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Online Course Observation. Objectives:. Articulate the steps of an online faculty observation E xplain the elements of the GRCC Online Course Observation Form Properly complete a GRCC Online C ourse Observation Form Provide constructive feedback. Online Course Observations….

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  • Articulate the steps of an online faculty observation

  • Explain the elements of the GRCC Online Course Observation Form

  • Properly complete a GRCC Online Course Observation Form

  • Provide constructive feedback

Online course observations
Online Course Observations…

  • Contribute to personal and professional growth of both the observer and observed

  • Foster collegiality

  • Encourage us to share ideas

  • Identify projects that can be used in our Faculty Performance Evaluations (improving teaching effectiveness, assessment projects, etc.)

  • Create excitement around online teaching

Documenting plan
Documenting Plan

  • Faculty members [being observed] will offer their evaluators at least 3 different online class weeks from which the evaluator can choose to observe.

  • This should be outlined on the FPE form in the fall.

  • Refer to p. 7 in MOU

Before the observation
Before the Observation

  • Contact the faculty to gain access to the online course

  • Contact the faculty to determine areas of concentration

  • Talk about the normal online classroom etiquette

  • Ask if the course instructor have special expectations for the class that you should know about

  • Discuss impact of observer on group dynamics

  • Discuss impact of observer on instructor

During the observation
During the Observation

  • Consider the following:

    • Observer Etiquette

    • Participation in group activities (from instructor)

    • Observing only

    • Be specific when possible with examples or suggestions with notes on worksheet along with constructive comments.

Reporting process
Reporting Process

  • After the observation

    • Create a summary report

      • Length of time to create summary ~ 1hour

    • Arrange for Post observation meeting: F2F or electronically

      • Within 2 weeks of observation

Elements of effective teaching
Elements of Effective Teaching

  • Organization and Design

  • Curriculum and Instruction

  • Technical

Using the form
Using the form

  • Can’t observe everything

  • Focus on pre-determined area, if applicable

  • If none stated, then pick 2 or 3 from each category

Using the form1
Using the form

  • Note techniques that worked well

  • Make suggestions to try new techniques

  • Be as specific as possible

  • Focus on content as well as delivery

Creating a summary report
Creating a Summary Report

  • Plan for ~1 hour to create report

  • Complete GRCC Online Course Observation Form

  • Include observations of the faculty member’s teaching, leading with strengths

  • For areas that need improvement, be as specific as possible

  • Be direct

  • Be as objective as possible

Leading the post observation meeting
Leading the post-observation meeting

  • Plan for ~1 hour to meet with peer

  • Have a copy of the summary report for each of you

  • Start with statement recognizing snap shot of teaching, impact of observer on classdynamics

  • Ask how the instructor thought the class went

  • Review each section of the report together

Post observation
Post observation

  • Reflect on what you as an observer have learned from this experience

  • How will your teaching change as a result of this experience?

Online course observation

Q: What to do if you have concerns post observation or post observation meeting?

A: Contact your Associate Dean of Faculty Evaluation and Hiring


Online course observation

Q: Are there additional responsibilities if I observe an adjunct faculty member?

A: There are a few easy responsibilities.

Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and respect

Meet with them for a post observation in a timely manner.

Refer adjunct faculty to CTE trainings as appropriate.

Inform CTE of trends in professional development needs among adjuncts so that CTE may develop appropriate training sessions.

Provide an end of semester findings report to the Director of CTE

Connect adjuncts with other faculty and/or institutional resources

Learning summary
Learning Summary adjunct faculty member?

  • Identify the behaviors that characterize the elements of effective teaching

  • Complete a GRCC Online Course Observation Form

  • Conduct a post observation meeting, using a summary report

  • Deliver constructive criticism in an appropriate manner

Questions? adjunct faculty member?