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Is the math we teach obsolete ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is the math we teach obsolete ?

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Is the math we teach obsolete ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is the math we teach obsolete ?. The revolutions in the mathematics of business have had profound and fundamental effects on math education. The What if Math Slideshow. In the year 1202. King Richard the Lionhearted died 1199. A revolutionary book was published.

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Is the math we teach obsolete ?

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Is the math we teach obsolete? The revolutions in the mathematics of business have had profound and fundamental effects on math education. The What if Math Slideshow

    2. In the year 1202 King Richard the Lionhearted died 1199

    3. Arevolutionary book was published

    4. It defined the mathematics every student is expected to master today 2012 is not 1202

    5. Liber abbaci by Leonardo of Pisa 1202 This virtually unknown work The Book of Calculation

    6. By Leonardo of Pisa

    7. Has had a greater impact than the famous Leonardo’s works

    8. Born in Pisa

    9. Growing up in the 1170’s along with the Leaning Tower

    10. When Pisa was a great trading city

    11. Leonardo joined his trader, diplomat father in Algeria

    12. Where he was tutored in Arabic arithmetic and algebra The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing by al Khwarizmi

    13. Leonardo became a trader too

    14. And used Roman math like all European and Arab merchants did Its technology was the abacus

    15. Roman multiplication by repetition while slow, cumbersome, and error prone 167 x 9 =

    16. None of the cities should be allowed to have its own separate coinage or a system of weights and measures; they should all be required to use ours. Dio Cassius Worked for the Empire

    17. But not for medieval trade where city-states had

    18. Different weights, measures, and currency

    19. Leonardo’s business math using the new paper technology Paper making

    20. Was a huge improvement Algorist vs. abacist

    21. It spread slowly through special schools

    22. Becoming standardized and more symbolic A 16th century merchant’s statement of cash flows

    23. Codified by tutors and their textbooks

    24. Becoming the standard content for business and for schooling The Chapters in Liber abbaci

    25. And Leonardo’s math remains so today

    26. In the year 1979 The Blues Brothers

    27. A revolution changed the mathematics of business

    28. Dan Bricklin, a frustrated Bob Frankston & Dan Bricklin

    29. Harvard Business School student

    30. Working a case study

    31. Found calculators slow, cumbersome, and prone to error

    32. So he invented the spreadsheet VisiCalc the visible calculator

    33. Mitch Kapor added graphs VisiPlot 1980

    34. And a database Mitch and Lotus 123 in 1982

    35. Putting the PC on every desk The IBM PC

    36. And a spreadsheet on every computer 1995

    37. Business no longer uses Leonardo’s math TK!Solver by Bricklin and Frankston 1982 did not work out as well

    38. Spreadsheets are function machines, for… f(x)

    39. Solving dynamic business problems

    40. Analyzing data

    41. Visualizing information and concepts

    42. Modeling

    43. What if เกิดอะไรขึ้นถ้า ماذا لو 만약 如果 Hvad nu hvis Que faire si Cosasuccede se And asking Was ist, wenn ¿Quépasasi quod si Τι θα συμβεί αν どのような場合 מה היה קורה אילו Что делать, если E si Hvaðef

    44. In the year 2012 Mars Rover Curiosity arrived August 2012

    45. Our children are still taught to solve

    46. Leonardo’s math problems

    47. In a rigid sequence

    48. Considered outmoded in 1894 The Committee of Ten

    49. What if… We finally declare Leonardo’s Math Obsolete

    50. What if… students could learn the math of 21st century business