012

Green Planning Instruments, Strategies and Examples(A Norwegian Perspective)

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

main global environmental threats and business opportunities
Main Global Environmental Threats(and business opportunities?)

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Climate Changes
    • Adaption
      • Tourism
      • Energy supply
  • Loss of Biological Diversity
    • Conservation measures
      • The Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Chemical Pollution
    • Toxic substances
      • Reach
possible responses on environmental threats
Possible Responses on Environmental Threats

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • EnergyEfficiency
  • Natural Resource Protection
  • Sustainable Communities
global conventions
Global Conventions

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Convention on Biodiversity
  • Cartagena-protocol
  • Ramsar Convention
  • Washington Convention
  • Convention on World heritage
  • Climate Convention
  • Kyoto Protocol
  • Montreal Protocol (ozon)
  • Basel Convention
  • Stockholm Convention
  • Aarhus Convention
international bodies standards and guidlines
International Bodies, Standards and Guidlines

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • UNEP
  • Global Compact
    • Human Rights
    • Labour
    • Environmnet
    • Anti Corruption
  • ISO 14001, (ISO 26000)
  • World Wildlife Fund
    • Env. guidelines
responses to environmental degradation
Responses to Environmental Degradation

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

Consumer Behaviour

    • Environmental friendly products
  • Planning and Conservation Measures
    • National parks, nature reserves
  • National and International Regulations
  • Industrial Inovation
    • Green economy
      • Renewable energy
environmental legislation in norway
Environmental Legislation in Norway

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • The Pollution Act
    • Strong legislation developes business advantages
  • The Planning and Building Act
    • Spatial planning
  • The Working Environment Act
    • The working force is Norway’s most valuable asset
  • The Accounting Act
    • Up to now, not satisfactory
norwegian environmental agegencies and directorates
Norwegian Environmental Agegencies and Directorates

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif)
  • Enova
    • Energy
  • Transnova
      • Transport
  • Directorate for Nature Management (DN)
highlights of clean tech in norway
Highlights of Clean-tech in Norway

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Cleantech Investment
  • 8 world class research centres for renewable energy
  • Enova and Transnova
  • Hydrogen Use for Vehicles
  • Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
  • Cleantech Expansion
  • Renewable Energy Corporation
  • Incentives to Create a Demand for Renewable Energy
  • Creation of Foreign Partnerships
a norwegian model on co operation



Faktor 4 - 2030

Faktor 10 - år 2050

Føringer fra Rio

A Norwegian Model on Co-operation

Sustainability and development - GBNN


and R&D







NGOs and


Dialogue and project co-operation

the environmental toolbox
The Environmental Toolbox

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Certification schemes
    • ISO 14001, ISO 26000, EMAS, BS
    • The EcoLighthouse (Norway)
    • EPCE (Poland)
  • Reporting Systems
    • GRI

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Environmental analyses
  • 3rd part certification
  • Recertification every 3rdyear
  • One set of general requirements
  • More than 70 sets of different business & industry
  • requirements

The EcoLighthouse System

The mayor of Trondheim, Rita Ottervik handed out 15 certificates - 9. June 2009.

To meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer


The Concept of the Global Reporting Initiative



Creating Value – a New Perspective

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

“… it’s not about avoiding of bankruptcy …

operationalizing sustainability
Operationalizing Sustainability

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

the environmental toolbox cont
The Environmental Toolbox (Cont.)

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Environmental Labels
    • The Nordic Swan
  • CO2 Emission calculators
    • MISA – for Cities
    • Statsbygg – for buildings
    • EPCE - multipurpose
the legacy from lillehammer the best winter games ever the third dimesion
The Legacy from Lillehammer“The Best Winter Games Ever»The Third Dimesion

Lillehammer miljø

Environment Lillehammer

International legacy

  • Environmental Analyses as a Pre-requisite for Bid-Cities
  • Third Dimension - IOC 100 Anniversary Celebration Paris 1994
  • IOC World Conferences on Sport and Environment

National Business Opportunities

  • - Green tourism

- Glør (Waste company)

  • - Ensis (Env. Surveilance System)
examples on environmental projects green tourism yer 1992 94
Examples on Environmental Projects Green tourism, Øyer 1992 - 94
  • Focal areas
    • Waste
    • Energy consumption
    • Information
    • Environmental audits
  • 2008- Sustainable tourism is the official Norwegian policy on tourism
cities of the future
Cities of the Future

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Transport and Land Use
  • Energy and Buildings
  • Consumption and waste
  • Climate Adaption
cities of the future1
Cities of the Future

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Transport and Land Use
    • Land use
    • Footpats and cycle paths
    • Parking
    • Car use
cities of the future2
Cities of the Future

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Energy and Buildings
    • Energy use
    • Energy sources
    • Energy supply
    • Information
cities of the future3
Cities of the Future

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Consumption and waste
    • Waste treartment and recycling
    • Consumption patterns
    • Procurement
    • Green management
cities of the future4
Cities of the Future

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Climate Adaption
    • Precipitation
    • Flood
    • Landslides
    • Sea level
    • Wind
examples on clean tech clusters in norway
Examples on Clean-tech Clusters in Norway

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer

  • Green Business Norway
    • 32 members
      • Environment & Energy Technology
      • Environment & Energy related products and services
      • Waste and recycling
      • Service enterprises
      • Other

  • Maritime Clean-tech
  • Etc

(GBNN – From environment to CSR)

25 most promising nordic clean tech innovations 2012
25 most promising Nordic Clean-tech Innovations -2012

Lillehammer miljøEnvironment Lillehammer


  • Aquiloz,

Aquiloz is developing the next generation of wind power prediction and trading information system

  • Carbatt,

Carbatt offer a solution to power electric vehicles based on a new unique nano-cell solid-state battery

  • Norsetek,

Using Norsetek’s innovative concept wind turbine rotors can be built significantly lighter and larger than today.

  • Re-Turn,

Re-Turn produces solvent-free coatings and gel coats in PUR and epoxy, reinforced with carbon nano-tubes.

  • ZEG Power,

With an efficiency of about 80-90% and integrated CO2 capture the ZEG-technology represents a truly revolutionary energy technology concept