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Appalachian State University Formal Recruitment Fall 2009

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Appalachian State University Formal Recruitment Fall 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Panhellenic Rules: Code of Ethics. Appalachian State University Formal Recruitment Fall 2009. All chapters will promote Panhellenic spirit and Unity! This includes all active members, alumnae and Rho Gammas! GO GREEK! vs Instead of “go xyz!”. Panhellenic Unanimous Agreements.

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appalachian state university formal recruitment fall 2009

Panhellenic Rules: Code of Ethics

Appalachian State University

Formal Recruitment Fall 2009

All chapters will promote Panhellenic spirit and Unity! This includes all active members, alumnae and Rho Gammas!

GO GREEK! vs Instead of “go xyz!”

panhellenic unanimous agreements
Panhellenic Unanimous Agreements
  • Any woman who is not/nor ever has been a member of a NPC sorority is considered a potential member.
  • No chapter shall pledge a woman who is academically ineligible.
unanimous rules continued
Unanimous Rules Continued…

3. Entertaining, gifts or favors, money, oral bids or promises, fix-ups, men and alcohol are inappropriate at all times between sorority members, or anyone acting on a member’s behalf, and prospective members when the intent is to influence a potential member’s decision. This includes that no items may be taken by a PNM from a chapter party during a formal recruitment event.

NO BOOZE or BOYS in recruitment! (this includes talking about fraternities!)

unanimous rules continued1
Unanimous Rules Continued…

4. There will be no promising of bids to any potential new members directly, or indirectly, by any sorority member. Under no circumstances shall a member invite, or ask, a potential new member to promise to join that sorority. This includes assuring the potential new member that she will be invited to the next set of events.

unanimous rules continued2
Unanimous Rules Continued…
  • During Formal Recruitment members and alumnae should refrain from “friending” and personal communications by phone, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc), emailing, texting etc. with potential members. No messaging PNMS whatsoever. Please avoid different forums, chats, websites that promote greeklife negatively (JuicyCampus, etc)
  • Facebook accounts must be DEACTIVATED TONIGHT BY 12:00 PM. This will last until 12:00 AM on BID DAY!

All other big name schools deactivate social networking websites too!

unanimous rules continued3
Unanimous Rules Continued…

7. Chapter women will not encourage women to withdraw from recruitment, wait for informal recruitment, or intentionally single preference. Suggesting a PNM to intentionally single preference is considered dirty rushing and unfair to all chapters.

8. The use of alcoholic beverages by sorority women is strictly prohibited during the period of formal recruitment and Bid Day activities. Women failing to comply with this rule may be removed from the recruitment process.

You won’t have time to do so anyways!

change in rules
Change in Rules!
  • After meeting with NPC consultants, Appalachian’s Panhellenic Exec realized that our rules were dated. We have updated sanctions to actually fit the violation and reinforce the serious nature of these infractions.


old vs new
Old Vs. New
  • “You cannot speak to Potential New Members at all during or before recruitment” = False

We encourage you to talk to girls in your classes and be friendly to them. Encourage them to go through recruitment and join a sorority. Ask how their experience at App State is going so far. Overall just be friendly and encourage these girls to want to meet more sorority women.

The old rule of Silence made sororities seem snobby


Old Vs. New

“You cannot have contact with men during recruitment.” = FALSE

This rumor has been spread around Appalachian for a while. The only time this is true is from Preference night to the morning of bid day.

This also applies to Fraternities.


Old Vs. New

  • ROUND ONE: Sorority releases are not souly based on grade releases anymore like in the past.
  • 8-6-4-2 Recruitment parties this year.
  • A PNM cannot talk to more than 2 sorority girls at a recruitment party at one time. This is also commonly called “hot-boxing”
  • 2:1 ratio or 1:1 ratio
strict silence
Strict Silence
  • Strict silence will be from Preference round to Bid day morning. This year there is no “strict silence” during recruitment like last year. We encourage you to talk and be friendly with PNMs. Remember to encourage them (only if they ask) to look at all sororities. Positive Panhellenic Spirit is important during this time.
  • Judicial procedures are being taken more seriously this year now that the rules have become more laidback and clear.
  • If it is found that a sorority/sorority member has somehow influenced a PNM negatively or not followed our Unanimous Agreements correctly punishments will be made.
  • We will look at case-by-case situations but cannot promise anything. It is your responsibility to become informed/ inform those in your chapter who you think could cause an infraction.
before you file an infraction
Before you file an Infraction…
  • Are there witnesses to whatever it is?
  • Is it only hear-say?
  • Do you really find the infraction worth going through the long mediation process?
  • Was the infraction something that could have been avoided?
  • Was the infraction somehow a mistake or misunderstanding?
  • How were PNMs effected?
possible outcomes for serious infractions this year
Possible outcomes for SERIOUS Infractions this year:
  • Socials taken away
  • Tailgates taken away, or all together
  • Specific Socials taken away (formal, quads, etc)
  • Greek Wide events taken away (Greek Week, Lip Sync)


recruitment infraction forms
Recruitment Infraction Forms
  • These forms are available outside the Greek office.
  • Not all infractions will be filed. Only the ones that PHC considers legitimate.
  • All parts of the forms must be filled out completely for it to be legitimate.
available online
Available Online!
  • This slideshow is now available online: we encourage you to show it to members who weren’t present today!
  • Recruitment Booklet
  • Schedule
  • Unanimous Agreements/Consequences
  • What if a PNM is in my class and we are assigned a project together?

That is fine! We do not expect sorority recruitment to interfere with your school assignments. Just remember to have positive recruitment spirit with her if she asks about recruitment.

  • Can I have lunch with PNMs during recruitment?

No. While we expect you to be friendly to Potential New Members, we do not want you to go out of your way to visit with them during Recruitment.

  • What is “dirty-rushing”?

Dirty-rushing could be described as encouraging a PNM to go a certain sorority or to not go a certain sorority. This could be done in numerous ways from: allowing a PNM special privileges during recruitment or bid-promising. Having PNMs meet your sorority and only your sorority during recruitment is also seen as dirty rushing. None of this will be tolerated because it is against the Panhellenic spirit.

  • What is Panhellenic Spirit?

PHC spirit is encouraging PNMs to GO GREEK. It is not encouraging them to go a certain way or not go a certain way. Overall, it is showing to them that all sororities at App State have a lot to offer and that they should look at all of them equally and open-mindedly.

  • What types of things are NOT Panhellenic Spirit?

Negative talk or actions about Greek life in general is considered against PHC Spirit.

This includes talking about other chapters negatively. If you hear a rumor about another chapter or are asked a negative question from a PNM we encourage you to refrain from the conversation and advertise all chapters equally.

Overall, If you have to question an action or comment you are about to make, then we suggest to NOT participate in whatever it may be! This way you can know for sure that you aren’t hurting the Greek community, another chapter, your own chapter or PNMS!