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The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Hunger Games
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  1. Definition of a Narrative:A story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or false. The Hunger Games Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief The Lord Of the Rings

  2. Plot Conflict: Human vs. Society Setting the Scene: The house in the morning and the newspaper rounds. Climax: When Jud dies and the scene with the mother at the house. Falling Action: On the train to Thornton and the farm scenes. Climax 2 : When Billy sees the nest full of Kestrels. Falling Action: When he decides to train one of them.

  3. Setting • Bradford, England- The Newspaper Shop, Billy’s House, The Train Station and the Hill overlooking the Pit • Thornton, England- Mr. Brown’s farm and Mr. Breekin’s farm

  4. Characters • Protagonist: Billy Casper- poor, small, 15 years old, thief, neglected, uneducated • Antagonist: Jud- mean, strong, powerf ul, bully, Billy's brother • Mr. Green- nice, kind, happy, busy • Mr. Breekins- mean, harsh, sad, unfriendly • Mr. Brown/ Ms. Brown- nice, kind, helpful, smart • Ben Nodful- nice, loving, happy, fun, friendly

  5. Atmosphere The story that I wrote is depressing but also uplifting. • It is a little bit depressing when Jud dies and the mother decides to leave Billy and to go live with her boyfriend. • It is uplifting when Billy finds the new job and when he finds the nest full of kestrels and decides to train one of them.

  6. Theme • The story is focused on a 15 year old boy named Billy and his adventures at that place and time. • My message to the reader is in every place and at every time there is always hope. For example: When Billy was going though all of those hard times with his family, he fought through it all and it turned out well when he got a job on a farm with nice people and had a chance to train another kestrel.

  7. Points of View Third Person No speaking/ quotation marks He, She, Him, Her Limited Omniscient: what the narrator knows and sees is restricted to what one central character can know and see. This limited perspective can explain things differently from a first person point of view.

  8. Literary Devices • VSS: “No one answers.”, “He answers calmly.” • Simile: “The trees look like humongous broccoli.” • Onomatopoeia: “Smash!”

  9. Methods Used and ways I Revised my Story I first brainstormed ideas for my story, then I wrote a first draft of my story and then I left it for a day and read it again to see if the meaning was clear. I took out sections that were repetitive and shortened some sentences to achieve the word count. • My Mom helped me revise my story by changing some spelling errors and helping me put commas in the right place. • John Taghavi also read my story to give me some feedback.