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grabbing more eyeballs with great direct mails n.
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Grabbing More Eyeballs With Great Direct Mails PowerPoint Presentation
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Grabbing More Eyeballs With Great Direct Mails

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Grabbing More Eyeballs With Great Direct Mails
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Grabbing More Eyeballs With Great Direct Mails

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  1. Grabbing More Eyeballs With Great Direct Mails

  2. Most direct mails suck! No one reads them and even fewer people respond to them. This has led people to think that direct emails don’t make much of a difference but the truth is that these mails work wonderfully provided the right mails are sent. If you try to pull the same strategy over and over again, no wonder it wont excite anyone to follow through with your action calls. So how do you grab eyeballs?

  3. Well, for one you need to look out for newer and better ways to attract attention. And one really effective way is to mix up the email topics. People tend to respond well to new and interesting topics. So the better you mix up your subjects the better chance you have of appealing to your readers. Here are 5 things you can do about it.

  4. Talk about New Product Launches E-commerce companies can take every new product launch as an opportunity to reach out to their audience. Every product can be explored to make interesting emails out it. Highlight the features and usefulness of your product and make sure you have extracted every possible aspect of the product with different emails.

  5. Gather Testimonials Another type of emails can show how much love your product/service has garnered. This promotes good will about your brand and gives people a good reason to check out what you have to sell or share with them. Reach out to your old customers and highlight their experience. People are interested in reading experiences shared by other people and they love knowing what others have to say about a product or a service.

  6. Announce a Contest Social media and direct mailing efforts can go in hand in hand. Whenever you create a social media contest be sure to back it up with a proper emailing effort. Also, this can be a good way to connect with your audience. Make your contests really interesting and then take the moment to let people know what you are up to. Contest and promises of gratification always get people excited. Emails can also be used to announce the results of your contest and bring more participants to the contest.

  7. Sales Incentive The discounts you offer on special sale occasions need to be exploited for maximum effort. Send mails prior to your sale season and get as many people to enjoy discounts on your brand. What better, you can increase foot falls on your website through clicks from your emails to your landing page. Get in touch with an email marketing company in Dubai to know more about email marketing strategies.

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