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AIDC 100 Members Workshop Reception Dinner Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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AIDC 100 Members Workshop Reception Dinner Annual Meeting

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AIDC 100 Members Workshop Reception Dinner Annual Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AIDC 100 Members Workshop Reception Dinner Annual Meeting. Orlando, Florida April 27-28, 2009. AIDC 100 Strategic RFID Workshop

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Presentation Transcript

AIDC 100 Members

    • Workshop
    • Reception
    • Dinner
    • Annual Meeting

Orlando, Florida

April 27-28, 2009


AIDC 100 Strategic RFID Workshop

Radio frequency identification is part of a broader category of technologies that fall under "automatic identification and data capture," or AIDC. Because other AIDC technologies, including bar codes, have been so successful, AIDC professionals have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the pitfalls of implementing systems, the course standards development takes, ways of leveraging the new technology with legacy systems and how to take advantage of emerging opportunities to improve the synergy within and across business functions based on a variety of automatic identification technology solutions.

This uniquely interactive workshop is offered to augment the other "technically-focused" vertical market pre-conference sessions to allow end users to send a team member to understand the "strategic" approach to RFID technology adoption. Brought to you by the AIDC 100 organization of professionals who have significantly contributed to the growth and advancement of the AIDC industry, this workshop will provide you with insight on how you can avoid problems and save implementation costs by understanding the parallels of RFID by way of the lessons learned through the adoption of bar codes.


getting ready…..

David, Jane and Chris

Chris, Jack and John


Dick Paul

Clive Paula Jack

Jack Dick

Jack Don Mark Dan


Connie Chuck Paul

Bob Sprague Sonia

Don Rich Mark David

Paula John Connie


Don Mark Bert Clive

Rick Bert Jack

Nicole Jane Paul


Don Jack Rich Mark

Sprague Dan

Dan Paula Sprague


and our “1st Lady”

with David, Dick and Chuck


Gay David Mark Chuck Dick

Jane and Nicole

Mike and Sonia



Ackley, Sprague

Allais, David

Bergé, Paul

Billo, Rick

Ertel, Don

Furedy, Chuck

Giovannetti, Paula

Goldberg, Teddy

Halliday, Steve

Hill, John

Hohberger, Clive

Householder, Jack

Kindsvater, Jack

LaMoreaux, Bob

Meyers, Dick

Moore, Bert

Mullen, Dan

Ohanian, Mike

Reboulet, Mark

Vossel, Rich

Wray, Bruce

Yallum, Jane


Left to Right…

Clive Hohberger, Mike Ohanian, Bert Moore, Sprague Ackley, Dan Mullen

Bruce Wray, Jane Yallum, Jack Householder, Richard Billo, David Allais,

Teddy Goldberg, Paula Giovannetti, Paul Bergé, Dick Meyers, Jack Kindsvater

John Hill, Mark Reboulet, Steve Halliday, Don Ertel, Bob LaMoreaux


“Changing of the Guard +”

Meet our new:

Chairman Paul Bergé


President David Allais


plus a very proud moment with

Mark Reboulet and the “Wright Flyer”


For those that came, a

good time was had by all.

For those that missed this

memorable event, we hope

to see you next October at

Merrimack College – date TBA!