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Mails Section

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Mails Section - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mails Section. Mails section deals with…. PIN code and PIN Plus Due Mail & Sorting list (DM&SL) Revision of mails arrangements and routing arrangements Establishment of RMS Division. Revenue leakage cases

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Mails Section

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mails section deals with
Mails section deals with…

PIN code and PIN Plus

Due Mail & Sorting list (DM&SL)

Revision of mails arrangements and routing arrangements

Establishment of RMS Division.

Revenue leakage cases

Matters relating to Festival mails, Sample survey, liaison with railways and other Department, subsidy bills, license to post under prepaid of postage in cash etc.

postal index number pin
Postal Index Number (PIN)
  • Postal Index Number is a 6-digit code introduced on 15.08.1972.
  • It is the last piece of information in the address.
  • Assigned to All Delivery Post offices except BOs
  • Six digits code number
  • PIN Code of delivery PO (Ittigegud) to PTC Mysore is

570 010

  • What does each digit denote ?
postal index number pin1
First digit (5)

First two digits (57)

First three digits (570)

Last three digists(010)


Sub-Region (Circle)

Sorting District

Delivery PO

advantages of pin
Advantages of PIN:

Simplifies sorting

Distinguishes places with identical name

Eliminates the need for transcription

Helps mechanized sorting

Increases service efficiency

postal index number pin2
  • Project Locality Based Pin-code Search Directory (PLBPSD)

-Data entry is to be made by Postal Divisions by logging on to India Post web site – quick links – location.

      • Villages served by all BOs in account with each Delivery POs
      • Villages served by the Delivery POs directly
  • In CO/RO you have to monitor the progress of this work done by the Divisions.
  • Advanced concept of six digits PIN
  • This would incorporate numeric/digital information for the following.

-Geographical Region

-Postal Circle

-MBC/Sorting Office

-Delivery PO/Bulk/Free Post

-Postman beat/Delivery Point/PB/Post bag

  • 6 digit PIN code with an additional 5 digit code
  • Digit 7 and 8 denote Postman beat
  • Digit 9,10,11 denote
    • Delivery Point Identity (DPID)
    • When digit 7 & 8 are 00 these 3 digits denote PB/Post bag
  • For example, if PTC Mysore is under postman beat 3 and address to be written like
  • Director, Postal Training Centre Mysore 570010-03-002



Postman Beat



Delivery Point Identity.

due mail sorting list
Due Mail & Sorting list
  • Issued by Divisional Head for each post office under his jurisdiction.
  • It shows the following information
    • Shows receipt and dispatch schedules
    • Mode of conveyance
    • Time of receipt and dispatch
    • Type of bags to be received and closed
    • Routing of articles

A sample of DM & SL is shown in the next slide.

revision of mail arrangement
Revision of Mail arrangement
  • Though mail arrangements are done at Divisional Superintendents, those cases which involve more than one division and having extra expenditures will be taken up by the Divisional Heads.
  • Such cases are to be examined and approved on the basis of merits and demerits of it.
  • Mail subsidy bills are scrutinized and sanctioned.
revenue leakage in mails
Revenue leakage in mails
  • There is heavy leakage of revenue in in bulk postings, business postings, RNPs, Periodicals etc.
  • In post offices, mails are being checked at the time of posting, processing and delivery and cases detected are reported to RO/CO for taking up with other Regions/Circles.
  • These cases should be properly dealt and there by RO/CO will contribute to increase our revenue.
mail monitoring
Mail Monitoring.
  • Monitoring of Regular Mail Movement.
  • National Test Letter review.
  • Submission of MMR
  • Monitoring of W/S and Submission of Statistics.
  • Issue of Monthly Sorting Orders.
  • Certification for payment of Haulage Charges
  • Payment of Haulage charges are Centralized.
miscellaneous work in mails section
Miscellaneous work in Mails section
  • Regular analysis of mail routing
  • License to post under prepaid of postage in cash.
  • Arrangement for disposal of festival mails every year.
  • Ensuring sample survey of mails periodically and also enumeration of mails twice in a year.
  • Ensuring good liaison with railways and other department
  • Maintaining ruling and dealing files of the section.
miscellaneous work in mails section1
Miscellaneous work in Mails section
  • Bag Account System Through CBO.
  • Monitoring of Computerisation in RMS.
  • Implementation of MNOP Concept for both First and Second Class Mails.
  • Monitoring of Mails Silo of Project Arrow.