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Appalachian State University. A Closer Look To Its Writing and Composition Courses. Academic environment. “To be, rather than to seem”.

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Appalachian State University

A Closer Look To Its Writing and Composition Courses

Academic environment

“To be, rather than to seem”

In the learning environment of Appalachian, undergraduate students are exposed to different learning experiences through the new General Education Program for freshmen which stresses different perspectives of study .

Rhetoric and Composition Program

  • Consists of 3 main divisions

    • Undergraduate courses, Graduate courses and faculty development

      GOAL: “to help students develop strategies that will support lifelong thinking, reading and writing”

    • Focus on invention and revision while also exploring a variety of research methods and genres of writing.

      • Analyze and make a range of text

      • Reflect of written work

      • Ethnographic research, portfolio assessment, field working and writing communities are recommended.

Undergraduate Courses

  • English 0900—Developmental course in process writing

  • English 1000—Introductory course in writing for college

  • English 1100—Uses literature as a basis for assignments

The writing process at APP is:

Invention  Drafting  Revising  Editing

Writing in Connection to my Major:Sustainable Development

  • Requires Writing classes until Junior year.

    However, as part of the different options in classes I have, the remaining English options include:

    • English 3050—Studies in Folklore

    • English 4570---Studies in American and Indian Literature

    • English 4710—Advanced Studies in Women and Literature

Chuck Smith’s (Director of SD) Response:

Welcome to Appstate and thanks for your interest in the SD Program.We are a cross and interdisciplinary program, basically ASU's Environmental Studies program. The writing requirements are varied in our core offerings. There is, however, a healthy dose of it. We have social science, natural science, as well as some humanities requirements. Generally, there are a number of shorter papers as well as some lengthy end of term writing, but it varies from course to course and section to section.I hope this helps a bit. If you have anything more specific to ask, perhaps I can give you a better answer.Again, thanks for looking at SD-Peace,Chuck

What have I learned:

  • Research Papers are inescapable

  • English 110 (for me)  exemption from English 0900 and 1000. That’s a save in time and money!

  • APP has a University Writing Center. Its free services are open to students, faculty and staff.

For more info on the Writing course in Appalachian, visit