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21 st Century Thinking Project

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21 st Century Thinking Project. How would you rate your knowledge and use of active thinking routines in your teaching in February?. How would you rate your knowledge and use of active thinking routines in your teaching in October?.

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what routines or strategies are you are using to make thinking visible in your classroom
What routines or strategies are you are using to make thinking visible in your classroom?
Using Active Thinking routines has provided more opportunities for student dialogue, accountability and collaboration
I have more of an understanding of the purpose and ways to plan Active Thinking routines in my curriculum planning and teaching
There is more of a common understanding and thinking language in our Primary School now compere with Term 1
Has working independently or collaboratively on a task of your choosing been beneficial for your professional learning?
Would you like further opportunities to participate in Action Research, either independently or collaboratively
What professional learning opportunities would you like to experience to assist your understanding of making thinking visible?
  • Watching other professionals teaching using active thinking. 
  • Demonstrations, observations, readings and research 
  • Whole staff sharing sessionslike the ones we had
  • Working with other teachers and seeing how they do things.
  • I have loved learning from each other
  • Time to play and learn is also such a critically important need that is often overlooked! 
  • Time to consider how thinking strategies can be used
  • More examples of how Active Thinking is used in the classroom. 
  • More time to "play" with technology in order to incorporate resources more efficiently more hands on/sharing workshops 
  • Workshops that teach ways of implementing these skills in the classroom 
  • Visiting teachers room who can model good practise in these areas 
  • Watching other teachers at our school and others in action
  • Working with experts at the planning level
  • Feedback on teaching approaches 
  • Practical examples
what have been the positives of the action research approach to professional learning
What have been the positives of the Action Research approach to professional learning?
  • Working collaboratively and sharing ideas with fellow teachers
  • Engaging sessions with more creative teaching 
  • Able to follow own interests and needs 
  • Relevant learning trial and error opportunities
  • Meaningful time spent to develop units
  • Sharing of ideas with common goals
  • Growing a meta language
  • Loved all the different directions individuals went in
  • Positive vibe about the place in regards to the project.
  • Thinking outside of the classroom - Loved it!
  • I liked being able to link an interest of mine to my teaching career. 
  • Greater student engagement and involvement 
  • Interacting with experts to help with research
  • It was focussed and made you have to broaden your own personal learning and understanding.
  • It gave you opportunities to reflect and talk with the other teachers and seek PD as you needed. 
identify any blockers to the action research professional learning approach
 Identify any blockers to the Action Research professional learning approach?
  • Time is always a blocker to professional learning and trialling
  • Need time to communicate with others and consult "experts" in the IT areas
  • Time to plan and share further with peers and visit other class rooms
  • Time of year - pressure to fit it in
  • Students can fall behind in group situations or become distracted and some will withdraw due to social implications etc 
  • Don't forget the importance of Listening skills
  • Remember technology is an educational tool not a vehicle for entertainment
  • Limited access to computers for all children 
  • More time needed to consider how to implement into my subject area
  • More exposure to thinking routines to understand how they work and what their desirable outcome is to then consider how it could work for me as well
  • No blockers 
  • I enjoyed this approach
  • Would be great to have a project for a year and many check in points