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Similes and Metaphors

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Similes and Metaphors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Similes and Metaphors. Summer is as hot as a cauldron with boiling water. - Amy Johnson. Poems with Similes. Poems with Similes. Hurricanes are as Destructive and angry As a mother tiger When it’s lost its baby. - Michael Mariani. Poems with Similes. Spring Snow Snowflakes

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poems with similes

Summer is as hot

as a cauldron

with boiling water.

-Amy Johnson

Poems with Similes
poems with similes1
Poems with Similes

Hurricanes are as

Destructive and angry

As a mother tiger

When it’s lost its baby.

-Michael Mariani

poems with similes2
Poems with Similes
  • Spring Snow
  • Snowflakes
  • Slip from the sky
  • Like soft white butterflies,
  • Brush the trees with their flimsy wings,
  • Vanish.
    • -John Foster
poems with similes3
Poems with Similes

Safety Pin

Closed, it sleeps

On its side


The silver


Of some

Small fish;

Opened, it snaps

Its tail out

Like a thin

Shrimp, and looks

At the sharp

Point with a

Surprised eye.

-Valerie Worth

poems with similes4
Poems with Similes
  • My Noisy Brother
  • My brother’s such a noisy kid,
  • when he eats soup he slurps.
  • When he drinks milk he gargles.
  • And after meals he burps.
  • He cracks his knuckles when he’s bored.
  • He whistles when he walks.
  • He snaps his fingers when he sings,
  • and when he’s mad he squawks.
  • At night my brother snores so loud
  • it sounds just like a riot.
  • Even when he sleeps
  • my noisy brother isn’t quiet.
    • -Bruce Lansky
poems with metaphors
Poems with Metaphors

School is a station

where little children go

to become little engineers

to guide the world.

-Ashley Shields

poems with metaphors1
Poems with Metaphors

School is a mind factory

with brain teasers.

-Stephanie Jones

poems with metaphors2
Poems with Metaphors
  • Winter Morning
  • Winter is the king of showmen,
  • Turning tree stumps into snow men
  • And houses into birthday cakes
  • And spreading sugar over lakes.
  • Smooth and clean and frosty white,
  • The world looks good enough to bite.
  • That’s the season to be young,
  • Catching snowflakes on your tongue.
  • Snow is snowy when it’s snowing,
  • I’m sorry it’s slushy when it’s going.
    • -Ogden Nash
poems with metaphors3
Poems with Metaphors

Black Is a Shadow

Black is a shadow,

Black is the darkness

That you can’t handle.

Black is a dog.

Black is a darkness

Inside a log.

Black is the night

Because there’s no light.

Black is a scary thing.

-Alex Slaught

simile and metaphor practice
Simile and Metaphor Practice

Gussie’s Greasy Spoon

Every day, at ten past noon,


I plop down in the nearest seat,

and order food unfit to eat.

I try the juice, it’s warm and vile,

the scrambled eggs are green as bile,

the beets are blue, the beans are gray,

the cauliflower tastes like clay.

simile and metaphor practice1
Simile and Metaphor Practice


is part cement, part hay, part glue,

it’s mostly gristle, ropy tough,

a tiger couldn’t chew the stuff.

The rancid soup is foul and thin,

a bit like bitter medicine,

the melon smells, the salad sags,

the mashed potatoes seem like rags.

simile and metaphor practice2
Simile and Metaphor Practice

One whiff of Gussie’s weird cuisine

makes stomachs ache, turns faces green,

her moldy muffins have no peers,

they’ll make you sick for forty years.

The coffee’s cold, the cake is stale,

the doughnuts taste like pickled whale,

yet, every day, at ten past noon,


- Jack Prelutsky