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The hunger games

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The hunger games. author: Suzann Collins Year published:2008 Made by: Sabrina Mann Genre: science fiction. setting.

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the hunger games

The hunger games

author: Suzann Collins

Year published:2008

Made by: Sabrina Mann

Genre: science fiction

  • The hunger games is set in the dystopian future north America. in the beginning of the story it is set in district 12. If the setting were different than kids wouldn’t have to put there name in multiple times for food.
  • Katniss: clever she acted like she was going to kill herself and peeta, she was independent doing everything herself, and she was brilliant doing whatever it takes to save peeta. She has brown hair a mocking jay pin and normally uses a bow and arrow.
  • Peeta: he is creative when he made himself look like mud, coward he was not brave, and he is incompetent because he cant use weapons. He has brown; blond hair, a big jaw, and he is tall.
  • This is man vs. man because people fight other people.
  • It is also man vs. nature because they have to battle with nature ex wildfires and the cold.
summary of plot
Summary of plot
  • In every district(12)a boy and girl are chosen to battle in the hunger games. When Katniss sister prim is called Katniss volunteers. Peeta the boy tribute is only a bread boy and has no skills with weapons or anything deadly. Now that every body is chosen they have to make people at the capital like them so in battle they can receive things that mean life or death.
  • The inequality between rich and poor. The capital is manly were rich people live were poor people live in districts. District kids have to fight until there is only one person left in what is called the hunger games.
point of view
Point of view

This book is told in first person point of view and is told threw Katniss point. If it were told any different you wouldn’t see what all the things she went threw.

  • One of the most important symbols is the mocking jay pin it’s a circular gold token Katniss were to represent district 12.
  • Tracker jacker are mutant animals that the capital uses to keep the districts in cheek. It represents willingness to do anything.
  • This book is amazing it is one that you cant put down. I would recommend this book to ages 10 and up. Whoever reads this book will fall in love with it. It is a long book but if you love to read than it goes by fast.