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JISC Mediahub : Preview + the back story PowerPoint Presentation
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JISC Mediahub : Preview + the back story

JISC Mediahub : Preview + the back story

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JISC Mediahub : Preview + the back story

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  1. JISCMediahub: Preview + the back story Peter Burnhill’Value, Efficiency and Benefit’JISC Conference, Liverpool, March 2011

  2. Value, Efficiency and Benefit • First the Back Story, as benchmark • Once upon a time there were 3 JISC services built and hosted at EDINA . . . + VSM portal project • Then came BACKSTORY 2 • Digital Images for Education + Proposal for a single platform for multiple collections + ‘portal as aggregation’ • Opportunity for working together across the ‘JISC family’, to produce … • Mediahub: Preview & Ready for Launch Date … • Search/browse as ‘open access’ free2web user experience • Streaming/download according to licence and credentials

  3. Education Image Gallery Initially launched in 2004 Engaging 88 subscribing universities & colleges

  4. Launched in 2003 Now used by 379 licensed institutions • several hundred hours of film, in collections that include: • Imperial War Museum, Films of Scotland, • Royal Mail Film Classics, Digital Himalaya, • Culverhouse Classical Music, Logic Lane • Wellcome Film, Biochemical Society, Healthcare • Productions, St George’s Medical School Collection • Education & Television Films Ltd, • Performance Shakespeare • Across range of subject areas and topics • Science, Engineering and Technology; Arts and Humanities; Health and Life Sciences; Social Sciences • arts and culture, conflicts, crime and justice, disasters, education,environment, health, labour, lifestyle, money, politics, religion and faith, science, society, sports, and weather.

  5. NewsFilm Online Launched in 2008, uptake now grown to 344 universities & colleges • 60,000 news stories as 3,000 hours of video footage in collections that include: • Gaumont Newsreels, News at Ten, ITN News Reports, Channel 4 News, Reuters archives, Roving Report • + 25,000 ITN programme scripts • + unreleased footage • Luther King Interview, 21/09/1964 • News from ITN • worked with BUFVC who led project to create metadata and oversee digitisation and rights clearance

  6. + Visual & Sound Materials Project Visual and Sound Materials Portal • A-V regarded differently, as part of: • observational record • creative arts process • (scientific) visualisation Go-Ahead in 2007 to build and test demonstrator, working with wide variety of content and service providers, and with: Spoken Word Project at Glasgow Caledonian U e-Services Integration Group at U of Hull St Helen's College, Merseyside

  7. Visual and Sound Materials Portal Hosted @ EDINA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hosted elsewhere

  8. BackStory 2 • Opportunity to work closer with JISC Collections • Digital Images for Education • £2.75m for new collections: 25 years of UK history • 56,000 still images; over 500 hours of film • EDINA proposes single flexible platform • Aim is to simplify and allow cross-search of existing collections • as specific funding for Film & Sound Online service is cut • and to allow new collections to be added and others removed • adding Images for Education & as Hulton Getty licence ends • VSM portal study deemed a success + plan for aggregation of open metadata as part of JISC’s Resource Discovery Task Force implementation • Collections from: AP, Fitzwilliam Museum, Getty, GovEd, Imperial War Museum, ITN, PYMCA, North Highland College, Royal Geographical Society, University of Brighton Design Archives

  9. variety of content, hosted near & far bringing to life many key events in our ‘audio-visual’ world

  10. EDINA offered to build something different … … to turn R&D expertise into delivery of service

  11. JISC Mediahub Early scoping and discussion with JISC Innovation and JISC Collections • Design and user requirements • a single location from which to discover and explore the collections • an easy to use interface that meets user expectations • a good user experience in terms of content, usability and functionality • coherent and compelling search and browse functionality • + • Support use of multimedia content in teaching, learning and research • Simplify access to content, making terms & conditions of use transparent • Reduce ongoing costs by running one single service rather than many FSOL: purchased content Portal to view content, wherever hosted DIE: purchased content Images on demand: buy images and store them in Mediahub NFO: free content

  12. Now available for Preview: All can search/browse metadata free2web user experience Click to play/view & download according to licence & credentials Many ‘000,000s of images, videos and sound resources to discover & use 45 Collections so far 8 Collections so far British Library Archival Sound Recordings

  13. 1. All can search for images & sounds: let’s try ‘cavern liverpool’

  14. a result! can widen or narrow scope of search 3

  15. Extra images discovered from outside the collections in Mediahub

  16. New search of all collections for ‘beatlesliverpool’ to discover video

  17. 2. Click to play video [requires access credentials]

  18. Exit to sound of fans streaming … The Preview is being made available to site reps at subscribing institutions so they can do their own streaming: Launch of initial service in April, with full service from August Coming Soon … Quick start guides, reference guides, training materials Service demonstration Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ in development … Machine-to-machine interoperability, APIs interactive on-screen help text throughout and with new features: of value across all subject/disciplines, for researchers, students and their teachers • Technical advice from JISC Digital Media • to help FE and HE embrace and maximise their use of digital media

  19. 0131 650 3302 Thank You and now Time for Questions

  20. Concept of ‘collection’ remains important • developing Explore facility at collection level Available in Preview now: All can search/browse metadata free2web user experience Click to play/view & download according to licence & credentials

  21. Collections outside Mediahub (unrestricted) ADS Image BankThe Archaeology Data Service (ADS) Image Bank ARKivefilms, photos & audio recordings of the world's species. Culture Grida unique online service from Collections Trust. First World War Poetry Digital Archiveprimary material from major poets of the period, including Wilfred Owen, Isaac Rosenberg, Robert Graves, Vera Brittain, and Edward Thomas, supplemented by multimedia artefacts from the Imperial War Museum. Open Video Projecta repository of digitized video content; tests of algorithms for automatic segmentation, summarization, and creation of surrogates that describe video content; the development of face recognition algorithms; one of the first channels of the Internet 2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure Initiative. Spoken Wordaccess to all BBC current and archival material giving a unique viewpoint of UK history and culture stretching back to the 1920's. VADSonline resource of over 100,000 images for visual arts. Wellcome Imagesthemes ranging from medical and social history to contemporary healthcare and biomedical science: historical images Tibetan Buddhist paintings, ancient Sanskrit manuscripts written on palm leaves, beautifully illuminated Persian books; high-quality images from the clinical and biomedical sciences.