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  1. THE NATIONAL DEPOSITORY CENTRE OVERVIEW Our objective is to provide a comprehensive service of a world-class quality to our domestic and international clients WWW.NDC.RU

  2. LEGAL STATUS AND OWNERSHIP • Founded as a non-profit partnership by the Bank of Russia and “Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange” (MICEX) on 21 January 1997. • In July 1998, NDC was joined by major commercial banks actively trading on the local securities market.

  3. Owners and their ownership interest percentages * Chase Manhattan Bank International; Vneshtorgbank (Bank for Foreign Trade); Eurofinance Bank; The Bank of Moscow; International Moscow Bank; Sberbank; Rossiysky Kredit Bank; Russky Standart Bank.

  4. Main units of NDC’s structure 135 employees Operational staff - 36 Client service - 14 Soft & Hardware maintenance - 20

  5. Full licensed professional securities market participant Federal Commission's for the Securities Market (FCSM) license for Depository activity No. 177-03431-000100 dd. 04 December 2000 Federal Commission's for the Securities Market (FCSM) license for Clearing activity No. 177-03437-000010 dd. 04 December 2000

  6. Qualified as an “Eligible foreign custodian” by the US Securities and Exchange Commission under the Rule 17f-5 Full compliance with the Rule 17f-7 THE ASSOCIATION OF GLOBAL CUSTODIANS The Bank of New York - Bankers Trust Company/ Deutsche Bank A. G.- - Brown Brothers - The Chase Manhattan Bank - Citibank, N.A. - - Investors Bank & Trust Company - - Mellon Trust/ Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Company - - Northern Trust Company - State Street Bank and Trust Company

  7. Securities accepted to deposit in the NDC Government Securities Equities Subfederal and Municipal bonds Corporate bonds GKOs OFZs

  8. NDC provides the function of CSD (under current legislation) on the federal government securities market • NDC safekeeps global certificates of GKOs (state short-term non-coupon bonds), OFZs (federal loan bonds) issued in the form of registered securities required to be centrally immobilized at the depository • NDC is a CSD for majority of corporate and municipal bonds • (safekeeps global certificates and maintain issuer accounts for corporate bearer bonds required to be lodged into the NDC’s system for their safekeeping on a centralized basis) • NDC acts as a nominee holder of the registered equities placed in safekeeping in NDC • Settlement depository for all securities traded through the MICEX • NDC handles the function of an authorized custodian on the Moscow loan bonds market

  9. Number of securities issues accepted for safekeeping 2001 2000

  10. Total assets under custody Bln. USD 2001 2000 • Approx. 21 bln. securities are held in the depository accounts in NDC

  11. Number of Accounts 2000 2001 • approx. 16000 of investor depository accounts are opened with the Subdepository Technical Support Center

  12. NDC’s relations with the organizations operating on the government securities market The Trading System The Clearing Centre The MICEX Settlement House The RF Ministry of Finance, the Issuer Central Bank of Russia, the Issuer’s general agent NDC The Regulated Securities Market Clearing Centre NDC Depositors

  13. NDC’s RELATIONS WITH THE ORGANIZATIONS OPERATING ON THE CORPORATE BOND MARKET The Trading System The Clearing Centre The Technical Centre The MICEX Settlement House NDC The Depository Corporate bond issuers NDC Customers

  14. NDC’s RELATIONS WITH THE EQUITIES, SUBFEDERAL AND MUNICIPAL BOND MARKET OPERATORS The Trading System The Clearing Centre The Technical Centre The MICEX Settlement House NDC The Depository The Depository and Clearing Company Registrars Subfederal and municipal bond issuers NDC Depositors

  15. Technological Facilities Comprehensive procedures and controls as well as reliable technological facilities are used to ensure the highest level of service and guarantee timely and efficient delivery of information Federal Agency’s of Government Communication and Information license No. LF/17-381 dd. 29 September 1998

  16. Technological Facilities NDC is crucial to provide you with the most efficient, timely, and secure execution of your instructions • THOROUGHLY TESTED DISASTER RECOVERY ENVIRONMENT • a ‘real time’ back-up data center is situated at a different location • computers at the back-up data center provide the same processing • capacity as our main computers • to ensure that NDC contingency infrastructure will function in an emergency situation, comprehensive contingency tests are held on a regular basis • Duplicate disk drives continuously record copies of all data in order to process client instructions without interruption, should a disk failure occur • Battery and diesel powered units help encure that the NDC is able to provide its own power, should an external failure occur

  17. Technological Facilities • Main system • Hewlett-Packard HP9000 - T520; disk array ‘Nike 20’ • Software - ‘CMA Small Systems AB’ (Sweden) • Communication equipment - ‘Cisco’, ‘Lightstream’, ‘HP’ • Operational system - Hewlett-Packard HP-UX • Data base - ‘Informix’ • Back-up data center • Hewlett-Packard HP 9000 - V2200; disk array ‘Hewlett- Packard XP256’

  18. Documentinterchange Open Mail Open Mail NDC Internet e-mail Internet e-mail NDC Depositors NDC Depositors S.W.I.F.T. S.W.I.F.T. Open-mail – encrypted MICEX Global Net with Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) facility Internet E-mail – e-mail with cryptographic and EDS facilities

  19. A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE • Conclusion of a full package insurance contract against the risks inherent in the NDC’s activities • Joining the S.W.I.F.T. system (standard ISO 15022) • Hard currency DVP • Correspondent relationships with Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking • Launching the activity as the national numbering agency

  20. Client services mission statement We are committed to providing accurate, responsive and courteous services to our customers and each other in a community we serve We fully accept the commitment to improve the understanding of our customers’ needs, develop our skills and work together to meet our customers’ expectations on time, every time

  21. Contact details Secretariat: Tel. +7 095 956-0931 Fax: +7 095 956-0938 Information and PR Division: Tel: +7 095 956-0936 Fax: +7 095 956-0938 Mailing address: 1/13, Sredny Kislovsky Pereulok, 103009 Moscow, Russia E-mail: WWW.NDC.RU